We work. We eat. We sleep. We play...We are Canary


What started as a way to write songs and make noise three years ago has become a serious rock band (is that an oxymoron?) with the lofty goal of making lasting music: what we call Canary.

Canary is kind of like Mogwai, The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Interpol getting together to hang out downtown, when they notice The Smiths across the street and are forced to wave politely. Get it?

We make small Toccoa, GA our home, where we run our own decently-equipped recording studio and try to support our micro-music scene. Canary has played all over the southeast at clubs and festivals and has been an integral part of the cut & paste collective: a group of bands from all over the U.S. that put their combined resources together to help themselves and each other.

We would enjoy playing our music for you.


"a sound of summer running" LP 2001
on cut & paste

"scissors & blue #4" split EP 2002
with cut & paste/velvet blue music

covered the prayer chain's "antarctica" for the "salutations" tribute CD
2002 audio lab records

singles on radio now:
"73 seconds"
"this girl's theme"
"radio: K/I/D/S"
"diamonds are forever"
"make up"

we can be heard nationally and internationally on college and rock radio,
and have charted regionally on WTXR Toccoa, WSBF Clemson, and WUOG Athens.

Streaming @

Set List

We gauge our set list according to the venue and where we are in the lineup. No one likes an opening band that drones on and on, and some people feel ripped off if a headliner plays for only 35 minutes.

here are some song titles representing songs that we play:

Hello Summertime
Anthem of Me
Radio: K/I/D/S
10,000 Candles
I Can See With My Eyes Closed
Dream of a Girl Undressed
Dream of a Girl Possessed
73 Seconds
One Day I Woke Up
Death in the City
Palace Arms