Brno, South Moravian Region, CZE

One of the top world music bands in the Czech republic which has already made audience in 15 countries dance with its original ethnic fusion full of wild rhythms and spiced with rock roots. Forget loops, samples and other electronic stuff. This music bursting with amazing energy is 100 % live!


Czech band Cankisou became famous in the Czech republic and also abroad for its concerts full of energy and wild rhythms. Concerts run by singer Karel Herman who is very impressive not only because of his voice but also his figure become wild dance parties few minutes after beginning. Cankisou  mixes influences from various ethnics with rock roots and with its rich collection of exotic instruments travels the world from Runion island in an Indian ocean to Pakistan.

Cankisou was established at a Christmas party in 1999 by rock musicians. They put together various exotic and common rock instruments and started to explore world music field which was completely new for them at that time. Cankisou music is based on an old legend about one legged Canki people and the band also learnt their language which is understandable all over the world. Within 15 years of existence the band has become one of the top world music bands in the Czech republic and has travelled 15 countries so far.

Cankisou published several successful CDs: first CD called Music of the Canki people (Hudba lidu Canki, 2000) is full of energy and passion from new meeting with world music. More thoughtful Dense ju (2002) includes tittle Mongolian folk song, which was brought by singer Karel Herman from a festival in Mongolia. Third Gamagaj (2004) is inspired by a book Baudolino by Umberto Eco (all by FT Records). The forth CD Le La (2008 by Indies Scope) is inspired mainly by many journeys and fusions with local musicians the band did in the previous two years. Sain Zahoor (BBC World music 2006 winner) appears as a guest in a song and video called Zuha. According to the Czech world music journalist Jiri Moravcik Le La is the best Czech world music CD in 2008. The band was nominated for Czech version of Grammy called Andel 2008 in world music category. The last CD Fayt (2011, Indies Scope) which reflects more rock roots of all the musicians was No. 10 in the World music charts Europe in December 2011, No. 12 in January 2012 and No. 17 in November 2011. In the top 200 WMCE in 2011 as a whole Fayt is No. 98 out of 899 moninated CDs. The band got nomination for Andel 2011 in world music category for CD Fayt.

Cankisou made fusion with Sain Zahoor who got BBC World music 2006 award and a sufi singer Surriya Khanam in Pakistan, with Rajery (2009) and Coco Mbassi (2012) at Folk holidays festival in the Czech republic. 

 Singer Karel Herman was awarded second place at an international music festival Chuch Mongolia 2001 /Blue Mongolia/ in Mongolia. David Synak in cooperation with Theatre Continuo took part in EXPO 2005 exhibition in Japan and also in EXPO 2010 in China. 

Performance abroad: Hungary (Sziget 2013 and 2010, world music stage), Malaysia (Rainforest world music festival 2012), Belgium (Street party 2013), Switzerland  (Gena festival  2011), Netherlands (Rainbowpark festival 2009, Amsterdam Roots Festival 2007, Wereldfeest 2007, Kleur van de Nacht 2007), Estonia (Maalmikula 2008), Germany (Folklorefest 2013, Prague in Hamburg, Folkherbst 2005 and 2007), Poland (Culture of Rhythm 2010, FOLKowa FIESTA 2005 and 2006), Ukraine (ArtPole 2011, Svirzh World Music festival 2009, Ethno and land art festival Sheshori 2005 and 2007, Kraina Mriy 2004), Lithuania (Klaipeda Jazz Festival 2005), Romania (Fete de la Musique 2005), Pakistan (World Performing Arts Festival 2005, World Performing and Visual Arts Festival 2007 in Lahore), Italy, Austria, France...


Fayt (2011)
Le la (2008)
Gamagaj (2004) - inspired by a book Baudolino by Umberto Eco
Dense Ju (2002) - with tittle song from Mongolia
Music of the Canki People (2000)

Set List

Normal concert takes 1,5 hour