Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Canago creates unique, high energy, danceable music noticeably influenced by rock, funk, jazz, electronic and improvisational music and enjoys sharing it in a live, festive environment.


The five members of Canago joined forces in Bowling Green, KY in early 2009 to play an eclectic range of original music. With a steadily growing repertoire of diverse danceable songs, they have garnered praise everywhere they have performed. From their start with weekly house band gigs they are rapidly spreading to stages across the Southeast and Midwest.

Experiencing Canago live, audiences are treated to a unique performance each night. This brings a playful unpredictability to each show aided by an ever growing portfolio of both original material and cover songs. To pinpoint a genre would be difficult. Their songs evoke different moods yet always keep the congregation moving their feet.

Canago is constantly reaching out for new ground to cover and new friends to share in the experience.



Written By: Craig Brown

I walk these blocks a lot
Don't look the same by day
Shoots out hot sparks a lot
They shining quickly fade to day again
Cause without the day, nightlife just ain't the same

So if you never sleep
Find a place just as restless
Wake up at midnight
Go out and get some breakfast
Bright lights on a wet street
Marquee through the fog
Nightlife to a tight beat
End up on the wrong side of the city
Catching a cab back
I recap last night grinning
And I feel like sleeping
But I'm wearing my sunglasses and still spinning

There isn't any better life
Nocturn life strides at night
There isn't any better light
Than blues and reds and greens reflecting off the ceiling
Disco ball in a crowded dance hall
I've got the feeling we won't be leaving
Any time soon

I walk these blocks a lot
Don't look the same by day
Shoots out hot sparks a lot
They shining quickly fade to day again
Cause without the day, nightlife just ain't the same


Written By: Jason Williams, Craig Brown

I heard a car horn beep
Bounced to my feet and walked to the street to the last empty seat
Tried to separate myself from my week last week
And swim towards the shore before shit gets too deep

I saw the trees fly by
Doesn't matter where we run to or the reasons why
Got a backpack full of fun things we might like to try
So we run until the sun falls right out of the sky

Where's the fun?
Where's the fun?
Where's the fun?


Places To Go EP (2009)
1. Star Machine
2. Places To Go
3. Rosine

Canago Live Mix (2009)
1. Night Life
2. Downtown Brown
3. Help Yourself
4. Fun
5. Marco Boudreaux
6. Troubled Girl
7. Danny's Song
8. I Got This Groove
9. Vibrations

Fun LP (Release date May 2010)
1. Oh! Australia
2. Fun
3. Help Yourself
4. Melody
5. Fast Friends Again
6. Vanity Affair
7. Vibrations
8. Nightlife
9. Centrifuge For 45 Minutes at 37 degrees Celcius

Set List

Canago's set's range from 1.5-4 hrs in length. Typically two sets are performed in a night lasting 1.5-2 hours per set with a short break.

Sometimes, there's no need to let the crowd stop, and 3.5-4 hours go by and the music never stops, as was the case at Tidball's Bar in Bowling Green, KY on 11/6/09.

Night Life
Troubled Girl
Downtown Brown
I Got This Groove
False Waltz
Marco Boudreaux
Bitch Please
Places To Go
Curtain Call
The Fiend (while lurking)
Yucca Tree
Wake Up and Smoke
Velvet Stinger
Star Machine
In Circles
Will We Ever Know
Danny's Song
Help Yourself
Heady Freddie
4/5 for 5/4
Oh, Australia!
Vanity Affair
Fast Friends Again
Centrifuge For 45 Minutes
@ 37*C

Weird Fishes Arpeggi (Radiohead)
Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan)
Comin' Home Baby (Mashmakhan)
Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)
Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix)
Electric Feel (MGMT)
Casey Jones (The Grateful Dead)
I Am the Walrus