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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Çancel paves the way for all independent artists"

For Immediate Release

"Çancel has paved the way for all independent music artists to get on iRadio.

This weekend, unveiling in NYC
is a new product / technology by Motorola called iRadio.

Like the IPOD, it is portable music - portable radio stations.

You will be able to listen on your cell phones and plug those cell phones to your car stereo to listen to while you are driving.

Like any broadcast cable satellite, you will have numerous streaming channels of music and content available.

David Ulmer, a high ranking Motorola entrepreneur, was inspired by the as yet unsigned band Çancel to include a whole arena of channels that will be made available to independent / unsigned artists.

These artists must have 3 hours of independent programming to be considered for inclusion to have their own iRadio channel.

These streaming audio stations with extremely high security protection will be available 24-7, globally, on iRadio, and cannot be downloaded or ripped-off in anyway.

David Ulmer - Sr. Director of Marketing, Digital Media Services, Motorola, is quoted saying that Indie band Çancel is who inspired him to create the entire division dedicated to similar unsigned artists who are motivated and talented.

Thus, Çancel has opened the door to a completely revolutionary outlet and technology for music, to the entire realm of heretofore unrepresented artists."

Go Çancel!





http://www.myspace.com/iradio_by_motorola - Motorola - iRadio

"Çancel - The Concert"

For a full review and photos, kindly visit this link:

The text:

Nico Neugebauer's opening of photographs ('Urban Landscape') was musically and sexily accompanied by surprise visitors and spreaders of sweet American dreams, 'Cancel'. Something like Velvet Underground, currently with more charm than experience, though destined for greatness if they stick to it and meet the right people, which is bound to happen, as they are one of the prettiest bands we've entertained.

A pleasant evening altogether, which started with Jason reading from the new book whilst Fysche rolled around on the sofa trying to contain her laughter, and ended.. I don't know how.
It all got recorded: CD(s) available at the gallery - also Cancel's own CD (tighter), along with t-shirts and Fysche's book.

- Wallywoods, Berlin

"Fysche aka Syd Fysches"

http://www.primezone.com/newsroom/news.html?d=106763 - Awesome Online Review

"Çancel - Blowin' Away the UK"

An entire photo gallery dedicated to one of their favorite band performances:

http://www.rockaholics.co.uk/gallery/cancel/index.htm - Rockaholics Club UK


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


While Çancel was on tour much of 2005, playing 22 shows in 8 countries throughout Europe and the US, in '06 they are currently holed up in Venice Beach busy recording their LP 'Floating Umbrellas' with multi-Grammy winning producer Bob Cutarella, winner of two Grammys this year for producing Eric Clapton and the Les Paul Compilation.

The band is a collaboration of like-minded artists who write and perform their own music. All songs are written and performed by Çancel.

For more information or to contact the band visit their myspace page: www.myspace.com/cancel

Çancel is proud and honored to pave the way on iRadio for all independent bands. It was Çancel who influenced Motorola to open up their entire platform to independent artists.

Sample their sound on the websites noted below.

If you would like to purchase a CD, you may do so from them after their live performances!