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February 2004—Candlelight Opera was selected as one of twelve Canadian independent artists to represent The Canadian Value of Music Coalition and Harris Institute for the Arts’ Keep Music Coming campaign—

Candlelight Opera is a combination of ethereal potency. Coupled with live performances that are both enlightening and inspired, this Toronto based band is poised for success.

Their first independent offering, Ver 1.0, is a collection of well-written pop songs, showcasing a diversity of musical influences. "Quite simply put, we love to make music."

Founded in 1996 by singer-songwriter Amanda Harris and guitarist-songwriter Shawn Slater, Candlelight Opera has performed across Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax, audiences respond enthusiastically to the combination of heavenly vocals layered over a dramatic musical tapestry. All material is written by Candlelight Opera, featuring intriguing lyrical content that explores themes of experiencing and surviving life.

Musical influences include The Beatles, Crowded House, and Kate Bush, and fans have made comparisons to Sarah McLachlan, Heart and Pearl Jam.

Vocalist Amanda Harris has been performing for most of her life. “From a young age, I knew that I wanted to have a career in music and I did everything from choir to school musicals to talent shows. It’s my first true love.” Amanda received many rave reviews for her performances in such musicals as Oliver! and Grease. Local newspapers described her as having “a voice beyond her years.”

Amanda attended the University of Guelph for Dramatic Arts, where she met Shawn Slater. In 1994 the two started writing and performing together. Amanda's rich, sweet vocals add a strong melodic quality and her song writing skills are a great compliment to Shawn's genre of writing. Together these two present a package that is palatable to the most discerning of musical appetites.

Guitarist Shawn Slater has been performing and writing music since childhood. Following in his father's footsteps, he joined the local Drum Corps (Kiwanis Kaveliers, Dutch Boy). “I enjoy all aspects of music—the writing, the performing, the recording—I can’t imagine doing anything else that would be more rewarding.”

Shawn formed many bands throughout his school years including the Young Generation and The Dead Fish Funk. In 1991 he founded The Anti Socials and recorded the 10 track independent release Subcultures. In Candlelight Opera, Shawn combines a powerful song writing style with passionate progressions.

Guitarist Darren Young joined Candlelight Opera in the summer of 2003. In this project, Darren is reunited with his former Young Generation band mate Shawn Slater.

Darren pursues the cutting edge in his guitar playing incorporating ambience and funk in his guitar progressions. Darren has worked with numerous bands including Mercurial, Ocean Wah ,Sexual Chocolate and is also currently playing with Guelph band The Platonic Shadows. As lead guitar for Candlelight Opera, Darren adds a fresh and exciting dimension.

Bassist Rees Pepperell joined Candlelight Opera in 2004. Rees's musical career began as a singer at the age of seven. His musical appetite lead him to study classical double bass, jazz bass and the flute.

His rock experience began with the band Universal Blackout resulting in headlining performances at venues such as The Horseshoe and opening slots for Nickelback between 1998 and 1999.

From 2000 to 2003, Rees performed with The Beggarz—a stint resulting in extensive touring throughout southern and central Ontario. Highlights of this project include several opening spots for The Headstones. During this time Rees appeared on the 2002 release Days Come Easy, which was featured in articles in NOW and Pulse Magazine.

Drummer Steve Clark has been playing with Candlelight Opera since 2001 and appeared on the bands debut album. Steve has been playing drums for the past 20 years as well as many other instruments that he has picked up along the way.

Steve has played many genres of music over the years, from jazz through country to hard rock and has had his hand in doing pit work in the theatre as well. Steve has played with numerous bands including Backdrop Theory, Passenger and Number 13. Currently along with Candlelight Opera Steve has been playing with Eccodek from Guelph, ON who are being cited as one of Canada’s premier World Beat artists. Steve’s versatility and groove along with musicality is a great asset to the band.

Currently the band has busy writing, creating and recording their follow up album, which will be released for the summer 2006. The first song recorded has already had some commercial success and will air this spring in a TV & Radio spot.


Candlelight Opera Ver 1.0

Set List

Each set is approx 40-45minutes and usually a maximum of 3 sets of all original material. Depending on the venue or the crowd there may be a cover song or two that may appear in each set.
Listed below are original songs.
Switch In The Weather
The Fear
When The Light’s Go Out
Highway Of Falling Stars
Wandering Blind
Water, Air & Earth
Shadows On The Moon
Finer Day On Earth
Strangest Thing
River Of Truth
Secret World
Her Deception
He Can Talk For Hours
Sinking Through The Ground
Feels So Real
Is This My Life
Looking Through Your Eyes
Mountains Through A Picture Window
Strange Season
Why I Wrote This Song
Where You Think I Should Be
Talking In Circles
Make Your Own Fun
Nautical Song