Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats


Fueled by a burning desire to rage harder, play louder and have more fun than any other band, Toronto-based Cancer Bats have built a rabid fanbase with its explosive, tongue-wagging live shows and lethal mix of hardcore, southern metal and punk rock.


Cancer Bats have come to destroy. Fueled by a burning desire to rage harder, play louder and have more fun than any other band, Cancer Bats mix hardcore, southern metal and punk rock into a lethal rock and roll explosion.
The band originated in May of 2004 with singer Liam Cormier and guitarist Scott Middleton, former member of Toronto metal band At The Mercy Of Inspiration. The two wanted to form a project that combined their favorite parts of bands like Refused, Black flag, Led Zeppelin and Down, among others. The lineup was rounded out with the addition of Andrew McCracken on bass and Mike Peters on drums.
The four-piece wasted no time writing and recording songs for a self-released EP that saw light in January of 2005 (later reissued on Oct 31 2005 on vinyl by Tragicomedy Records). The band began playing shows throughout North America, spreading the gospel of rage with bands such as Every Time I Die, Nora, Alexisonfire, Haste the Day, It Dies Today, Bane, Comeback Kid, Buried Inside, A Life Once Lost, The Bled, Misery Signals and This Is Hell. With hundreds of shows and several tours in the US and Canada under their belts, Cancer Bats are eager to party in every city, town and metropolis that will have them. Cancer Bats' long anticipated first full-length record "BIRTHING THE GIANT" is out NOW on Distort Records and Abacus Recordings.


Singles - 100 Grand Canyon, French Immersion (Both received radio and video airplay)
EPs - Self titled (2005)
LPs - Birthing the Giant (2006)

Set List

Approx. 45 min sets
Song list:
Golden Tanks, French Immersion, Grenades, Shillelagh, Butterscotch, Death Bros, Firecrack this, Diamond Mine, 100 Grand Canyon, Ghost Bust That, Pneaumonia Hawk