Can I SING For You Brother?

Can I SING For You Brother?

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Director of the Los Angeles middle school of the arts, "...SING..." author/performer Lewis G. Tucker not only sings but also decodes the Spirituals in his play.


With a Winston-Salem State University Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Tucker is a member of the Education Realized board. Having earned a University of Oklahoma Directing MFA, Lewis was seen in Francis Ford Copola’s classic film "Peggy Sue Got Married" with Academy Award nominee Kathleen Turner & winner Nicholas Cage and most recently played on Nickelodean’s Kenan & Kell.


Acting out each character, Tucker depicts Joshma who broadly sings Turn Myself Around to teach children their left from their right. Joshma then begins to tell the audience about the captured African slave Mtombai, whose “bag of history” has passed down to Joshma. He sings as Mtombai: Motherless Child (of a lonely American life), a defiant Oh Freedom (as Africans commit suicide in order to be free) and more.
Using this African’s life story as the play’s through line, Joshma sings tales of: an outlandish house slave making fun of master with I Keep So Busy; an old church woman’s announcement of the impeding Underground Railroad arrival, singing a hunting Little Black Train; an abolitionist’s rousting encouragement of a run away slave with Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel and more.
Joshma closes the play encouraging all to keep their history by “starting a bag of your own.” Entering the auditorium, he gives audience members their first “memory artifact,” a living leaf and song, Day is Done.