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Can Joann combines the finer elements of rock and roll. Their sound has been compared to The Kink's pop'n' groove,New Order's rhythmic punch, Ted Leo's hooks and John Belushi's spirit.


The members of Chapel-Hill based Can Joann spent their childhood days in places ranging from Cincinnati, Ft Lauderdale, and Caracas, Venezuela. The four members of Can Joann were drawn to the musical mecca of Chapel Hill for both college and music... and a healthy portion of political asylum thrown on top.

After releasing their 1st sampling - a 4-song demo CD recorded by Jerry Kee (Superchunk, Archers of Loaf) released in late 2004, they landed a spot in Miami at the finals of Little Steven's Garage Band Contest and got their 1st taste of playing outside of the confines of the Chapel Hill region. The Aiden Grace EP garnered favorable press in the NC Triangle where Grayson Currin (Pitchfork, The Independent) proclaimed "The Aiden Grace EP pops open-and-shut as one of the most enjoyable 17 minutes in recent local pop memory." Impressive when you consider the band made only 100 handmade copies. Can Joann reached a wider audience with the release of their debut full length, "Hurt People Hurt People," recorded both at Pox World Studios (The Rosebuds, Portastatic) and in an 19th century rented farm home. The album also caught the attention of dozens of blogs and was serviced to college radio throughout the country . The self-released, self-promoted album was welcomed by radio program directors and it charted on the RIYL national college radio charts 8 straight weeks in November/December 2006. This abundance of press & airplay was not exclusive to the United States. The band has been favorably reviewed in the Toronto Star Anti-Hit List, UK's Dirty Bronson, and Ireland-based MP3 Hugger just to name a few. They have been featured on podcasts in Canada, Australia, South Africa, & South America. And back in the US, this relatively little known band also captured the attention of national critics Idolator who announced: "Today's Top 10 list includes three Can Joann tracks, with "Indecision's Way" on the No. 1 spot. Considering that Sufjan and the Hold Steady round out the top three, that's a big accomplishment, even in our tiny, tiny music-nerd world."

With 2007 underway, Can Joann has begun fleshing new material stretching their sound in more directions. They continue supporting their music with regional touring throughout North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and New York. They have shared the stage with The Thermals (Sub-Pop), Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Polyvinyl), Travis Morrison (Barsuk), The Narrator (FlameShovel), & Beauty Pill (Dischord). They will be featured in the May 2007 issue of Copper Press and efforts are underway for the recording and release of fresh new tracks by summer 2007.


Lady Luck

Written By: can joann(Joel Peck)

Lady Luck just seems to cum and go
I feel she's veering from the path we chose
I wanna know just where it is she goes
So we'll be headin' down to Poor House Road
A far cry from where we'd hoped to go
Blind eyes can't make this house a home.

Hard days and harder woes
Hard times apart from growin' old
I've seen the fixtures passin' through
I framed this concept in my head
on paper, never to be read.
Lest you can court me out of bed.
Was I misled?

Lady Luck, it seems you're back for more
I'm kinda busy. Can we skip the tour?
Better yet, just show yourself the door
'Cuz we'll be headin' down a luckless drive
swap tales we've managed to contrive
Half-truths of youthful open eyes

I thought I'd take a chance
A full house?I may just make demands.
I thought I'd roll the dice
Ms. Luck, you've got me thinkin' twice
Virtue or vice? Virtue or Vice?
The latter's nice.

The town's a bore and the crowd's a chore
It's everywhere I find
What was once a place in time
The town's a bore and the crowd's a chore
It must be Lady Fate
I arrived a bit too late

ya rise.
then you fall.
forgot why
you came at all.

Indecisions Way

Written By: can joann(Joel Peck)

Hesitation makes a sad vacation
The rain outside is far from what you keeps you in
Dedication pays for medication
Open doors to places I've never been

Hesitation makes a sad vacation
The memory stays no matter how much I take
An indication of the devastation
A better life? A heaven for heaven's sake.

Bad times-
you'll find deception
you'll find...

Hesitation makes a sad vacation
stay inside maintaining a clouded view
Dedication pays for medication
Improvised- a substance for getting through
it provides a permanent substitute

Hesitation seems to block my mind
Hesitation helps us keep inside those
Bad times-you'll find deception.
You'll find redemption
In time, you'll find exemption.
We'll find perception.
Don't mind my kind...correction,
OUR kind's direction.

Searching for a stillness with no banter
will you remain fine?
It's a type of illness you can't transfer
will you remain fine? will you abstain fine?
It's a different handicap of cancer
will you remain fine? will you abstain fine?

Was this the answer we were always trying to find?


hurt people hurt people - Can Joann's debut proper full length released 5/06

the Aiden Grace EP recorded at Duck Kee Studios.
Self-released in 2005.

Track on WXYC's (UNC Radio) "Bandwidth" CD compilation.
Track available here:

Set List

The band usually plays a single set with an average length of 45 minutes - though can play as long as two hours.