Candle Cave Ensemble Part II

Candle Cave Ensemble Part II

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

Candle Cave takes all the best parts of bluegrass, folk and jazz and fuse them in a melting pot of hot steamy goodness. Every song makes you want to jump up and down while screaming the lyrics back at the band. It's good for what ail's ya!


Candle Cave is an ensemble of wayward souls who found each other in this mess we call life. They create a creative space where all are equal, no matter what age, race, religion or sexual orientation. This band takes all the good in the world and puts it into music that speaks directly to the soul.



Written By: Candle Cave Ensemble Part II

Tell me lies and skin your kids, and maybe we can hide within, you made our mouths ultrathin, you made our mouths ultrathin

Who will sound the guns?

Cause now I can't stop this, thing from movin on, the city skies are turnin red and the fade is done

Please oh please let me in, this bitter apartied has got my skin

Shouldn't awaken, really shouldn't awakened but, I tell something that I can't create it, buffalo and open your stomach and, we can stop this moving car, the pies are hollow, the pipes, pipes are hollow and, jump in front and the pipes the stay hollow

I oh I don't you know oh I


"Ultrathin"-single 2009
"Lack Of Skin"- single 2010
"Summer Salt"-ep 2010

Set List

Our sets can be up to two hours long. Even longer if we just start jamming.