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"'06 Predictions..."

…I predict one of the following Seattle hip-hop acts will get national recognition in 2006: Blue Scholars; Cancer Rising; Common Market. -1/6/06 - Seattle Times

"CD Review"

Search for the Cure
(MadPassion Entertainment)
***(3 Stars)
Like Run DMC, Cancer Rising are a trio (rappers Judas and Gatsby and DJ Tiles One); and like DMC, Cancer Rising's music combines hiphop and rock. In fact, MC Gatsby (My Philosophy columnist Larry Mizell Jr.) is distantly related to the late Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell). However, Run DMC's last record, Crown Royal, was altogether weak, whereas Cancer Rising's latest, Search for the Cure, is solid. Not one of the CD's 12 tracks falls apart, and three tracks (including the title song) rise high above the rest. But what's really fascinating about Cancer Rising's brand of brassy, bold hiphop is that it sounds like nothing else in the Northwest. The gothic gloom of Oldominion or the sorrowful soul of Vitamin D have had no impact on Cancer Rising's production values and musical development. Their hiphop stands alone; a totally exotic plant with thick roots that are nourished by heavy metal and the heavy mental. - 10/05
- The Stranger

"A CD Review In Haiku"

Rhymes, Funk and Rock Riffs?
Hells Yes.
Search For The Cure
Will Make You Shit Yourself. - 12/05
- Disheveled Magazine

"Seattle Weekly Award Nominees"

Consisiting of MC's Judas and Gatsby and DJ Tiles One, Cancer Rising have infiltrated the forefront of Seattle's burgeoning hiphop scene thanks to a steady work ethic, some choice live shows, and several releases, including the Sippin Music EP and a couple of mixtapes, LockDown and (an appearance on DJ Scene's) Fuck The Frail Shit III. - 9/05, 2005 SW Awards pullout - Seattle Weekly


Seattle hip-hop crew Cancer Rising has a sharp new CD, "Search for the Cure," with some comically twisted rhymes (" ... bartenders/keeping me bent like a car fender"). - 10/14/05 - Seattle Times

"Seattle Blows Up with Local Hiphop- The Return of the Artists in 2005"

…Cancer Rising's Search for the Cure represents a clear break from Seattle's hiphop continuum. Grayskul can be traced all the way back to the mid '90s, to the political gloom of Black Anger; Boom Bap Project can be traced back to Source of Labor; Framework can be traced back to Kid Sensation (and also Criminal Nation). No such link exists for the rappers Judas, Gatsby (AKA Larry Mizell Jr., who pens The Stranger's "My Philosophy" column), and DJ Tiles One, who make up Cancer Rising. A big reason for this is the music itself, which was produced by Manat MacLeod and Matt Wong, the Defkidz.
…The rock element in Search for the Cure is strong but not enough to make it a rock record; it's still solid hiphop. And hiphop has always taken large chunks from rock, reggae, classical music—anything that worked with what Q-Tip famously called "that old boom bap."
"Local producers like Vitamin D and Jake One are my favorites," MacLeod explains, "but I decided to pay my respects to them by doing something totally different."
- 11/05
- The Stranger

"No Bullshit"

...Having been affiliated with the local hip hop scene for over a decade I can honestly say without any sugar coated bullshit that these cats are the truth... - 2/06 - Disheveled Magazine

"A Revelation"

Cancer Rising: Album Review
by Tristan

Remember in 2000 when rap-rock was tearing apart mainstream radio? It seemed as though every song on the radio featured a bass heavy rock group with a DJ and a man raised on Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins leading the group on the mic. Those groups were fine for a late millennium music crowd, but they have not aged very well. Now, finally, someone has gotten it right.

MC’s Gatsby (better known as Larry Mizell Jr. to fans of The Stranger’s “My Philosophy” column) and Judas as well as DJ Tiles One are known as Cancer Rising and have been creating a major buzz around the Northwest since the summer with their album “Search for the Cure.” Search for the Cure is currently being played in regular rotation on KEXP alongside their counterparts in the Seattle hip-hop scene Blue Scholars, Common Market and The Saturday Knights. It makes perfect sense that Cancer Rising would be the next hip-hop darling of KEXP based upon their tight, literate lyrics and jazz tinted version of hardcore beats.

The tracks on “Search for the Cure” range from the very abrasive hardcore of Bad Brains on “Rockstar,” to the seventies soul of “Scenery.” These as well as “Hear This,” which sounds like old-school rap run through Black Flag and “Play it Again,” an excellent funk song help create a rich musical palette that comes off naturally timeless in a genre that is empirically trend driven.

The only song which has a beat that is influenced by popular rap is “Dedicated,” which also happens to be the album’s best song. Dedicated serves as a mission statement for Cancer Rising with excellent lines like: “This is for those who like hip-hop but love music and come through to the club with Thelonious Monk booming/ To those who ain’t showered and shaved and work at Tower and make that hourly wage that can barely pay the power bill.” It is immediately apparent that Cancer Rising exists within Seattle’s music culture, with lines alluding to “Tower Records” and legendary jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, even if it is a culture that is dominated by rock groups.

Cancer Rising’s hardcore meets rap style comes perfectly together on “Full Throttle,” which sounds somewhat similar to the brilliant Chemical Brothers single “Galvanize.” The song incorporates both elements of nineties electronica and metal with raps aggressive and audacious, but still hint at their indie credential like “Full throttle every time we move it on tracks/get “Saved by the Bell” and go straight to “The Max.”‘ Cultural references like these supplant Gatsby and Judas in their own niche within the Seattle hip-hop scene.

Search for the Cure is an album with lyrics that are relatable and beats layered and danceable at the same time. It’s an album that manages to present Cancer Rising as a group almost as well as their live shows do. Most importantly it is an album distinctly about Seattle but accessible to a national audience, a real revelation.

Cancer Rising will be playing an all-ages show at The Vera Project on Saturday February, 25th with Macklemore, Gabriel Teodros, dRed I, and Crtv Dstrctn.


"Best 90.3 Albums of 2005"

#45 Cancer Rising - Search For The Cure - KEXP 90.3 (

"CD Review"

West Coast hip-hop strikes back! Well, upper-upper West Coast, that is. Straight-outta-Seattle heavy spitters Gatsby (son of legendary producer Larry Mizell) and Judas, together with DJ TilesOne, form the Voltron robot of Cancer Rising. Ripping through 13 cuts of caustic MPC-meets-live-instrumentation hip-hop, the trio brings the brouhaha with a searing amalgam that conjures vibes of Jurassic 5, Dujeous, Blackalicious, and Eminem. Note to all the non-believers: Check the ruff 'n' rugged tag-team jawn "Pocket Check.""Seattle is on the come up, fa' sho!
-Rico "Superbizzee" Washington - XLR8R Magazine


Sippin' Music EP
Lockdown Mixtape
Fuck The Frail Shit Vol.3 (mixtape track)
Tropic Of Cancer EP
Search For The Cure LP




“Laid back at the top of the list/ of what’s the crop of the best/ of what’s poppin’ at the top of the West…”

In a few short years, CANCER RISING has vaulted to the uppermost echelons of the furiously bubbling NW hiphop scene; their outstanding rep as one of The Emerald City’s illest crews is no mere product of hype, either. CR’s Search For The Cure drew massive critical acclaim in their native Seattle- from The Stranger to international tastemaker KEXP, who placed Search at #45 on their best of ’05 list)- and beyond. CR's self-titled '07 EP held the #1 spot on KEXP's Hip-hop, Northwest, and Variety charts.

They’ve packed the Experience Music Project, killed it at multiple world-famous festivals (Warped Tour, Sasquatch, Bumbershoot) including halfway ‘round the globe at Denmark’s world-famous Roskilde(’04)-alongside superstars like The Pixies and David Bowie. They’ve rocked with such varied heavyweights as DJ Quik, the Wu-Tang Clan, Saigon, Matisyahu, Guru of Gangstarr, Murs, The Coup, The Lifesavas, Masta Ase, Mitchy Slick, Saul Williams, Vast Aire, Oh No and 2Mex, - not to mention fellow local breakout sensations Boom Bap Project (Rhymesayers), Grayskul (Rhymesayers), The Saturday Knights (Light In The Attic), and the Blue Scholars (MassLine/Rawkus).

CANCER RISING’S spank-new self-titled EP represents a total reboot- going back to their own Southend Seattle roots- and the dusty, dirty roots of their rock-mindful boom-bap. This raw sound (handled by Tiles, Mr. Hill (Grayskul/Kool Keith/Aesop Rock), and the one and only djblesOne- official DJ for South Seattle’s World Champion B-Boy Crew Massive Monkees) and in-your-face energy is some of CR’s best work to date, capturing the souped-up swagger and raucous energy of their notoriously ill live show. Seatown Hiphop down to the socks, CR rep their region the only way they know how- with skills, wit, and originality.

The CR sound has long proved to be surprisingly universal, drawing effusive praise from a wide range of listeners. Sincerity, versatility and skills are their trademark- and has earned them a diverse following, from the die-hard hiphop heads to electronica fans to the spiked-belt contingent. It’s only right- one thing that everybody appreciates is authenticity… and CANCER RISING represent nothing but.

“This that everyday bidness/ you ain’t live it, you ain’t did it/ pop the disc and come and visit…”