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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Devolution Magazine Album Review"

Surely this band aren't still unsigned? Seriously, I dare you to put this record on and not start shaking your ass instantly! With clear influences of The Ramones, Bad Religion, and The Dropkick Murphys here is a festival band if ever I heard one. With songs (dare I say 'Anthems?') like 'The Kids Have All Gone Crazy' and 'Happy,' CFM are an explosive unit set to capture the hearts of any punk rock fan who thrives on discovering new bands. Albeit radio friendly these eleven tracks capture all the feel good elements of punk with some snazzy qguitar playing and the like cheese is to wine vocalist Tony Shea is the perfect accompaniment to Candygram For Mongo.
- Reviewed By Nickie -

"Skratch Magazine - June 2007"

Boisterous punk pop from La-la land, Candygram for Mongo plays the kind of infectious melodic rock with a smarmy swagger and a slightly sneering tone on THE RED PILL. Hooks for days, sugary yet shouted choruses and a versatile knowledge of the rock 'n roll playbook accentuate cuts like the sock-hop vibe of "Bleed for It," while "Almost Everything" wheels out the denim and leather for an unorthodox time machine trip laden with punky pretense. A lot of input goes into the making of these three-minute gems, a feat that sets Candygram for Mongo way ahead of the rest of the whiners, poseurs and talentless but popular acts on the scene. -Mike SOS -

"Candygram For Mongo"

Second record from these L.A. pop punkers. Songs about love, drinking, and disappointing your parents. What else is there in life? "Big Mary" is the best fatty love song since "Whole Lotta Rosie." "I Wonder" could definitely be played on the radio - Steve Jones are you listening? "Drunk in Love" is a great song title, and a cool way to end a record. Edgy punk that holds onto its melodic roots - this is Candygram for Mongo. Buy this CD and "take the ride." - Scene Point Blank

"3:16 Productions"

Los Angeles pop punk squad Candygram for Mongo return with an eponymous 13-track offering chock full of infectious melodies containing more hooks than a tackle box. Cuts like "What Are We" and "Big Mary" portray the rambunctious feel of a spiked hair contingent with the usual imminent sense of danger replaced with the sharp songwriting skills you'd hear from the likes of Elvis Costello or Cheap Trick. Edgy yet accessible, tracks like "Meltdown" and "Fairfax Avenue" display a bounce that's perfect for the Warped Tour with a singalong chorus tailor-made for a drunken night with old friends while songs like "Rock To Live" showcase the Celtic-esque vibe employed by the likes of Flogging Molly and Against Me. With their freewheeling nature at the forefront of everything they do, Candygram for Mongo have made a prime candidate of a record to throw on to not only get the party started but to keep the good times rolling all night long. - Mike SOS

"Independent Clauses"

Tearing their way out of one of America's most diverse cities, Los Angeles-grown Candygram For Mongo combine elements of music just as diverse as their hometown. With influences ranging from the Ramones and Chuck Berry to Motorhead and Tom Petty, the old school rock trio has found a unique sound and image in a time filled with guys in girl pants and men singing higher than their female counterparts.
The first key to Candygram's success comes from the fact that they recognize their independence from mainstream radio drones. Proclaiming themselves as the answer for those who are weary of low key music coming from the likes of popular artists Jack Johnson and James Blunt, Candygram kicks off their album with a kickass rock song that will have you singing along by the end.
"The Kids Have All Gone Crazy" speaks for Candygram's debut album The Red Pill with its catchy guitar lines, memorable lyrics, and high energy. Drummer Gary Sharp hammers out a fill straight into a springy beat while guitarist and bassist Johnny D. lays down a toe tapping rhythm himself. Singer and co-guitarist Tony Shea comes out with hoarse yet pure vocals that give hope that good rock vocalists are not extinct. Exposing his softer side in a dynamically smooth bridge, Shea goes into each chorus with his hoarse yell that will have Motorhead fans begging for just one "Ace of Spades!" exclamation.
The back-up vocals are spot on in each song of the CD, adding dimension to songs such as "Bleed For It" and "Happy." Shea shines through on his own, however, in arguably the best song on the CD, "Girlfriend." Being the only ballad on a
CD filled with fast paced and aggressively charged tunes, "Girlfriend" stands alone as the most chill song offered by Candygram. Offering up a look at the bands softer side, Johnny D. strums gentle acoustic chords while a beautiful downward progression of piano tumbles gently over it. Shea sings softly, slowly, "begging on his hands and knees" for a lost lover that makes the listener go straight back to the time they went through the same experience.
Previously mentioned "Happy" stands out on the album as a straight up punk rock song. With a repetitive and easy-to-yell-along-to chorus, "Happy" gives off a same-titled energy to listeners, flaunting some of the more complex intertwining guitar work and ending with a bang.
Everyone in Candygram gets to show their talents in "Intermission", the only instrumental song on the album. Thumping in softly with a funky bass line,
Johnny D. paves the way for a funk guitar, building drums, and in essence, a perfect jam song. Had Candygram no self control, who knows how long this song could have gone on.
All in all, Candygram come off as a refreshing taste in a world of blandness.
Their fun songs, catchy lyrics, obvious vocal and instrumental talent, and recognition of who they are and their mission in the music world make them a band to keep an eye on in the future.

-Erik Williams -

""The Red Pill is The Right Choice""

Music Review: Candygram for Mongo - The Red Pill is the Right Choice
Written by Dominick Evans
Published September 06, 2006

From the moment I heard the name of this band I wanted to review their work. Any self-respecting Mel Brooks fan is familiar with the importance of the phrase, "Candygram for Mongo," the infamous line from the movie Blazing Saddles. The movie has little to do with the big, dumb, oaf named Mongo. However, when the sheriff of Rock Ridge disguises himself as a delivery man and delivers a "candygram" for Mongo, who was sent to get rid of the sheriff, (which doesn't fit an old "western" theme, but then Brooks breaks genres throughout the entire film), you can't help but laugh.

Thus, I anxiously awaited the chance to check out this band. Of course, I must admit I knew absolutely nothing about them before I chose to review them. I knew I had some research to do on this album and band, but that was to be expected. It turns out that Candygram for Mongo is a group of three guys. There is Tony Shea (vocals and guitar), Gary Sharp (drums and bass), and Johnny D. (guitar and bass).

CFM is an independent band that started in late 2005. Despite the fact they are a newer band on the independent scene, they have the chance to become quite popular as they develop their sound together.

When I opened up the envelope The Red Pill arrived in and had a chance to look at the cover art, I will admit that I didn't know what to expect. I knew nothing of the band other than the brightly colored background and some skeletons jamming on the cover. So, when I popped the CD into my disc player I tried to keep an open mind...

...the actual music was not bad. CFM claims The Ramones as just one of their influences and it really shows. The band works extremely well together. Listening to them I got the impression I was back in the 80's minus the bad hair days and atrocious fashion statements. Of course, there are also noticeable hints of Brit Rock and the happiness of a Ska band thrown in for good measure.

Candygram for Mongo's songs kept my interest for the most part. Out of 11 songs on The Red Pill I can say there were only two I did not want to listen to a second time. "Moon" and "Girlfriend" were my least favorite songs on the entire CD. However, songs such as "The Kids Have All Gone Crazy", "Bleed for It", and "Happy" were excellent. The track entitled "Porkchop", about a guy determining what to order in a diner, was my favorite of the 11 tunes.

If the band keeps going down the path they are, records their next album in a professional studio, and tries to sing more upbeat, fast paced songs (as opposed to the out of place ballads) I think Candygram for Mongo will have a nice future. They are unique and fun, which is rare in an industry of carbon copy, 'thinspiring' wannabe performers. -

"Black Angel Promotions"

Candygram For Mongo is a new band out of Hollywood who has a distinct Garage Rock sound about them that also combines Punk along with legitimate Rock music. The band's debut is entitled, The Red Pill and has been self released by the band. A few of the tunes from the disc have already created a nice buzz in 'net land, in fact, their tune "Intermission" has been featured on the popular show, Battlestar Galactica.

It's not often I get the chance to soak up good, old fashioned Rock music with a homegrown Punk vibe, so I've actually enjoyed myself a good bit with this cd. While I can't say I'm nuts about every tune on the disc, there are quite a few keepers. The lead off track, "The Kids Have All Gone Crazy", warmly reminds of the days I spent learning how to play old Romantics tunes on drums. It's unabashed Punk Rock fury with a catchy groove running right down the middle of the tune. The tunes "Rich Girl" and "Porkchop" also present the same fury with a little more humor and leadbreaks just for the cool in you. And how can you not like a tune entitled "Porkchop" when it's filled with sexual innuendos? The only thing that could top this feat is a ballad, yes, a ballad. "Girlfriend" is the ballad off the disc if you can call it that, the lyrics are a little out there but nonetheless, I still enjoy it and can relate to it. The music is absolutely brilliant as it's filled with extravagant keys and string arrangements. Honestly, I can hear some Coldplay influence in there and don't tell anybody, but Coldplay isn't that bad.

Candygram For Mongo has put together a pretty good album that will appeal to many a Garage Rock fan as well as a few Modern Rock fans. There are limitations when it comes to production but this is their first effort and sometimes it's not about the sound, it's about the song and these Cali boys have that covered. -

"Buy It!"

It does not take long listening to Candygram For Mongo's self-titled sophomore album to figure the band out. Candygram For Mongo is a band that likes to have a good time. But this Los Angeles-based band does not want to party alone (who does?) so they are ready to woo you by bringing sharp riffs and bounding pop melodies to match their larger than life high energy sound. Never too rowdy or too rough, Candygram For Mongo's brand of pop punk rock is likable and delivers on the promise that it makes of having a good time.

Candygram For Mongo might be forward thinking modern pop rock but they know where they came from. "Meltdown" adopts the electric and quirky style of the B-52's while steady drums set the quick pace of the rockabilly swagger of "Big Mary" and, similarly, the familiar bass riff on "Rock To Live" adds a '50s surfer rock flair. Elsewhere the band drops all pretensions and opts for a big sound. "Fairfax Avenue" comes steamrolling in while the shouted chorus of "I Love It" offers an unadulterated pop hook. On "Drunk In Love," Candygram For Mongo offer an Irish punk rocker with pounding music and a cheering chant.

Candygram For Mongo might be ready to party at the drop of a hat, but they obviously take their work seriously. The band makes their self-titled album an instrumentally sound one that is clean and well executed. While not always the most original or unique, Candygram For Mongo are too busy rocking out to care.
- Plug In Music


CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO - BANG! (released June 11, 2013)
1. Anything
2. Diesel of the Damned
3. Down in Flames
4. Superfly Love Assassin
5. Don't Call Her Candy
6. A Kiss Can Change Your LIfe
7. Sweet Wine
8. Cool Light
9. Katy's Driving Home Again
10. Full Moon
11. Turn Out The Lights

CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO - Released March 17, 2008
1. Fairfax Avenue
2. The Lottery
3. Big Mary
4. Rock To Live
5. I Love It *
6. I Wonder
7. Buy The Ticket
8. Highwires
9. Meltdown
10. Home Again
11. What Are We
12. Shannon Told Me
13. Drunk In Love

All songs written and performed by Candygram For Mongo
All songs produced by Kelly Schoenfeld and Candygram For Mongo
All songs mastered by Brian Foraker

*Placed song in the film "GRADUATION NIGHT" which airs on Starz.

THE RED PILL - Released July 4, 2006
1. The Kids Have All Gone Crazy
2. Moon
3. Rich Girl
4. Porkchop
5. Bleed For It
6. Intermission *
7. Happy
8. Almost Everything
9. Girlfriend
10. Story of Triumph**
11. Letter to a Friend

All songs written, performed, and produced by Candygram For Mongo
* Placed on SyFy Channel hit, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
** STORY OF TRIUMPH placed on Fox Network sitcom, UNHITCHED



Some of Candygram For Mongo's Greatest Hits:
- Made on-screen appearance in Farrelly Bros (Dumb & Dumber) sitcom, Unhitched, on Fox.
- Placed song on Sci-Fi Channel hit, Battlestar Galactica.
- Placed song in Starz feature, Graduation Night.
- Played with or provided direct support for National Acts including Hawthorne Heights, Rooney, The Young Veins, The B52's, Vains of Jenna, Hootie & The Blowfish, The Smithereens, Gin Blossoms, and Steel Panther.

Candygram For Mongo (C4M) is the greatest Rock-n-Roll party alive in Los Angeles. Booming guitars. Driving Rhythm. Melodies that can raise the dead. And who are the gods behind the thunder? Tony Shea - The Voice, Gary Sharp - The Drums, Dan Cohen - The Guitar, and James Baker - The Bass. Candygram for Mongo has been rocking Los Angeles since 2005. C4M combines the very best of 50-years of rock, power-pop, and punk with high-speed anthems that make the dead rise up and cheer. If Johnny Cash and The Foo Fighters were dating the Laker Girls - it would sound like C4M! In the new decade, you can expect C4M to continue on their path of writing amazing songs and playing killer gigs that make old people young, young people wise, and all women wanting.

Candygram For Mongo's self-titled, second album, CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO hit the market in 2008. It earned the band many new admirers with 13 lucky tracks that ripped, rocked, and rolled. Critics proclaimed that record number two "has more hooks than a tackle box," has "the sharp songwriting skills you'd hear from the likes of Elvis Costello or Cheap Trick" and "delivers on the promise that it makes of having a good time."

The band's first release, THE RED PILL (2006), was an immediate critical smash. Their track, STORY OF TRIUMPH, earned the band their network television debut in the Fox sitcom, UNHITCHED by the Farrelly Bros (There's Something About Mary). They've also placed music in the hit Sci-Fi Channel series, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and in various independent films. Skratch Magazine wrote of THE RED PILL, "Hooks for days, sugary yet shouted choruses and a versatile knowledge of the rock 'n roll playbook...set Candygram For Mongo way ahead of the rest of the whiners, poseurs and talentless but popular acts on the scene." "THE RED PILL is THE RIGHT CHOICE!," said, "They are unique and fun, which is rare in an industry of carbon copy, 'thinspiring' wannabe performers." Finally, Black Angel Promotions writes, "the music is absolutely brilliant." So what does the future hold?

Witness the rock-n-roll resurgence that is Candygram For Mongo for yourself at any of their gigs. Playing with national acts including Hawthorne Heights, Hootie & The Blowfish, and The Smithereens as well as performing regularly at world famous venues such as The Viper Room, The Key Club, and The House of Blues, has garnered Candygram For Mongo an ever growing fan base not only in their home city, but across the country and around the world.

So pop in a Mongo CD, and turn the volume up. But be warned - Candygram For Mongo will not be held liable for any melted faces, blown minds, and/or pregnancies that may occur while listening to their unique brand of rock-n-roll.