I am a solo artist with many back up players if needed. My sound is both old sound school rock and what will become classic - electronic rock from Mars. I, Caneman and my invention the Caneman Guitar God System will change the sound of music forever


I been playing electronics and rock for over 25 years, having produced many bands and music for myself. I am the inventor of the Caneman Guitar God System which is a new guitar effect that will revolutionize the sounds from guitars. I am alos a Video Icon and a Stand Up Comic



Written By: Larree & Jeff Holmquest

Poser Boy Poser Boy
Playing in the clubs of LA
Poser Boy Poser Boy
When you dress up your mama thinks your gay
Your pretty earings
Your makeup too
If you had on a dress i might fall in love with you
Poser Boy I wonder how you dress in the day

Poser Boy Poser Boy
Hanging on the streets of the city
Poser Boy Poser Boy
Walking round looking so pretty
You got a job you work real hard
You better keep it up boy beacuse you wont go far
Poser Boy you take it up the butt everyday

If you could play like you look
I tell you boy you migjht get booked
Your hair extensions look real cool
But when i hear you sing I know your a fool

Poser Boy Poser Boy
Practice every night with your band
Poser Boy Poser Boy
Go home every night with your hand
Theres a little Poser girl your trying to lay
But you dont have the money cause you paid to play

Poser Boy I think its time you leave LA

You suck so hard You suck so hard
You really want to get this gig
You suck so hard You suck so hard
You really want to make it big
Don't you Poser Boy.


Written By: Larree and Perry Trainer

Nobody for President
Nobody I Like
Nobody for President
The Candidates can all take a hike
Spending all their money on a phony campaign
While homeless people slept in the rain
Vote for me smiling face on TV
Doesn't know a thing about pain.

Nobody for President
Nobody I trust
Nobody for President
Power and Greed is their lust
You with your head buried deep in the sand
Take a look around whats happening to our land
Home of the brave land of the free
Can we let a knave claim victory

Nobody for President
No one I would hire
Nobody for President
They're all a bunch of losers and liars
And those of you who sit home on voting day
I think its a crime and a sin
You have a choice so raise your voice
Lets make sure that nobody wins.

Nobody for President
Not worth another look
Nobody for President
Unless you want a comic book crook
Show me a puppet who wants a job
I show you a corporation or the mob
Wishy washy politician can't make up his mind
A man who tells the truth is hard to find
A Man who tells the truth is hard to find
A Man Who Tells The Truth is hard to find
A Man Who Tells the truth is so hard to find.


Who's The Guitar God Now? Single
Nobody and The Running Mates CD
The Bob Dole Band EP
Inhabititants of The Western Wasteland CD

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what i do is my set. i show up and make it happen