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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Pop R&B




"Positive messages shine in Sand’s songs"


When you think of cheerleaders you probably think of something like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, right? Well, Candice Sand is a cheerleader of a different sort.

The aspiring singer and songwriter is all about positivity in her music, saying she’s drawn to empowering messages of personal strength.

“I feel like a lot of people need that,” says the Melville, Sask.-bred performer. “We all go through trials and things in our own individual lives and everybody needs a song that cheers you on and tries to make you stronger in those moments where you just need a boost.”

Sand plays at Local Public Eatery on Aug. 13. She’s touring across the country to promote her debut album “Against Concrete Walls” which was released to iTunes at the end of July. All six songs on the EP were co-written by Sand, so there’s no escaping her positivity.

“I do really like positive messages about life, life is beautiful,” she says.

That’s particularly obvious on the single “I Got This.” Sand says that song revolves around her feelings as she prepared to move to Toronto about five years ago to get her music career started. She says she was always thinking about the big city while growing up in Melville.

“I had this obsession when I moved to Toronto with city life, because it’s really inspiring to be a small-town girl from the Prairies,” she said, adding she’s proud of the small-town ideals instilled in her.

The show at Local will blend Sand’s original tunes with classic R&B and pop covers, along with some Top 40 music. She says it will be a stripped down acoustic show but “we still try to maintain the energy of the songs.”

Visit for more information. - Medicine Hat News

"Candice Sand - Against Concrete Walls (2014) review"

I almost succumbed to the temptation of beginning this review of Against Concrete Walls, the recently released EP by Canadian Candice Sand, with a dig at the twin terrors of the Great White North, Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke. However, that would reaching for the low hanging fruit. They’ve suffered enough and Sand definitely deserves a better fate because Against Concrete Walls is a solid effort.

Candice Sand brings a wealth of training and experience to this project. She was a highly decorated child performer in Canada before attending college, where she first studied opera and then jazz and other contemporary vocal styles, such as pop, R&B, rock, blues and country.

Listeners will hear the results of all of that experience on Against Concrete Walls. “What U Do 2 Me” is a track that fuses blues, country and rap. The tune is a duet between Sand and Canadian rapper Choclair. The combination of Sand’s youthful but rangy vocals and Choclair’s languid vocal delivery and slick word play is effective because the two engage in a conversation that actually reveals a conflict. Sand ignores the warnings and falls hard for this guy and desires exclusivity. Choclair? Not so much.

“Oh Darling,” is a country pop ballad that gives Sand a platform to showcase her ability to handle the three minute pop ballad. The track has all of the pop elements including a simple yet infectious melody and a power ballad hook that Sand delivers with power and passion.

However, the best moments on Against Concrete Walls come in the form of two pop anthems positioned at the EP’s start and conclusion: “Go On,” is a contemporary R&B cut that pairs Sand with fellow Canadian vocalist JDRN. As the title implies, “Go On” is a song of perseverance, and the duet drops the line: “So tired of knocking on the door/So sick of staring at the floor/Trying hard to lift your head up/Keep holding out for something more/So tired of always hearing no/And trying hard to be strong/When every day you’re getting beat up/But you gotta keep marching on/It’s so easy to give up and be through/But there’s a winner in you.”

Sand’s demand for independence, “I Got This” is Against Concrete Walls standout track – three and a half minutes of self-realization and defiance enveloped by a power hook and a contemporary pop/R&B arrangement.

The three to four minute pop song is not an easy thing to handle, but Against Concrete Walls shows that Candice Sand is adept at creating both pop confections and substance while working against the clock. Recommended

By Howard Dukes

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Gustan Koumantaros August 14, 2014 Pop, R&B, Reviews

Saskatchewan-born Pop and RnB artist Candice Sand presents to us her debut EP, Against Concrete Walls. This admirable six-track effort offers listeners a positive, and energetic, 22-minute oasis. The opening track, “Go On,” gives us a clear indication of Sand’s style. Featuring RnB artist JRDN, Sand infuses catchy hooks and pop-like melodies to entice listeners. Very much a contemporary pop song, “Go On” is a track that would sound at home on Top 40 radio. The second track, “Heart of Mine,” is a more stripped down production than “Go On,” but still manages to catch listener’s attention with its soft, ear-pleasing melody.

Track three, “What U Do 2 Me,” features rapper Choclair and is perhaps the EP’s strongest overall song. Backed by another catchy hook, Sand’s vocals are soulful and exciting, roaring with promise and power. Track four, “Bring Me to Life,” is another high point of the EP. It’s a track that lives up to its name, bringing listeners to life. Once more, Sand’s vocals shine through over yet another catchy, Top 40-worthy song.

Similar to “Heart of Mine,” track five, “Oh Darling (This Is Love),” is a pared down production that continues the pattern of accentuating Sand’s range as a vocalist. The final track, “I Got This,” is a melodic conclusion to a wonderful EP. Overall, Sand’s sound and message appeal to a young demographic. Her lyrics are uplifting, if at times cliché. She manages to walk that fine line, though, in spite of a few missteps. Her talent and enthusiasm, marked with a spirit of positivity, carry the EP. “We can do anything,” Sand sings in “Go On.” “When we get knocked down, get up and go on.” Against Concrete Walls is an exciting debut for this talented Canadian artist—a promising start to what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career. -

"UM Interview: Candice Sand"

Candice Sand is a Canadian Pop/R&B songwriter and recording artist who is currently working with Kuya Productions (JRDN, Nicole Scherzinger, Big Time Rush) on her debut EP. Amandah Opoku sat down with Candice Sand to talk about her new single “Go On” ft. JRDN, debut EP and more!

Amandah Opoku: Hey Candice! Thank you soo much for sitting down with us for this interview. Before we kick off this interview, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what song you’re currently obsessed with?
Candice Sand: Thanks so much for having me! Well, I guess to start I can say that I’m a small town girl, originally from Saskatchewan but now living in Toronto. I love lots of different types of music, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Pop & R&B. It excites me – hearing it, writing it… love it!
The last couple months I’ve been obsessed with Beyonce’s newest singles ‘XO” and “Drunk In Love’. I’ve started to play around stripping them down on acoustic guitar. Really fun stuff!

AO: You’re a Pop/R&B singer songwriter, what inspired you to start singing and releasing music?
CS: Well I’ve been singing for majority of my life and I’ve spent so much time learning about music and singing other people’s songs. It just came to a point where I felt really strongly that I wanted my own voice to be heard. I wanted to have my own songs that show who I am , what I believe in, and what I’ve been through. I wanted to really feel and believe every word I sing, knowing that it came from me. Plus, the idea of creating music and then getting to share it with the world was just so exciting and enticing.

AO: What musicians inspired you to start making music?
CS: Alicia Keys was a BIG one for me and in the last couple years, Emeli Sande has really influenced me. I find her songs so honest and intriguing. But there are so many artists that have turned my head with their lyrics or music and have inspired me: John Mayer, Nikka Costa, Gwen Stefani and so many more. All so different but so very talented.

AO: You recently released a music video for your latest single “Go On” ft. JRDN. The video carries a very positive message which is “Even in the darkest moments of our lives, beauty is all around us… we just have to be willing to look for it.”

CS: The song has an empowering message already, so when I was writing the music video treatment I really wanted to write something that would support that message of empowerment and perseverance. When I found The Confucius quote that appears at the beginning of the video, it just helped pull it all together.

AO: What inspired you to write the single?
CS: “Go On” was actually co-write, written by a songwriter named J-Doe from LA, my producers, and myself. When I was pulled into the studio to write on it, I happened to be surrounded by a few friends and family that are musicians, actors, etc. At the time, they were having a lot of trouble trying to find their place in the world. Sometimes it felt like they were so far down I couldn’t reach them. I wrote thinking of them and their struggles, and thinking of my own struggles that I’ve worked hard to overcome. The bridge in particular was everything I wanted to say to them, but couldn’t.

AO: “Go On” was produced by Kuya Productions, what was it like working with Kuya on the single?
CS: It was great! They’re a professional bunch and I really like working with them. I love the song and I was excited about doing the track with JRDN. Also, singing and making up harmonies in the studio is one of my favourite things about recording, so it was a lot of fun for me to write my harmony on top of JRDN’s melody and then lay it all down with them!

AO: As I mentioned Juno Award winner, JRDN is featured on the single. How did the collaboration come about?
CS: JRDN and I are both produced by Kuya Productions so it was an easy set up. They made the call and we were in business!

AO: You’re currently working on your debut EP, what can fans expect on this new EP?
CS: Well I’m not going to give too much away haha 6 songs - some songs are playful, some are sentimental. All songs were cowritten between Kuya Productions & I. It’s a pretty uplifting and fun album overall!

AO: Can we expect any other collaboration on your debut EP?
CS: We may have something up our sleeve!

AO: As your debut EP release date nears, what are you feeling? Anxious? Nervous? Excited?
CS: Soooo excited. I really love when I get to share the music and start performing it. That’s when I get to hear what song or lines or lyrics people love. I get to tell the stories behind the songs, release more music videos. So much good stuff!

AO: What kind of message do you want to fans to take away from your music?
CS: Each song has it’s own specific message behind it but over all my songs seem to revolve around a theme: appreciating those specific things in each moment that set the scene and make that moment beautiful.

AO: Why do you think people should check out your music?
CS: I think people should check it out because it’s uplifting. It’s an escape from of the darkness in the world. It’s hopeful and honest… and sometimes simply fun!

AO: After the EP is out, what are your plans for the rest of the year?
CS: Well this year into next year there will be more videos and a lot of shows. I’ll be looking to perform all over Canada and I’m really excited about it! And of course, I’m always songwriting and rehearsing. I never stop trying to be better. I’m already thinking about the next project after this one!

AO: Before we close this interview, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
CS: Yes! I want to thank you all for your continued support in sharing my music! It gives me such a happy heart to see facebook and twitter blow up with tweets, shares and likes. At the end of the day, I just want to reach people with my music. Move them to laugh, cry, dance, feel good, or inspire them to keep going. Your help by sharing my music, makes that possible. So sincerely, thank you!

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"Review – Candice Sand"

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – Against Concrete Walls
Release Date – July 29, 2014
iTunes Link –
Genre – Pop / R&B
Label – Kuya Productions Inc.

Candice Sand, is a recording artist originally from Saskatchewan, who is now based out of Toronto. She has recently released her debut EP, Against Concrete Walls which features 6 tracks written and recorded by Candice & the Kuya Productions team. The EP also features guest performences from Juno award winning artists JRDN & Choclair.

The EP starts strong with “Go On” which features fellow Canadian artist, JRDN. This is my favourite on the album, but I may be a bit biased as I am a fan of JRDN’s sound. It’s a great inspirational song, that I highly recommend to anyone.

The fourth song, “Bring Me To Life” is an upbeat song that immediately makes you want to dance and sing along. Candice has a voice that evokes happiness and fun. She has a strong vocal presence, and each song has a beat that hooks you from the beginning.

This is an excellent collection of songs, and I honestly can’t choose just one or two to recommend, I feel you should go buy this EP now, play it and I bet you will enjoy it thoroughly from beginning to end.

Rating: 5/5

Connect with Candice Sand:
Website: -

"Candice Sand to perform at Miss Universe Canada 2013 GTA & Central Ontario Preliminary Competition #2"

Candice Sand will be performing as the featured artist at the Miss Universe Canada 2013 GTA & Central Ontario Preliminary Competition #2 on Saturday April 13th, 2013. Visit the Beauties of Canada website for ticket information.

Candice Sand (Pop/R&B songwriter and recording artist) has followed an interesting road leading her from her tiny hometown of Melville, Saskatchewan to Toronto, Ontario. She began singing at 8 years old when she sang a solo (“Puff the Magic Dragon”) in an elementary school play. Continuing on throughout her childhood, she received numerous singing awards and constant encouragement from teachers and mentors. Eventually, her love for music carried her to Brandon University’s Faculty of Music where she studied Opera, and later to Grant MacEwan College’s Vocal Performance program (in Edmonton, Alberta) where she studied Jazz and all contemporary styles of music.

After graduation, Candice relocated to Toronto with the aim of fully immersing herself in the Canadian music industry. She immediately began performing in and around the GTA and soon enough she decided she wanted her own voice to be heard. She began writing with several songwriters from all across Canada and most recently, Candice has paired up with the Grammy nominated multiplatinum production and writing team Kuya Productions Inc (know best for their work with multiplatinum Canadian R&B artist JRDN). Together, they have been busy in the studio writing and recording new singles that will be a sneak peek from her new album, which is scheduled for release later in 2013. Find her fresh new single “I Got This” on iTunes and YouTube right now! Stay tuned and watch out for this girl… There is a lot more to come!

“On a very basic level, we’re all human right? We’re all wanting to relate… to each other, to thoughts, to experiences. To me ‘relating’ is a comfort. Comfort in knowing you’re not alone in those thoughts and experiences. I want my listeners to relate to my music and my words because if they do, then we relate to each other. Then, in a sense, we keep each other company. Isn’t that a nice thought?” ~ Candice Sand

Please check out her just released Lyric Video on youtube Candice Sand – I Got This - Miss Universe Canada organization

"Sand sculpting music career"

by Scott Trudeau - Penticton Western News
posted Aug 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Singer Candice Sand says travelling along the road to success she’s bound to come across a few speed bumps but she’s learning to take life’s surprises in stride.

“I’ve thought a lot about struggles but I try to keep an optimistic attitude about everything,” said Sand. “I can’t even say that I’ve experienced a setback; some things just go a little bit slower than expected but that’s just a natural part of life.”

Sand is bringing her acoustic show to Voodoos in Penticton on Monday, Aug. 18

The Melville, Sask., native, who now calls Toronto home, is making her first visit here.

“I’m excited to explore the city and the other places along the way as I make my way to Vancouver,” she said.

It’s part of a 14-stop tour of Western Canada, which began in Saskatoon on Aug. 11 and wraps up in her hometown on Aug. 30.

She discovered her interest in singing when she was eight years old.

“I had a solo in an elementary school play and I started taking singing lessons after I did that performance,” said Sand.

She also competed in singing and talent competitions throughout Saskatchewan and when she graduated from high school, she decided to continue as a singer.

“I am kind of very decisive that when I want something, I make it happen,” said Sand, who studied opera for two years before moving to Edmonton where she graduated from a two-year vocal performance program.

Sand also started songwriting and then moved to Toronto where she’s been building her musical career. She’s teamed up with Grammy and Juno-nominated producers Kuya Productions Inc for the release of her new album, Against Concrete Walls which came out July 29.

Early into her career, Sand is pleased with her progress, even though uncertainty can be waiting around the next corner.

“I find that there’s a lot of excitement and a sense of adventure in the unknown but at the same time, there is a part of me that’s just like, ‘I don’t know about this,’” she said. “I always just tell myself that any time I’m trying something new, the hardest part is jumping in and then the rest just seems to figure itself out.”

That said, Sand likes to map out the journey ahead of her as opposed to winging it.

“I always have a plan, so for sure for the next six months I have a plan,” she said. “I have an idea of where I want to be in five years from now, in two years from now. I always allow it to change and things like that as different things happen and depending on where things lead me but I”m always thinking.”

Sand’s musical influences include: Natasha Bedingfield, Nikka Costa, Alicia Keys, Emeli Sande and Joss Stone all of whom she feels are strong and beautiful women with equally strong words and voices.

Many of the top pop artists of the 1980s also shaped her singing style, from groups such as The Bangles, The Go-Gos to Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul.

As she continues to develop her skills, Sand would like to branch out and take her talents south of border to the United States and also explore the R & B and pop music scene in United Kingdom.

Regardless of how her career unfolds, Sand plans on making the most of everyday.

“Ultimately, I’m going to do what I love,” said Sand. “I just want to end up happy and fulfilled.” - Penticton Western New

"From Melville to the big stage - concert slated"

She's being compared to the likes of Natasha Bedingfield and Alicia Keys and very soon Yorkton and area residents will be treated to her sounds.

Now based out of Toronto, Candice Sand has come a long way from her hometown of Melville and even farther from her roots of classical instruction as she works towards the release of her debut EP with Kuya Productions Inc (known best for their work and success with multiplatinum Canadian recording artist JRDN).

Sand, who left Melville about ten years back to study at Brandon Universty and later at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, spent the majority of her childhood immersed in music, receiving private classical vocal instruction starting at the age of eight. Her love for music carried her to Brandon University's Faculty of Music (Brandon, Manitoba) where she studied Opera, and later to Grant MacEwan College's Vocal Performance program (in Edmonton, Alberta) where she studied Jazz and all contemporary styles of music with a focus on Pop and R&B. She developed a wide variety of musical skills and after graduation, she turned her attention to songwriting and performing.

Sand moved to Toronto and immediately threw herself into the music scene. She began performing frequently at several venues in and around the GTA, while also networking and co-writing with songwriters in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Nashville. By continuously performing and co-writing, she began to define and develop her own unique sound, writing songs with Pop elements and R&B grooves, elevated by her heartfelt lyrics drawn from her own personal life experiences.

As a result, she started to describe her music as: music to touch the heart and move the body.

Late in 2012 Sand received two “Demo & Commercially Released Single” grants from FACTOR Canada and she immediately teamed up with the Grammy/Juno nominated multiplatinum writing and production team Kuya Productions Inc.

Together, she and the Kuya Productions team dedicated 2013 to co-writing and recording her debut EP. Her debut single “I Got This” on iTunes in April 2013, paired with the release of the official lyric video (April 2013) and official music video (July 2013). The videos received thousands of views and following a tremendous amount of positive feedback from fans and industry professionals.

Currently they are busy marketing the release of the debut EP AgainstConcreteWalls which came out July 29.

Sand will be performing at Melville Community Works Saturday, August 30 at 7:30 p.m. (tickets are on sale at the Melville Community Works office $20. Visit for more details.

The performer says she still has plenty of family and friends in the Melville/Yorkton area she hopes will come out to enjoy the show.

“It's bonus of being on tour here because I get to see so many people that I love and haven't had the chance to perform for as a recording artist,” she says. - Yorkton News

"Is there anything she can't sing?"

I threw it all at Candice - Puff The Magic Dragon, One Republic's Counting Stars (she had under 5 mins to Google the lyrics and test a few notes), Beyonce's XO and even Disney's Let it go. There doesn't seem to be anything she can't sing like an angel. Watch closely for her new EP #AgainstConcreteWalls set to release on July 29th.

One thing that distinguishes Candice as an artist is how much formal training she received. While many in all art forms claim that being self-taught is not much different than getting taught, my experience is that there is a difference - perhaps not in talent, but in work ethic, professionalism and sheer stamina to produce.

Since she first sang Puff the Magic Dragon in elementary school at the age of 8, she's been graduating from one music program to another, learning Opera (hence the big voice) at Brandon University's Faculty of Music and then Jazz and Pop at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton Alberta. After her interview, I had her sing nonstop, some songs more than once, for your enjoyment. "Do you need a break?" I asked often, feeling slightly guilty. Her guitarist politely told me that this is no big deal for performers used to long shows. I love meeting tenacious, talented people like Candice and Neil. How do you think they did?

Neil Whitford has ridiculous finger-style and guitar pick skills. He made that guitar sing for Sand! #AgainstConcreteWalls is marked in our calendars (July 29th). While the album will be released worldwide on iTunes July 29th, the PRESALE has already started on itunes AND as an added bonus, anyone purchasing the album during the presale, will be able to download her latest single "Go On" right away free! - Culture Toronto

"Candice Sand brings her pop beat to Fernie."

by Katelyn Dingman - The Free Press
posted Aug 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM
Candice Sand will try to shift local’s focus from Indie music to pop music as she makes her way to The Loaf on Saturday August 23 to promote the release of her new album Against Concrete Walls.

The Torontonian released her album on July 29, describing her sound as commercial pop with hints of R&B.

“It also has a lot of positive messages about life, and life being beautiful and appreciating the moment,” Sand said.

Her Canada-wide three-week tour began in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on August 11 and will be finishing up on August 30 in Melville, Saskatchewan.

Singing in Golden, Fernie, Kelowna, Penticton and Vancouver, Sand said she’s looking forward to traveling throughout our mountainous province.

“It’s going to be a ton of fun, I have no doubts,” she said. “I think B.C.’s amazing, it’s beautiful. I like to call B.C. the ‘Miss Congeniality’ of provinces because everybody likes B.C.”

Although the Ontarian has never been to Fernie, she said she’s looking forward to promoting her music in a town that is supportive of live music.

“I hear the community is very friendly and I’m always drawn to that because I’m from a town of 5000 people and I’m used to that nice, home feeling,” she said. “I’m so excited.” - The Free Press - Fernie, BC

""Against Concrete Walls" - Candice Sand review"

Excuse me but I get excited when I get fresh new music from up and coming artist and not the same ole same ole that we hear day in and day out. I especially love when I get submissions from female artist. When I listened to “Against Concrete Walls” I was hook from the very track. This 6 track EP has more substance and lyrcial content than a 14 track album that is currently on sale at your local music store. I love her voice. It’s strong and full of conviction. I really can relate to the first track “Go On”. Who can’t? It talks about being strong and trying to get by day by day instead of quitting and we all have been there at some point or may be going through it now. So my loves….make sure you check out this talented artist. -Mz. Fierce - Fierces Corner

"Candice Sand 23 Main St. (Wed 27)"

Hey, do you guys remember Choclair? I do. He’s a Canadian rapper who had this really massive hit single back in ‘99 called “Let’s Ride”. I mean, it was REALLY massive. I’m pretty sure he was hangarounds with Puff Daddy and Lil’ Kim too. Well, Choclair’s still kicking. Just last year he recorded a song with upcoming Toronto pop sensation Candice Sand on her soulful debut release, Against Concrete Walls.

Now Candice Sand is bringing that big, showbiz voice and that powerful RnB inflected album to Moose Jaw for an intimate performance at 23 Main St.

I should point out that Canadian Beats gave this album a 5 out of 5 rating. I’ve only ever heard a handful of 5 out of 5’s in my entire life. That should say something. Either way, if you’re into stuff like Alicia Keys or Demi Lovato, you’ll totally be in love with Candice Sand.

I spoke with her briefly about her famous friends, filming videos and her history in Saskatchewan (she was born in Melville).

You got to work some big names in the Canadian Music industry recently. I'm talking about JDRN and Choclair. What are those guys like?? They're nice guys... in honesty, I've only spent little slices of time with them, but they seem like good guys. JRDN in particular was a really good sport in shooting the music video for "Go On". It was in the middle of February and freezing... He just worked through it with us and joked around the whole time.

Tell us what's going on in the latest video? Any funny stories that happened while filming? Anything we should look for when watching? I actually wrote the concept for the last video (Go On) myself... It’s based on the idea that even in the darkest moments of our lives, beauty is everywhere. You just have to be willing to look for it. I won't completely lay out all of the symbolism in the video, but in it I'm basically searching through the cold frozen city looking for the ballerina guided by the angel that appears.

As for stories... we were just FREEZING! It was the middle of February and -25 to -30 degrees and 2 am; shout out to Kathleen (the ballerina) for bearing the cold in her body suit, tutu, and pointe shoes. She was a peach. Worked hard and never complained once.

Somehow we managed to have a ton of fun while filming but it was seriously frigid outside. I promised everyone that I would never write a winter concept again.

You're actually from Saskatchewan. How long have you been away from the province? How often do you come back? Have you been to Moose Jaw? What Memories do you have of it?
I haven't lived in Saskatchewan since I was in high school and I probably only get to come back once a year; for Christmas. This year is the exception because of the tour. I have been to Moose Jaw but I haven't spent much time there. One of the tour bonuses is that I get to actually hang out in each city a bit. We'll be in Moose Jaw most of the day on the 27th. Might do an interview and explore!

What's in store for Candice Sand when the tour is complete?
We're always planning and we never stop moving forward. After the Western Canadian Tour is over, I'll be having a CD Release show back in Toronto. I'll also be releasing another music video in the fall. We're planning an Eastern Canada Tour and possibly begin working on an Ontario/Quebec tour. I really want to explore Canada and what better way to do it than by touring! - Green Grass Radio

"MUSIC+ : Candice Sand has Got This"

This week on MUSIC+ I got the oppertunity to have a chat with R&B singer Candice Sand to talk about her new single I Got This.

Josh: What’s the Story behind I Got This?

Candice: I Got This was the first song I wrote with my producers (Kuya Productions Inc) when I went back into the studio in November of last year. It started off with the idea of living a life that is sort of “against the grain” and being completely happy/thrilled with that life.

It tells a little bit of my life story. I used to live a very normal 9-5 life back in Edmonton, AB and one day I just had to admit to myself that I was unhappy. I missed music and my life seemed dull without it So I packed my bags, moved to Toronto, and started my adventure of becoming a recording artist and songwriter.

Now that I’m out here and doing it, I really do feel like my life has a sense of adventure and I absolutely love it. I feel empowered and independent. This path just feels right for me.

J: Why did you call this song I Got This?

C: I called it I Got This because it was the main idea and feeling that resounded in my head when I was writing: I’ve made up my mind, I have my head and my heart in the right place, I’m ready to go after my perfect life, and I’m determined… I Got This.

J: Back in January at Super Wonderful New Year Kickoff (For Wonder Woman Fest) you gave the audience a preview a few of the new songs that you had been working on. Can you talk about some of these songs you’ve been working on?

C: Well I have been doing a ton of songwriting in the past 2 years. I’ve been writing with different songwriters from all across Canada, but I first started co-writing with my friend (and guitar player) Neil Whitford. We basically went through my tickle trunk of unfinished songs and slowly finished them all off. It was a great learning experience and really got my ‘creative’ brain fired up. The songs that I performed at that particular show were from those writing sessions. Each one is a true story from my life. Pretty much every song I write is full of real images and emotions from my experience. I always remind myself: write what you know.

J: Why did you choose to go with I Got This as your single?

C: I thought that I Got This was a great introduction single for me and I personally just love it. It’s an anthem song and when we were writing it, I was really stubborn with myself to say: I have to believe every word. I love it because it’s honest. It’s made up of my honest thoughts and feelings. I wanted to introduce myself that way… with honesty.

J: How long did this song take to complete (from conception to production)?

C: Well we do everything in the studio: brainstorm, songwrite, and record. So from the birth of the idea to the finished product, it took about a month. That’s with us meeting about 3 times total.

J: When you perform you music live acoustically, what goes into “stripping” the song down?

C: Neil and I meet up every Thursday to rehearse and we go through the material for our next gig. Here we look at each song, listen to the recorded track, run it a couple times, and then we talk it out. We each throw out ideas of how we can make it sound natural and interesting. Slow it down or speed it up, strumming patterns, break downs, dynamics, etc. Then we start playing it live and each time we play it we keep building on the arrangement and making adjustments, to highlight moments and get it to sit in a place that feels just right.

J: You recently performed at Miss Universe Canada, what was that experience like?

C: It was great! Such a wonderful and energetic crowd! I enjoyed how still and quiet the theatre was as we played, until the end of each song when the audience erupted with applause and cheering. We also performed the Across the Universe arrangement of the Beatles favorite “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and I invited everyone to sing along. And they did! It was great! I had a packed theatre singing out those beautiful, simple words with me. Definitely a moment to remember!

J: What can fans look forward to over the next few months?

C: I don’t like to give too much away haha but we may have more I Got This tricks up our sleeves! Also, we will be releasing another new single this summer! We’re working on a new album but we’re going to be releasing a few singles first… so stay tuned! There is a lot more to come :).

You can connect with Candice on Facebook and Twitter and hear her new single I Got This on INtune Radio in the morning between 9 am and noon. - InTune Magazine

"Meet Candice Sand" You just released a new single “I Got This”. What’s the inspiration behind the song?

Candice Sand: The song is taken from pieces of my life story. First of all, I used to live in Edmonton, AB and I had a pretty normal 9-5pm life there. Sadly, at that time music had become more of a hobby for me. One day I just had to admit to myself that I wasn’t happy. I missed music and my life felt dull without it. So I pretty much abandoned the life I was living there and bought a one way ticket to Toronto. The funny thing was, I had never even been to Toronto before the day I got off that plane haha
“I Got This” is also about the life I live now, which I’m thrilled with. Now that I’m out here and making music, I feel really great about the path I’m on. It’s exciting and I feel like my life has a sense of adventure.
“I Got This” is about that feeling. Being happy with your life, even thrilled with it, and feeling like you have your head on straight. Focused, determined… I got this.

ET: You’ve been working with the well-established Kuya Productions – what has the process been like?

Candice: It has been great! I’ve been working with them since November and I really love the work we’ve done. They’re really nice people and they are so very talented at what they do. They push me to be better and better. I really feel lucky to be working with them!

ET: Do you come from a musical family?

Candice: Not really. My parents always had aspirations to be more musical but they never really explored it. My sisters and I are all artistic in our own ways though. Playing with photography, acting, writing, painting, etc. I’m the only one that picked up music and decided to run a long distance with it.

ET: How would you describe your music to people who are not familiar with it?

Candice: I would describe it as Pop with hints of R&B…. Basically, take Alicia Keys, Natasha Bedingfield, and Kelly Clarkson, and place them in a blender!

ET: If you could invite anyone in the world to a tea party, who would you invite and why?

Candice: Oh my! Who to choose?! Hmmmm I would pick Alicia Keys and Emeli Sande because just maybe I could get them to write a song with me afterwards haha, Regis Philbman because I think he could tell some great stories about all the amazing people he’s met, Ellen because I LOVE to laugh and be goofy, Oprah so we could get into some deep discussions about life and positive thinking, and my sweet mother because she would be thrilled by the whole experience and I just love to see her eyes light up.

ET: If you were a superhero what would your superhero name and power be?

Candice: haha fun! I would love the power to teleport. That would be amazing! No more long trips or getting stuck in traffic! Go wherever I want, whenever I want… that would be great! Oh and I would have to be able to take people with me! Now, what would my name be? Let’s play off of my last name and say: “Sandstorm” ; )

ET: What advice would you give to other young musicians just starting out?

Candice: Learn to listen to the nice voice inside head, ignore the mean one.

ET: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Candice: I put everything in the microwave for 3 minutes. I have no idea why, it somehow became a habit. Even if I don’t use the full amount of time, everything goes in for 3 minutes!

ET: If you could collaborate with any musician, who it be and what would you call your song?

Candice: Definitely Alicia Keys and Emeli Sande… their music breathes life into me. What would I call the song? Well that really could only be answered in that writing session, but I bet it would have something to do with empowerment or living in the moment.

ET: Anything exciting in the works? And where can fans reach you reach and/or listen to some of your catchy tunes?

Candice: Fans can reach me on Facebook and Twitter @candicesand. Also, you can find my music/videos on YouTube and my new single “I Got This” is now available on iTunes!
And yes! Lots of exciting things are coming up! I’m so pumped! We have a few more treats for my new single “I Got This” and we’ll be releasing another single this summer. Both singles are going to be little teasers for the release of my next album… so stay tuned! - - What's New, What's Now, What's Next

"Review - Candice Sand"

Posted on August 4, 2014 by canadianbeats

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – Against Concrete Walls
Release Date – July 29, 2014
iTunes Link –
Genre – Pop / R&B
Label – Kuya Productions Inc.

Candice Sand, is a recording artist originally from Saskatchewan, who is now based out of Toronto. She has recently released her debut EP, Against Concrete Walls which features 6 tracks written and recorded by Candice & the Kuya Productions team. The EP also features guest performences from Juno award winning artists JRDN & Choclair.

The EP starts strong with “Go On” which features fellow Canadian artist, JRDN. This is my favourite on the album, but I may be a bit biased as I am a fan of JRDN’s sound. It’s a great inspirational song, that I highly recommend to anyone.

The fourth song, “Bring Me To Life” is an upbeat song that immediately makes you want to dance and sing along. Candice has a voice that evokes happiness and fun. She has a strong vocal presence, and each song has a beat that hooks you from the beginning.

This is an excellent collection of songs, and I honestly can’t choose just one or two to recommend, I feel you should go buy this EP now, play it and I bet you will enjoy it thoroughly from beginning to end.

Rating: 5/5 - Canadian Beats


"I Got This" - single (released April 2013)

"Go On" ft JRDN - single (released March 2014)

DEBUT EP "Against Concrete Walls" (July 29th, 2014) (includes 6 songs)

"Bring Me to Life" - single (released Feb 2015)



Candice Sand: Music to touch the heart and move the body

The debut album Candice Sand: Against Concrete Walls has arrived, brought to you by the Grammy/Juno nominated producers Kuya Productions Inc (known best for their work with the Juno award winning multi-platinum R&B artist JRDN (and the hit singles 'You Can Have It All', 'Like Magic', & 'Can't Choose' ft Kardinal Offishall).

Candice Sand is a recording artist and songwriter originally from Melville, Saskatchewan and currently based out of Toronto. She is best described as a blend of Natasha Bedingfield and Alicia Keys: optimistic & sincere lyrics, infectious hooks, and a powerful vocal performance. A self proclaimed modern-day #FlowerChild, Candice’s influences include Alicia Keys, Emeli Sande, Natasha Bedingfield, Joss Stone, and Nikka Costa: strong and beautiful women, words, and voices. The EP holds 6 tracks, all infused with Candice’s personal views on life and love, and features guest performances by Juno award winning multi platinum artists JRDN & Choclair.

Candice’s single “Go On” featuring JRDN was released in March 2014 (a preview of the forthcoming EP) paired with an official music video supported by MuchMusic/MuchFact/Bell Media.  The video is currently featured on and is currently airing on MuchMusic’s sister station Juicebox TV & CTV Two.  Go On” was also released to radio stations nationwide and immediately after the album’s release, Candice completed the #AgainstConcreteWalls Summer Tour in August 2014.  The tour included 15 concert dates across western Canada and was followed up by an east coast tour in November 2014.  Moving forward, tour dates for 2015 are now being secured throughout Canada, US, and Europe. Stay tuned and watch out for this girl… so much more to come!

On a very basic level, were all human right? Were all wanting to relate to each other, to thoughts, to experiences. To me relating is a comfort. Comfort in knowing youre not alone in those thoughts and experiences. I want my listeners to relate to my music and my words because if they do, then we relate to each other. Then, in a sense, we keep each other company. Isnt that a nice thought? ~ Candice Sand 

Notable Success

●  FACTOR Demo or Commercially Released Single grant recipient (Awarded October 2012)

●  FACTOR Demo or Commercially Released Single grant recipient (Awarded January 2013)

●  Candice’s holds a non-exclusive publishing deal for her new singles with Sound of Pop Publishing, Sammety Sam Publishing, and Bobby Brass Music

●  Guest performer for the 2013 Miss Universe Canada pageant

●  Guest performer at the David Foster Miracle Gala Dec 2013

●  Showcased at Canadian Music Week 2014

●  MuchFact/MuchMusic/BellMedia Viral Video grant recipient for her single “Go On” ft JRDN (Awarded Feb 2014)

●  Official Music Video for “Go On” ft JRDN in regular rotation on Bel Media’s Juicebox TV & CTV Two.


Band Members