Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising

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Raw-then-a-mufuck rap from the 206(Seattle, WA) with punk rock energy, vintage West Coast party-rocking skills, and top-tier lyricism.



“Laid back at the top of the list/ of what’s the crop of the best/ of what’s poppin’ at the top of the West…”

In a few short years, CANCER RISING has vaulted to the uppermost echelons of the furiously bubbling NW hiphop scene; their outstanding rep as one of The Emerald City’s illest crews is no mere product of hype, either. CR’s Search For The Cure drew massive critical acclaim in their native Seattle- from The Stranger to international tastemaker KEXP, who placed Search at #45 on their best of ’05 list)- and beyond. CR's self-titled '07 EP held the #1 spot on KEXP's Hip-hop, Northwest, and Variety charts.

They’ve packed the Experience Music Project, killed it at multiple world-famous festivals (Warped Tour, Sasquatch, Bumbershoot) including halfway ‘round the globe at Denmark’s world-famous Roskilde(’04)-alongside superstars like The Pixies and David Bowie. They’ve rocked with such varied heavyweights as DJ Quik, the Wu-Tang Clan, Saigon, Matisyahu, Guru of Gangstarr, Murs, The Coup, The Lifesavas, Masta Ase, Mitchy Slick, Saul Williams, Vast Aire, Oh No and 2Mex, - not to mention fellow local breakout sensations Boom Bap Project (Rhymesayers), Grayskul (Rhymesayers), The Saturday Knights (Light In The Attic), and the Blue Scholars (MassLine/Rawkus).

CANCER RISING’S spank-new self-titled EP represents a total reboot- going back to their own Southend Seattle roots- and the dusty, dirty roots of their rock-mindful boom-bap. This raw sound (handled by Tiles, Mr. Hill (Grayskul/Kool Keith/Aesop Rock), and the one and only djblesOne- official DJ for South Seattle’s World Champion B-Boy Crew Massive Monkees) and in-your-face energy is some of CR’s best work to date, capturing the souped-up swagger and raucous energy of their notoriously ill live show. Seatown Hiphop down to the socks, CR rep their region the only way they know how- with skills, wit, and originality.

The CR sound has long proved to be surprisingly universal, drawing effusive praise from a wide range of listeners. Sincerity, versatility and skills are their trademark- and has earned them a diverse following, from the die-hard hiphop heads to electronica fans to the spiked-belt contingent. It’s only right- one thing that everybody appreciates is authenticity… and CANCER RISING represent nothing but.

“This that everyday bidness/ you ain’t live it, you ain’t did it/ pop the disc and come and visit…”


Sippin' Music EP
Lockdown Mixtape
Fuck The Frail Shit Vol.3 (mixtape track)
Tropic Of Cancer EP
Search For The Cure LP

Set List

We typically do raucous 20-45 minute sets, usually a mix of these hits:

Evryday Bidness
Let's Start Some Shit
We're Gonna Make It
Hear This
Grace & A Pen