Staten Island, New York, USA
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CANE MURPHY's Music is the product of a Graffiti artist, Story teller and Lyricist melted into one. Telling his life Story through his songs, he takes listeners on a roller coaster ride of Street Anthems, Wild Stories, Real life struggles & a Major Spine Operation that turned his life upside down.


CANE MURPHY grew up in Stapleton, Staten island (a.k.a Shaolin)
and moved to section 8 housing in South beach where he was notorious for beatboxing & Sparking Freestyle cyphers on street corners. Downing 40 bottles of Old English, Murphy was known for his Irish wit & comedic story telling. Struggling through poverty, He turned to bombing the Streets with Graffiti to the point he was a wanted man by the Graff task force. In high speed chases with the police , Murphy was later picked up in a Narcotics sweep at the infamous South Beach Arcade for Hustling. He gave up everything in life and stepped into N.Y.C's Underground

The Rapper Paid his dues in New Yorks' Underground Rap scene performing over two hundred times. From grinding at open mics, showcases, battles and every where in between to make a name for himself. He toured around the United States with Grammy Award winning Recording Artist and Guitarist -"Vernon Reid" & D.J Logic, as well as hoping on a track with Rap Legend "Slick Rick" on their album "Front end Lifter. Cane Murphy's been featured on Mixtapes from D.J Vlad "Rock Star Blends"
and "Coast2Coast Mixtape 81", "Bedtyme 357" (Remy Ma's DJ) and more, he's also been in Major and Online Rap Magazines "XXL Magazine", "Rap Fanatic magazine", "JuniorsCave", LyricsInc Mag, etc.. After surviving a major spine operation and Narcotics almost claiming his life, overcoming mental and physical obstacles, Cane Murphy is Now putting out his Debut Album "The Side You Don't See" February 28th, 2010 with production from Platinum producers "Rocwilder" and D12's "Mr. Porter"...


"When i'm with You"

Written By: Cane Murphy

Lyrics to the Song "When i'm with you"
Written by Thomas P. Murphy (CANE MURPHY)

Hook Goes first.

And When i'm with you its real..
when i'm with you , i know its real boy..
when i'm with you.. when i'm with you boy..
i know it's real, i know it's real, i know it's real forever..

1st Verse -

in front of building 18 & 20 i'd Look.
amongst graff heads and hustlers reading a book.
Steven king she was reading in her army jacket.
Dad just passed of asthma , hardly passed it.
Sister set it up so we can talk in the lobby.
You know my graff name , but my real name's tommy.
First time i held your hand, then i'm wishing that i'd kiss ya.
Ben said get with her, throwing up MEKANIZM stickers.
Tehn he said cause she's a virgin that's the reason why i'd get her.
turn around and that's my cousin and he tried to hook up with her.
At the board walk under the stars, chill.
Grill a fillin "blank" loves catt in ParkHill.
Even came bombing with me in these areas.
Said stop selling weed , i'm a take care of ya.
I didn't go throug the wind shield like Kanye.
Had a spine fusion, screws is on me.
With the oxycontin , i heard ya mom say.
You got my daughter selling drugs, tricks my mind played.

Hook Repeats.

2nd Verse.

Said your more like you and your glad you missed him.
You do what lorazapam does by listening.
Even stuck around when the E shit "exctasy" switched him.
Morala sowed the claw back together and stiched him.
Between the two towers you kissed him. stayed with him-
when he couldn't walk or wipe his on ass when shittin.
You out my circle , proposition my girl.
Try to take the only thing besides rap in this world.
Sorry , I love you, good bye.
And i know for a fact , GOD put us back together to try.
You know me and you rocking "Mario Kart" .
And we never finished "Blade" , so we'd start if from start.
Your my best friend, said you know me.
You a big boy when it comes to E&J v.s.o.p
Really wish that i met your dad.
I heard i got a lot of qualitites same as he had.
You my ewe lamb, i got love, i'm gonna care for ya.
As if it was your father that had handed me was there for ya.

Hook Repeats.

3rd Verse.

"Paid in Full" Remix was no joke, see the smoke.
Shutting down the clubs, coming home to you still broke.
Downing O.E Slowly, depressed.
I'm popping vivarin, writing after shows, can't rest.
Sorry for the times that we fought, I'm gone out.
I'd threaten that you'd have to move back to your mom's house.
On E "Exctasy" when you touched his hand.
Broke my heart , but i should never bring up the past.
Cause i know your missing love from your mom and your sister.
So i turn around , encourage you, hug ya , kiss ya.
You'd text me "Puppy miss You, come home".
Did i say how much i appreciate you working alone.
Did i tell you that your sexy ,puppy girl and when you met me.
And we kissed it was the very first time up on the Ferry-
"party boat" you never left me , it got heavy but you kept me.
If you check off in the box "will you go out with me?" you get me..


(Commercial placements)
2003 - Vernon Reid & Dj Logics album " Front end lifter"
2004 - Movie Score for "Jimmy Whispers Returns to Mullberry Street"
2006 - HipHop Compilation "Staten island, Stand up!"
2007 - Debut Single "This Heres the night" Released on iTunes,
2008 - DJ VLAD's "Rock Star blends vol. 2" Mixtape
2009 - "Unholy Union Mixtape" Featuring "THE GAME" & Rapper El Dominio.
2009- "Coast2Coast Mixtape 81" Available on all Major Mixtape sites..
2010- CANE MURPHY's Debut Album "The Side You Don'T See", iTunes. Rhapsody , Amazon etc..