Tif123fany Costa

Tif123fany Costa


I'm an 18 year old artist from Toronto who has always been inspired by the sounds of Whitney Houston and Lara Fabian.


I'm a eighteen year old singer, songwriter, born, raised and living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I started singing when I was only four years old, and publicly, at the age of seven, since, I have performed in over 350 events in Portuguese and English communities across Ontario, Quebec, and the USA.

Some of the highlights in my young career, include singing a duet with Ryan Malcolm after winning Future Star 2006, sharing the stage at different events with such artists as The Nylons, Shawn Desman, Michael Burgess and others, as well as performing at such venues as the Hershey Centre, Roy Thomson Hall, the Hammerson Theatre, RBC Theatre, Nathan Philips Square and at the Living Arts Centre on a few occasions.


I have just released four new songs, and previously, released a CD and a EP, the EP contained four songs recorded by me during the last 4 years.

Set List

I have performed up to 20 songs on occasions, I like to mix some of my original songs with a variety of strong covers from artists like Lara Fabian, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion to mention a few.