Candlefuse’s full-length debut album, Never Go Unheard, released October 17th. With aggressive guitar hooks and commanding vocals, the record exposes the heart of the band – to boldly share the love of Jesus Christ. Christianity Today says, “the message behind Never Go Unheard is pure ear candy.”


With a rare combination of spiritual depth and high energy performances, Candlefuse simply rocks. Based in North Alabama, the band includes Ben Honeycutt (vocals, guitar), Drew Garrett (guitar), and JW Woodward (bass). Candlefuse began playing together in 1999 and chose their name from Matthew 5:14 and Psalm 133:1, reflecting their desire to be unified as a light in a dark world.

For the past six years, the band has been traveling across the southeast, performing at churches and venues of all sizes. Their mature songwriting and unique alternative rock sound have landed them slots opening for national artists like Kutless, Disciple, and BarlowGirl. Candlefuse has also been featured on Steelroots TV. The band’s success caught the attention of Dove Award winning producer Barry Blair (Bleach, Poor Man’s Riches) who produced their new album, “Never Go Unheard.” Recently, Candlefuse was selected as a winner of the Indiescovery contest, gaining national exposure and landing a performance slot at Creationfest NW 2006. Their music has also been featured on TNA Wrestling. Even with accomplishments like these, the band remains humble and intentional in their ministry. Lead singer, Ben Honeycutt, says, “Our focus remains on Christ 100%. Our mission is simply to let people know about Him-- to let them know how lost we are without a Savior.”

Candlefuse’s full-length debut album, “Never Go Unheard,” features 9 original rock songs and a new version of the popular worship song “Hungry.” The record exposes the heart of the band – to boldly share the love of Jesus Christ. With aggressive guitar hooks and commanding vocals, songs like “Fighter” and “Echoes of Words” communicate that Candlefuse is not timid about sharing their faith. Themes of repentance, forgiveness, and finding contentment in Christ also permeate the album. The cd was released in October 2006 through INFINITY/Central South Distribution. Radio is already embracing their first single, “Hungry,” and the band will soon be touring nationwide. With powerful songs and dynamic live performances, Candlefuse hopes that their music will change the lives of those who listen.



Written By: Candlefuse

I'm holding on to everything they want to take away
I'm standing strong against the grain
Against the words they say
I'm falling from the way of man
And crawling there to stay
I'm letting go of me
Greater is He that lives within me

I'm a fighter strong and brave
Won't you run with me?
I'm pursuing a life of faith
Because I believe

Stranded, no strength to pray
But I can't walk away
No reason to be afraid
Gotta take a stand and be the man
That I'm supposed to be

I will hold my head up high
I will sing this battle cry

Echoes of Words

Written By: Candlefuse

don't curse another
you will discover it will leave a deadly scar
your words will find you
they will define you, exposing who you are

so say what you will, but..

speak in love, speak in truth
plant the seed to reap the fruit
what you say and what you do
will never go unheard
life and death are in echoes of words

your salutations
won't bring salvation to a lonely heart
but a voice of kindness
will help them find this missing little part

after you're gone
your life lives on
will they remember your face and forget what you say?
is it really worth it all?


Written By: Candlefuse

We're too comfortable in our own skin
Never moving from the place we're in
We can't walk a mile in another's shoes
For fear of what we have to lose
They need love

We are spinning around on a carousel
Watching the world pass by
We are wasting our time and we're wasting our lives
Never taking our chance to fly

Can we step away from the pews within
Outside the walls of tradition
They're starving for a life to live
We can show them life with the love we give

Love isn't love unless we give it away
Give it away today
Love isn't love unless we live it that way
Live it that way


Never Go Unheard - released nationally through INFINITY/Central South Distribution - October 2006

Set List

Candlefuse performs 30 minutes - 1 hour of original music plus popular cover songs like -
Hungry - Kathryn Scott
One - U2

They are also available to lead worship.