Ostrava, Moravskoslezský Kraj, CZE

One of the top world music bands in the Czech republic which has already made audience in 15 countries dance with its original ethnic fusion full of wild rhythms and spiced with rock roots. Forget loops, samples and other electronic stuff. This music bursting with amazing energy is 100 % live!


Czech band Cankisou was established in 1999. Musicians untill that time played in various bands decided to play ethno, world music. They found their own and orginal way. The band dug up an old legend about one legged Canki people, learnt their language and collected musical instruments from all around the world - didjeridoo, djembe, yabbara, balafon, tarabuka, yarin, flutes, saxophones, percussions, mandolin, bassquitar, drums etc.

The band is influenced by many ethnics - Arabian, African, Balkan, Indian. All these influences put together created so called selfethno. Èankišou – it´s wild rhytms, exotic instruments, a riot of energy, music which doesn´t respect any musical borders and makes everybody dance.

Band Cankisou performs at various events:
- as a first Czech band participation in World Performing Arts Festival 2005 in Lahore in Pakistan, which is the biggest festival in South-East Asia. Cankisou played three concerts as part of Worldmusic, Jazz and Folk Night and then started to rehearse fusion with Pakistan Sufi singer Sain Zahoor, who was awarded BBC Worldmusic 2006. This fusion was performed at the festival and also for Pakistan president Pervais Musharraf in a Special Show Case in governor´s house.
- as a second Czech band in ten years festival history participation in Amsterdam Roots Festival 2007 – member of European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals
- as a first Czech band participation in Manapany Surf festival 2006 on Réunion island including fusion with local musicians.
- support band for Trans Global Underground and Tribal Drift
- Czech music festivals - Colours of Ostrava 2005 and 2003 - member of EFWMF, Rock for people, United Islands, Trutnov Open Air, Zamosti, Straznice, Trnkobraní, Febiofest etc.
- Slovakian music festivals - Pohoda, Topvar Rock Fest, Reviste, Hodokvas, Country Lodenice, Cibulak, Mediawave
- others - Netherlands (Amsterdam Roots Festival 2007 – member of EFWMF, Wereldfeest 2007, Kleur van de Nacht 2007), Germany (Prague in Hamburg 2004, Folkherbst 2005 and 2007), Poland (FOLKowa FIESTA 2005 and 2006), Ukraine (Ethno and land art festival Sheshori 2005 and 2007), Lithuania (Klaipeda Jazz Festival 2005), Romania (Fete de la Musique 2005), Pakistan (World Performing Arts Festival 2005 in Lahore), Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Hungary...
- recorded music for film Nuda v Brne directed by Vladimir Moravek
- songs Lebada Roti a A Sta Libera from cd Gamagaj are part of czech film Blízko nebe (Close to Heaven) by Dan Svátek


First CD called Music of the Canki people was released in 2000.
The second cd Densé ju with tittle Mongolian folk song was published two years later.
The third CD Gamagaj, which is inspired by a book Baudolino by Umberto Eco, was published in September 2004 (all by FT Records).
The band is working on its fourth CD right now wich will be released in spring 2008.

In May 2007 a book with soundtrack Ukopnuty palec aneb Pribehy lidu Canki was released. It´s a collection of 13 stories about Canki people by 13 authors. The soundtrack consists of 13 songs where each one is inspired by one story and composed by one of the Cankisou musician.

The band has two videos now – Sham Sut (2000) from the first Cd and Anay Yo (2005) from the last one. Both videos are broadcasted also by american Link TV.

Set List

The concert usually takes 90 minutes.