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The best kept secret in music


"The Citizen (NH)"

"They play with passion that reaches into the souls of their fans, singling out each one as if to be playing for them personally. Meet Canine, a Boston-based band with musical stylings that combine Funk-metal, reggae, salsa, ska, Latin, soul and pop. It’s a totally original and up-beat mix that outshines most of the incessant mainstream dribble polluting radio stations around the country."
- John Donati

"Boston Soundcheck"

4 out of 4 Stars - From the introduction to Track 1, “Unfortunate,” Canine will sink their teeth deep down into your bones and remained locked for 53-plus minutes. With hard and heavy bluesy/funk riffs and interwoven acoustic guitar chord sequences, Canine prove that much thought was invested into the tunes on Treacherous… from these highly skilled musicians.
- Karl Russo

"Digital City Boston"

Canine applies its considerable musical and songwriting skills to creating a vibe for non-stop partying. The music builds from a base of groove-heavy hard rock, adds lots and lots of funk, reggae, salsa and everything else. The result, especially when viewed live, will prevent any bodily stasis, especially in the booty region - Jonathan Ruhe


Sic 'Em - Leg Humpin' Records 1997
Treacherous Turn One - Planet Noise Records - 2001

Killing The Messenger, Devil's Pride, Banana Peel and Ain't Nobody are avl on MP3.
Banana Peel was added to 225 college and commercial specialty stations across the USA in May of 2001, ranking as high as #1 on some stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since Canine emerged from the rubble of several popular local Boston bands in 1997, their eclectic mix of aggressive rock, latin, reggae and pop has carried them to non-stop shows throughout the northeast. Averaging around 100 shows per year at clubs, colleges and festivals of all kinds with a legion of devoted wackos in regular attendance, Canine are on a perpetual mini-tour.

From the depraved hull of Canine's crappy ass Van of Interminable Suffering, several thousand copies of their debut record Sic 'Em have been peddled, charting them in the top 30 at college radio throughout the region. Steve Morse from the Boston Globe fondly deemed Canine "an organic, going places band." At least it seemed fond at the time, he didn't give anyone a backrub or anything. While sunshine blown up the Canine skirt ain't exactly money in the bank, they've been featured on the local music shows, done the local rag interviews, showcased at the N.E.M.O. conference, been nominated for a Boston Music Award for best live show in Boston... and hosted some tastefully dubious parties along the way. Blah blah blah…

Having shared stages with bands ranging from Fishbone to David Lee Roth & Bad Company, their music featured on MTV's Road Rules, ESPN's XGames, and The Wild Wild Web (immediately following the Superbowl on CBS), Canine have busted their collective ass in hopes of liberation from "the Man".

In early 2001, Canine inked a deal with upstart Planet Noise Records for release of their first full-length record- Treacherous Turn One. Recorded and produced by singer/guitarist Fil Pacino and guitarist Daniel Bernal at Whisky Dragon studios, Treacherous Turn One is bigger and rounder than J-Lo's highly publicized posterior. Reviews describe it as "a base of groove heavy hard rock, lots of reggae, salsa and everything else…"(Digital City Boston). The record went into rotation at a reported 225 college stations and commercial specialty shows across the USA in the spring of 2001, earning over a half dozen top 10's. Canine is huge in Nacogdoches, dude…

Soul, groove and girth, Canine will leave you singing along with your ass shaking until you look like a rapper without a belt on. It's OK, you look better without the pants anyway. Look for Canine coming to a city near you, wherever you are, soon. Leave your belt home.