Candace Yvonne Johnson

Candace Yvonne Johnson


With her sweet soaring voice, passionate expression, and mesmerizing stage presence, Candace transports audiences to another world. From Mozart to light jazz to her original genre contemporary-classical gospel, Candace showcases her doctorate in voice performance and her mastery of songwriting.


Candace Johnson received her Doctorate of Musical Arts in 2006 in voice performance at the University of Michigan, where she studied with grande dame Shirley Verrett. Candace now holds a prestigious Chancellor's postdoctoral fellowship in the department of music at the University of California, Berkeley.

Candace has performed the lead soprano roles in Puccini's Suor Angelica, Menotti’s The Medium, and Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne. She has also appeared as Cherubino in Mozart’s Nozze di Figaro with Capitol Opera (Sacramento, CA). She frequently gives sponsored recitals and makes guest appearances throughout the states of Tennessee, Michigan, and California and in select cities across the country.

She is a featured soloist on the CD recording of Willis Patterson’s New Anthology of African-American Art Songs, and on the TV special “My Life as an Opera” with Michigan Opera Theatre and Detroit’s Channel 4. Other honors and awards include being a finalist in the National Leontyne Price Competition, garnering a bronze medal in the National ACT-SO Competition, and previously holding the title of Ms. Black Tennessee.

Performing since age 5, Candace is a versatile artist with experience not only in classical singing, but also in musical theater, television commercials, popular songwriting, spoken-word poetry and piano performance.

She is known for bringing audiences a tangible, moving experience through her angelic voice, dramatic stage presence and musical interpretation. Composer Adolphus Hailstork praises her performance of his works as “the best interpretation of my songs I’ve ever encountered.”

Candace is not only a phenomenal artist, but she is also a highly sought after teacher. Dedicated to sharing her music knowledge with others, Candace teaches applied voice at the Young Musician's Program (Univ. of California Berkeley). She is also on faculty at Los Medanos Community College and at Revival Center Ministry’s Training Institute in California, where she designed the voice curriculum and offers a variety of classes on singing and creative arts in worship. Candace recently established her own faith-based business, SweetPsalm Music, which provides entertainment services and workshops on vocal health and performance skills to a diverse, community-based clientele.

She has coached with and been instructed by Shirley Verrett, Oliva Stapp (Opera San Jose), Willis Patterson (University of Michigan), George Shirley, David DiChiera and Suzzanne Acton (Michigan Opera Theatre), Grace Bumbry, and Stephen Penn (New England Conservatory of Music).


Lifetime Loving You

Written By: Candace Johnson (music & lyrics)

All that I am, all that I have,
I present it Lord to you.
Whatever the price,
I'll spend the time it takes to really commune.
Just to know your voice,
To touch your heart,
To be intimate with you...
I'll spend a lifetime, a whole lifetime,
A lifetime loving you.

You shelter me from danger,
You've given me your peace,
My days are filled with joy and laughter.
There's nobody else,
Not in heaven or in earth,
Nobody does it better.
So I'll spend my life,
My whole lifetime,
A lifetime loving you.

A lifetime loving you,
A lifetime loving you,
Just to stand in the presence
of the Most High God,
Spend a lifetime loving you.

All my life I dreamed
of a love so supreme,
And that's what I have with you,
So I'm going to.... (spend a...)


Lord, I love you so much.
Really love you with all my heart and soul.
I love having conversations with you.
Thank you for listening to my heart speak.
Oooh, I'm gonna love you,
And every day I give you my all.
Worship the King of Kings, my God.
Right here in my secret place...
That's where you talk to me
And tell me that I am yours...

My Baby

Written By: Candace Johnson (music & lyrics)

My baby,
growing deep inside me,
fashioned by the Father's hand.
Tender and so precious,
Innocent lamb.
Come now, baby let me love you.
Want to fold you in my arms.
I'll serve you with all my being,
You're mommy's little star.

You're my baby,
Eternal part of me,
Baby, you're all that I dreamed,
Baby, God's gift of life,
You're my baby...
Come in due time.

My baby,
Conceived in the Spirit,
From the heart of Royalty.
Destined for a life of purpose,
Fulfilled prophecy.
Waiting for your soon arrival,
My heart is beating just to see your face,
Breathless when I think about you,
How your beauty will radiate.

CHORUS (repeated with ad lib)

Set List

Types of Sets from 45-minutes to 1.5 hours:
a. Lecture Recital
b. Classical Recital covering major music periods
c. Specialized Recital (e.g., African-American songs)
d. Variety Concert (including-- classical, inspirational, contemporary-classical gospel, light jazz, spoken word)