I'm in a band, the Canaries, and we'd really like for you to give us money so that we can keep making music. We have this house in New Jersey on a hill overlooking miles of mechanical fields and we make a lot of music there. 16 year olds really seem to like us. We're honest and we're loud. -Conor


Conor met Alec at the first JV Baseball practice at a small highschool in central New Jersey. They became closer friends when Conor was one of the starting pitchers and Alec proved himself to be (though young) a very good catcher.

Conor met Joe when a mutual friend who had been secretly dating both of them (a very cute girl named Holly) at the same time.

Rob is from Milwaukee and goes to the New School for Jazz in NYC for upright bass. He has not yet played upright bass in the Canaries and has been described as a "sloppy Charlie Watts" by our drunk 58 year old neighbor named Tulio when we all lived in a one bedroom apartment in Jersey City, NJ.

Alec really likes Caustic Resin, Conor only really listens to Soul and Motown music, Joe used to play in a punk band and likes a lot of different things including the Dead Kennedys, Against Me! and the Mountain Goats. Rob really likes Bjork and Tom Waits.

We don't use effect pedals, we like to play really loud and watch people dance.


the Canaries' first full length release, "Poke the Machine" is a ten song album written, performed, recorded and mixed by the Canaries and mastered by Ben Schurr of Br'er.

Set List

a typical set is about 30-45 minutes long, but feel free to challenge us to play longer.

some songs we play are "Ballet," "You Fuck Like a Winner," "Beefeater," "God's Lil' Helper," "Bob Gun," "Gorilla," "Standards of Cleanliness," "Poke," "Teen Movie Marathon," "Lunch Lady," "Disco," and others.