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“Impressive! Orange Sash and the President of the Galaxy effectively blends film imagery and poetic metaphors with psychedelic pop rock that is both dreamy and dramatic. Ice Jets, Our Molecules Have Finally Come Together, and Drifting ... Like a Real Canyon are powerful numbers with gripping melodies, dynamic arrangements and Lee's impassioned vocals.”

by:Don Thrasher Dayton Daily News Music Editor - Dayton Daily News

"“It's the cd that keeps on giving!"

“ Dreamy yet comprehendible, elegant yet extremely personal, Orange Sash and the President of the Galaxy is one of those fantastic albums that surprises you on every listen. Whether I'm sitting at home focused soley on what I'm listening to or in the car paying attention to other things, I'm constantly discovering new sounds, new quotable lyrics and new favorite songs.”

~ Juliet Fromholt WWSU
General Manager/Radio DJ 5 stars - Juliet Fromholt WWSU Radio

"'Ear Candy' has local flavor"

“Has a certain surreal melodic style this writer believes sounds like a blend of Smashing Pumpkins and Modest Mouse.”

~ Valerie Hunt Troy Daily News Staff Writer - Troy Daily News


Queen of the Rioting Scene EP
Cult Satellite Relocations LP (unreleased)
Orange Sash and the President of the Galaxy LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


ORANGE SASH AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE GALAXY is the follow-up offering from Los Angeles based, Candyland Riots!, to their well received "Queen of the Rioting Scene" ep.

Candyland Riots! is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jordan Lee. Raised in Troy, Ohio, Jordan played with members of Hawthorne Heights and Times New Viking before making a move to Los Angeles for schooling. "The day I moved to L.A." says Jordan, "I met Mikael Karlsson in a hostel we were staying at. He was attending the same school I was and wanted to record someone. We started recording "lo-fi's" in his bedroom on a borrowed four track, and now we're making movies in forms of music! We're to the point now, I write the songs, but we just want to make the music "feel", so we do it all together, but on better sound equipment."

The band's new album comes as a concept album, "At the time, everyone I knew constantly pointed out my faults, while also telling me that is what they loved about me; so I wrote a 'Super' album to proclaim that I am a selfish misanthrope from Ohio," quips Lee. "I started reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and saw myself as a "Galaxy President" figure. I just wanted to give my side. I'm just an introvert who should have lived in the 1930�s movie era." While writing, Jordan became close friends with the legendary actress, Shelley Winters(almost 60 years his senior) and would bring her up-to-date recordings almost daily of the songs for her opinion. "We were best friends, and she always wanted to hear about 'our orchestra'. I read Oscar Wilde and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I like silent movies, and Golden Age black and white's. Clark Gable inspires me. That's what I want--to be as close to them as I can in the 21st century. I can't travel back in time, but I can invent a life with them when everything gets sad", says Lee.

Depressing, maybe; but throw in lush, art-psychedelia influences and catchy-as-hell choruses and ORANGE SASH AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE GALAXY shows off the ability to craft melodies that keep the listener guessing, while forcing them to hum along and sometimes daydream with every listen. With hits like, "You're Contemporary Art..." the band stands up for the last remaining gentleman. In "Ice Jets" they build a winding, and ever-changing passionate masterpiece that comes to life in images of the internal human body and the need to save it. "Thora (or hope for the empire)" is an anthem declaration of adoration for a Muse. Candyland Riots! even tackle their own bi-polar tendencies, and assure us that at some point both sides have to come together to present a loving person underneath in "Our Molecules Have Finally Come Together." Maybe the most heart-warming song comes towards the end. "Sleep, No More!" is inspired by the sci-fi Invasion of the Body Snatchers and questions love over life.

Candyland Riots have been winning over audiences all over Southern California, and will be touring their cinematic portrayals of the anthemic album this summer, with Sir Anthony’s Ghost.

Always creating, Candyland Riots! are currently writing songs for their next album, INSERT DAGGERS HERE!.


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