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Local Noise: Candi Lynn
—by Hal B. Selzer, March 31, 2010

“I describe my music as hip-pop,” says Candi Lynn, New Jersey’s newest young diva, about the unusual amalgamation of styles on her new album. “It’s like, unique, individual. I’m not trying to be like anybody else, or steal anybody else’s style. I’m trying to do what I want to do, and it comes out the way that it does. Some of my songs have a hip-hop element mixed with a rock element, or a pop element.”

The new CD, ILLMissBehavin, is available on Ill Miss Musick, the independent label Candi Lynn owns with her mother/manager. ”I started singing about two years ago. Before that I was really just rhyming and stuff like that, since I was 14,” she explains. “I always wanted to sing, since I was a little girl. When I was 13 or 14 years old, my mom was managing different artists, like rappers, so I was like, why can’t I do that?”

Having your mother be your manager could cause friction in many cases, but Candi Lynn finds it to be a blessing. “I think it’s totally a lot better. I am her child, her instinct is to always protect me,” she relates. “I am getting the things I am deserving to get. It’s great to have someone that close. If you have someone not close to you, their interest is not always looking out for you. I‘m blessed to have that relationship with her.”

Her music is hard to classify, being a mix of genres, but she explains it’s really just a combination of many of her influences. “My music has a hint of Fergie, a hint of Britney, and a hint of Pink,” she says. “Fergie because of the rap element; Britney because of the sexy, fun, naughty element; Pink because of the rock element and the snarl and the raspiness that I sometimes have in my voice when I sing. I love Pink. She just says what she wants to say, and I love that about her.” Other influences include TLC, Alanis Morrissette, Rise Against, Eminem, Jay-Z, and many others. “I love music, you know, one minute I say let’s turn on Christina Aguilera, and the next minute Rise Against. I like a lot of older music, the Eagles, Billy Joel, I like to go back to listen to those kind of things, listen to how music was, and how music is.”

While much of her music creates a good time, party atmosphere, it also has a more serious element to it. “’Hey Girl,’ my single, is a girl anthem,” she exclaims. “It’s all about embracing yourself as a woman. I guess since my name is Candi, people think I’m talking about myself, but I’m not when I say, ‘You want your candy.’ Every girl is a candy, and girls just want to have fun. That’s what it’s about, being empowered, do your thing, it’s your world, be true to yourself. It’s getting some spins on 99.3 and some mix shows up in New York. I’m really excited about that.”

Another serious subject she broaches is the topic of domestic abuse. “I’ve read written stuff about it, but I’ve never put it down in a song. I never recorded anything, it’s not really on my album—it is, but it isn’t. My mother and myself were victims of domestic violence. My mom was married to a guy that abused us. I was four or five, and we stayed in shelters. I want to help bring a light into it, and be positive for women. I want to talk about it. I want to give those people a sense of the fact that they can be free of all those things, and break through that boundary.”

All of 21 years old, Candi Lynn has some big goals and knows it’s a long and arduous process to get where she wants to go. “There’s so many things that I would love to do, its really just about taking one step at a time,” she says. “You have to just take this moment and take one step at a time, I would love to do some modeling, I would love to influence the world in a positive way. Obviously, to get bigger shows, interact with people, gain a lot of fans, help people, get into acting, I have no idea what the future holds. For all I know, my view in three months might be completely different! I just want to embrace it and I hope other people embrace those things too.”

You can get Candi Lynn’s CD at FYE stores, iTunes, Amazon, E-music, and many other outlets.
- Hal B. Selzer


Please Visit Link to View Pictures of Candi Walking the Red Carpet @ the 2010 Blackout Awards!

2010 Blackout Awards
NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 21: Singer Candi Lynn attends the 2010 Blackout Awards at the Key Club on March 21, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey.
In this photo: Candi Lynn
Photo: Brian Killian/WireImage
Mar 21, 2010 - Brian Killian/Wire Image

"Wired Image"

Please visit link to view pictures of Candi walking red carpet at the 2010 Gotham Magazine Gala Hosted By Alicia Keys! - Wired Image

"Candi Lynn Claims To Be Fergie, Britney and Pink Rolled Into One"

(PR) There's a new brand of music sweeping both the airwaves and dance-floors worldwide - a style known as "hip-pop," which as its title states, is a merger of the booty-shaking beats of hip-hop, and the melodic hooks of pop music. And one of the most promising new artists from this genre is undoubtedly Jersey "Gurl" Candi Lynn.
"My music has a hint of Fergie, a hint of Britney, and a hint of Pink," explains Candi, raised at the Jersey Shore in Manahawkin, NJ. [hint: name drop pop stars to attract their fans?] "Fergie because of the rap element; Britney because of the sexy, fun, naughty element; Pink because of the rock element and the snarl and the raspiness that I sometimes have in my voice when I sing. I love Pink. She just says what she wants to say, and I love that about her. But I'm not trying to emulate any of them. I do my own thing, and I'm not trying to be anyone but myself."

Candi's newly released debut album, ILLMissBehavin, is creating serious buzz, and with good reason -- in addition to penning some irresistibly catchy tunes, Candi offers a much-needed "girl-teen empowerment" spin on a genre in need of a positive female role model. In addition to her aforementioned musical influences, another important figure in Candi's life has been her mother and manager, successful Atlantic City nightclub owner Carrie Ariemma.

"We had a hard life when I was growing up," recalls Candi, now 21. "My mom was in an abusive relationship, which she got out of - and we were living in battered women's shelters at one point. But we kept the faith and got through that. My mom is one of the strongest people I know. For her to be able to pull through the things she has and accomplish the things she's accomplished took a lot of strength. My mom has been such an inspiration to me. She made me the artist I am today."

And the proof is certainly in the grooves of ILLMissBehavin, which is chock-full of potential chart-toppers, in the Fergie-Britney-Pink mold. The album balances such unashamedly party-hearty songs as "Luv Ya Body," "Naughty," "Jump on the Train," and especially, the lead single, "Hey Gurl" (for which a naughty-but-nice school girl video was filmed - boasting a cameo by rapper Mr. Cheeks, of Lost Boyz fame). But unlike some other artists on the scene, Candi refuses to be limited to a single lyrical style, as evidenced by such "music-with-a-message" tunes as "Find Your Place," "Look to the Sky," and "No More War."

With the music industry in flux and it becoming increasingly hard for up-and-coming pop artists to gain a foothold toward a breakthrough, it appears as Candi has found an effective way to build a sizable fanbase: Teenage girls love to shop, and what better way to introduce Candi and her music to customers at Mandee clothing stores. Candi's first Mandee performance will take place Saturday, Oct. 17th in her hometown of Manahawkin, NJ, with future national dates being planned as well. Candi will be outfitted by Mandee while meeting fans and signing CD's as KISS FM/Atlantic City, which is playing her twice daily, broadcasts live.

In the meantime, ILLMissBehavin is gaining some serious attention at radio and video outlets throughout the country, including spins from Boston to Baltimore, and video views nationwide on Evision/Billboard DJ, Power Play Music Tv, Music Mix U.S.A, The A&R Channel, and the popular University of Missouri program, Videology, among many others. And once ILLMissBehavin hits the club circuit, it's bound to explode!

Few pop artists have the potential to appeal to such a wide range of music-goers. And after hearing ILLMissBehavin and experiencing the upcoming performances, you'll truly understand what separates Candi Lynn from the rest of the pack. -

"Candi Lynn to perform at The Spot in Glassboro"

Candi Lynn to perform at The Spot in Glassboro
By Kristie Rearick
October 02, 2009, 8:17AM
Candi Lynn’s music is definitely not like anything else out there.

This singer from Manahawkin, who started performing at just 15 years old at open mic nights in New York City, describes her music as a mixture of different genres.
“My music is a mix of hip-hop because I rhyme and it’s pop, as well ... you can dance to the beats and it has a rock element to it, too,” Lynn, 21, said in a phone interview. “I didn’t put a specific style in my mind.”
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Singer Candi Lynn, who describes her music as ‘hip-pop,’ willperform at the Landmark Americana Tap and Grill’s club, The Spot, in Glassboro at 10 p.m. on Saturday.

Her music comes from many different places; she draws from several musical inspirations including Alanis Morissette, Beyonce, Eminem and the girl group TLC.

“I’m influenced by what they sing ... their lyrics are deep. Every artist has something to offer, inspiring me in different ways,” Lynn said.

This talented performer took those influences and came up with a style all her own, something she calls “hip-pop” — a combination of rap and pop.

She will bring this unique music to the Landmark Americana Tap and Grill’s club, The Spot, in Glassboro at 10 p.m. on Saturday, something she is “very excited” about.

“I had a lot of friends that went to Rowan in Glassboro, and they (The Landmark) are expecting a huge turnout,” Lynn said.

Growing up in South Jersey, the young performer was drawn to all kinds of music.

“I grew up listening to everything and I wanted my music to be creative and fun.”

She writes her own lyrics and works with her producer to come up with different sounds and beats.

Her debut CD, “IllMissBehavin,” produced by Grammy nominated Chris “The Hitman” Conway, has gained interest from several radio stations and her new music video, “Hey Gurl,” featuring Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boyz, is getting thousands of YouTube views.

But getting herself out there is her main goal right now, and she has been performing all over South Jersey getting her music heard.

“It’s a lot of fun to see how people react to you. You go on stage and put yourself out there,” Lynn said of performing live. “You never know what you’re going to get back from the audience, not everyone’s going to like your music, but you keep going forward.”

And going forward is just what she plans to do.

“This hasn’t been the most smooth journey for me so far, but I’m pushing through ... I know that if you really want it, it will come to you,” she said.

Lynn’s music appeals to audiences of all ages. She has played at bars and taverns where the audience members are 21 and older and recently younger kids, ages 10 and up, have followed her with her National Mall Tour of FYE stores.

“My music is really versatile as far as ages go and who likes it ... everyone has been really accepting of it,” she said. -

"Meet Miss Candi Lynn: Manahawkin girl returns a hip-pop powerhouse"

A Manahawkin native turned hip-pop powerhouse returns to her hometown this weekend for a girly-pink event filled with live performances, autographs and a girl's all-time favorite thing, shopping!
Candi Lynn has been taking the music world by storm, earning positive reviews for her debut album, "Ill Miss Behavin'," which was produced by Grammy-winner Chris "The Hitman" Conway.
On Saturday, Oct. 17, she performs at the Mandee women's wear and junior's clothing and accessory store in Manahawkin. Lynn will perform hit tracks from her album including her new single, "Hey Gurl," now heard on radio airwaves from Boston to Baltimore. You can even see her music video, featuring Mr. Cheeks from The Lost Boyz, on YouTube.
Lynn's musical style is similar to that of Fergie, Pink and Britney Spears, and her songs always carry a positive message for the young girls that make up the majority of her fan base. Of course, all ages are welcome to enjoy Lynn's live performance and meet-and-greet event at Mandee, 733 Route 72 East in Manahawkin. The show begins at 3 p.m. Call 609-978-6781 or 609-978-6782 or go to - Press of Atlantic City

"Reviewer Magazine"

Candi Lynn
ILL Misbehavin’
Ill Miss Music Records
Reviewed by Kent Manthie
This 21-year old pop vixen is blowing bubbles all over the metaphorical landscape. Candi Lynn, a young but driven and smart girl from New Jersey has recently hooked up with hip-hop producer (and legend in his own mind), Chris “The Hitman” Conway (Eminem, Capone-n-Noreaga, Run-DMC). The result is this studio-polished music machine that has a smokin’ flavor to it, mixed with a sweetness like a subtle-fresh perfume, ILL Misbehavin’, a fashionably hip new disco flava lined with lots of sweetness & Jersey Girl attitude.
Musically, Candi is a cross between Fergie and Pink. The former for the hip-hop, street/ghetto jive in the music and the latter for the snarl-laden, in-your-face, kiss-my-ass attitude of Pink.
One interesting thing about Lynn is that unlike many of her musical peers, Candi is an intelligent girl. At the tender age of 21 years of age she has just wrote/co-wrote all the songs on ILL Misbehavin’ and was given a lot of latitude from the “Hitman” and the adults at the label. Candi was given the freedom to experiment, noodle around in the studio and play with the knobs, but in the end, it was a sex-filled romp of a dance record and with Candi overseeing the bulk of the worksmanship it’s all her ideas awhirl in this beat-heavy carousel.
Songs like “Hey Gurl” – a paean to her Jersey roots, “Bitch Please” – an open letter to a mindless snob and “Luv Ya Body” which is a sexy dance tune with much sensuality, these are indicative of the album as a whole; a good slice of what the rest is afoot. Have a great disco party with this album. It’ll spice up the lamest of dance contests. -KM
- -KM


Still working on that hot first release.



“As soon as I learned to walk I was dancing around the house to the music coming from my mothers stereo.” ~Candi Lynn

Local Celebrity Candi Lynn is a big deal where she comes from at the Jersey Shore.

This young talent has made a name for herself among her fans and the industry elite.

Sexy, edgy, & free spirited are just a few words that describe singer, songwriter, and lyricist Candi Lynn. As music’s newest up-and-coming artist, Candi Lynn’s unique style has given this new "Pop Artist" an organic sound that has secured her a spot as one of the industry’s freshest faces to hit the scene.

Candi Lynn has created a style that is distinctive, original and individualistic rather than generic or manufactured — and her originality is impossible to miss on her current single "Lunatics" produced by Rich "The Riddler" Pangilinan (SiriusXM) (103.7 KTU) with dance remixes by some of the hottest remixers in Top 40/Dance music including DJ Yonny (92.3 Now), DJ Orion (Radio Now 100.9) (24-7 Dance radio), The BeatBangerzz (Z88.9 fm), Mike Bordes (Music Choice), Klub Jumpers (NNR Radio) & DJ Zilos

In Summer 2011 Candi Lynn filmed her music video for her new single "Lunatics" with Award winning director Rob Schwartz & Kphat Productions with the Red Cam at NJs #1 haunted hayride, Night of Terror at Creamy Acres in Mullica Hill NJ

"We create from our inner centers.
I wanted to do something different and wild in this video. I wanted to make a statement on all levels... Lyrically, visually, and mentally"
I am coming from a standpoint of "EVERYONE" wanting to "BE SOMEONE", which I feel in our society is true. This song is about embracing that inner animal side however it fits your lifestyle.”

In 2010, Candi Lynn walked the red carpet at over 20 events, alongside the likes of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Aretha Franklin and many more.
Last year Candi Lynn created quite a buzz for herself. Performing her last single HopN PopN across the Tri-State area, including Philadelphia, New York and Atlantic City. Candi Lynn has performed along side of Mia Martina, Craig Smart, Matisse, Denine, Lissette Melendez, Wynter Gordon and many more!
HopN PopN was seen & heard on many outlets & radio stations including Music Choice, Wild 102.7 in Atlantic City, and many mixshows. HopN PopN music video went on to exceed over 170,000 views on YouTube. says, “Give this one a spin and see whose Hop’N and whose Pop’N" A hot dance pop confection that will work in both urban and commercial clubs.” The release of Hop’N Pop’N has garnered Candi Lynn national attention and she continues to be a hometown favorite. Coming off the regional & online success of “HopN PopN” Candi Lynn & IM Musick team reached out to her fans via social networks facebook & twitter to help choose her next single. Candi Lynn made a V-log via youtube asking her fans to choose between two singles "Lunatics" a dance/pop song or "Dirty" a pop/rock song
The majority of her fans & industry professionals picked "Lunatics"

Im an artist, If I want to rhyme or sing the universe is the limit. If my fans love what Im doing then Im doing something right. I love my crazy Lunatics...Let go a alot...&...get a lil crazy. There’s enough seriousness in the world of the living.” ~Candi Lynn