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Rochester, New York, United States | SELF

Rochester, New York, United States | SELF
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"Self Inflicted Review"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neufutur E.P Review of Self Inflicted
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Here is the first review for Candella's upcoming E.P titled "Self Inflicted". This can be found at

Candella - EP (CD)

Posted by James on May 19th, 2009

“Fragile” is the first Candella track that I was turned on to, and what is immediately noticeable about the track is the energy that each member of the band brings to the track. While the instrumental intensity of Candella can never be questioned, the emotive vocals bridge the gap between emo and metal, making for a track that goes in countless directions, whether it be resembling Three Days Grace, Trapt, 30 Seconds to Mars , and Breaking Benjamin. “Numb” is a track that showcases the band’s ability, coming forth from much different influences than “Fragile”.

The sheer amount of variety that can be heard between tracks on the EP is impressive; the band goes through countless different styles, genres, and sounds in the creation of what is a truly unique rock experience. The use of multiple vocal layers on “Numb” provides the band with yet another tool in their arsenal; pound for pound, Candella is one of the best hard rock bands out there. “The Trail” is one of the tracks that is destined to be played on rock radio for decades after it first hits; there is an epic quality to this track that puts Candella alongside luminaries like Audioslave and Tool, even mixing in a little Type O Negative at the periphery.

The technical aspect of the band’s arrangements here are akin to a Queens of a Stone Age or even a Dream Theater; Candella brings the heavy just as they bring a more enlightened, intricate sound to their EP. “Lock and Load” is yet another slam dunk for Candella; the band continues to innovate with the inclusion of a more funk / tribal breakdown, making for a chorus that will not leave listeners’ minds, no matter how long it had been since they first listened to this CD. There seems to be a stale air in hard rock music as of late; I believe that Candella is the act to open the doors and let an entirely new light in. Check this release out, see them live, and you’ll have a new band to jam out to.

Top Track: Lock and Load

Rating: 8.6/10

Candella - EP / 2009 Self / 5 Tracks / - Neufutur

"Self Inflicted Review"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Music Emissions E.P Review of Self Inflicted

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Candella are a fast-rising alt-rock/metal band who've only been on the scene for a couple of years now. In that short time they've made such a name for themselves that they're already working with names who've been involved with projects including Marilyn Manson, Tool and System of a Down. Not bad for such a youthful bunch. On their debut EP Self Inflicted, the band quickly and firmly states what they're all about: mid-tempo, chilled, rhythmatic hard rock that comes off as a mixture of Breaking Benjamin, Ra and Disturbed; pop-friendly hooks, a mix of growling and clean vocals (all very well done and stand out prominently throughout), and a thick rhythm section that drives each song along.

"Alive and Missing" kicks off the proceedings, catchy and immediate without taking time to sidetrack the listener at all. Very in-your-face despite it's melodic nature. The string samples playing alongside the main riff are a nice, fitting touch. "Fragile" has a bit of a Smashing Pumpkins vibe to it, distorted and grungy, a fantastic rock single in the making. "Numb" sounds awfully familiar to a couple of Breaking Benjamin songs I've heard in the past, but it works in that regard. The song that impressed me most out of the 5 is "The Trail", a wonderful closer which teases at more to come (soon, the band plans to release their debut full-length later in the year).

It's clear to hear where the hype is coming from with Candella. These four guys have their affairs in order and are able to conjure up daft grooves and melodies at a pleasurable pace. They've got it where it counts; all that's left is to capitalize on the promise and make an even bigger, more noticable impact with their first LP. I for one will be looking forward to that day.

- Music Emissions

"Candella Review"

Review: Comparisons can be made, and I guess I should make them. Candella has a borderline metal tinged hard rock sound, much akin to that of Lo-Pro, Dark New Day, Systematic, Flaw, early Staind and Breaking Benjamin. I could go on and on because Candella's sound is pretty universal in that respect, but let me delve deeper into this record. Candella pretty much covers all the bases that a modern rock fan would enjoy – dark, sludgy bass, loud, powerful drums, eccentric guitar work and commanding soloing, capped off with versatile, catchy vocals. - Musicline


E.P Self Inflicted
Alive & Missing is receiving airplay on local, college and internet radio.



Rewind back to 2006. Musicians, Lee Goodale, Mike Bassett, Mike DeReu and Mike “Red” Vesely came together with a thought and a vision. This creation was now known as Candella. The band’s highly desirable lyrics and sound have been built by Front men Goodale (Lead Vocals) Bassett (Lead Guitar) DeReu (The Drummer Nasty) and Red Vesley (Bass). Building upon their success in New York and the northeast early on, Candella could be heard night in and night out at some of the areas top venues. Set out to do even more, Candella embarked on their New E.P Self Inflicted. “Fragile” headlines this long awaited release. “Numb”, “Alive and Missing”, “The Trail”, and “Lock and Load” complete this bold debut. Originally recorded in their Studio 1502, Candella’s hard work didn’t take long to get noticed. A few of music’s heavyweights decided to take part in the transformation of Candella. Master cuts were mixed by Rae DiLeo (whose credits include Filter, Army of Anyone and Veruca Salt) and co-produced by Faultline Productions in Hollywood, guided by producers Brian Diemar, writing and production partners with Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy or otherwise known as “POGO”. Maor Appelbaum, who has played a key role in working with likes of Tool and System of a Down, was called upon to master the final sound for “Self Inflicted”.
Candella’s sound is driven by the talent pool that has been collected into this great up and coming band. Whether it’s Goodale’s insanely powerful vocals, Vesely’s consistent harmonies and dark sludgy bass rifts produce constant backup for Goodale. Bassett and his guitar is a match made in heaven, melodic rifts are heard throughout the album. DeReu’s drums are assaulted religiously giving Candella that nasty edge bands truly seek out. All of these characteristics have helped transform this once considered “garage band” into a force to be reckoned with. Candella continues to build their fan base with good ole’ fashion hard work, playing shows, and recording a full length album scheduled for release in Spring 2010!! Looking to add gigs to their schedule is always a top priority. “We’re planning to get out there with the same passion we’ve brought to so many of our fans in the past, and we’re really excited about these new projects, our new studio and taking our careers to the next level,” says Goodale.