raw and in your face. as soon as Canaries, The power trio from vancouver bc, steps on the stage, your night of music has been interrupted and morphed into a night of mayhem.


Forming in Vancouver in 2006, Canaries are known for their high octane live show where the three-piece constantly swap instruments, shout in each others� faces and generally behave dangerously while all the while powering through their very own version of noise rock. Think The Mae Shi crossed with Pulled Apart by Horses and you�re not far off. So far the band have self-released their Get Death Crew EP in Canada and had their music featured on network channel CBC. Expect to hear more from this studpidly exciting band as the year unfolds.

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Get Death Crew (ep)
Gash Cat Unpunished (ep)

Set List

sounds of savage
mary jane
birds of prey
candy cabana
walking in the sand (shangri la's cover)
draculas teeth
mississippi whore
dixon on fire
Iggy's Castle

the set is usually 25 minutes, depending on the intensity and tempo we set from the very start.