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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"one-woman New York punk-funk project Cannonball Jane lived up to the hype" - New York Magazine


"Frothy, infectious sampledelica...dreamy doo-wop oohs and aahs with old-school breaks and could all be a musical car crash, but charm and sassy beats win the day. And to complete this mini-masterpiece's feel good credentials: by day Jane is a music teacher, Sharon Hagopian, and she recorded it in her bedroom." - The TImes


"A lo-fi world of home-recorded sampledelica that falls somewhere between the Beastie Boys and St. Etienne" - Uncut Magazine


"In a world that's rapidly running out of new musical combinations, I can honestly say I've never heard this one before: early Eighties hip-hop crossed with girl-group pop...her debut is ten tracks of music history fantasy camp. What if The Shangri-Las dated Run-DMC? What if Sarah Records' early Nineties roster became obsessed with the dirty funk of the SP-1200? It takes Cannonball Jane a mere twenty-nine minutes to convince you of how cool that would actually be. Cheap-o beats and Spectorian production flourishes provide the backdrop, but the glue that holds it together is Hagopian's surprisingly lovely voice... Maybe it's time to start believing in genre crossing again." - Splendid E-Zine


Brooklyn-based, elementary school music teacher Sharon Hagopian’s debut is a sassy, sweet and sharp-witted electro-pop affair which ranges wide across music history and brims with her dedication to its polymorphous pleasures. Here, Luscious Jackson rub shoulders with Run DMC, St Etienne, MBV, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Le Tigre and The Shangri-Las in a solo, home-recorded exercise in casual cool.
Sharon O’Connell - Time Out London


"Opening acts Cannonball Jane and Gravy Train also showed their appreciation for Le Tigre's kid rock. Accompanied by only a guitarist, Cannonball's Sharon Hagopian — who is, fittingly, an elementary school teacher by day — got the then half-packed crowd bopping their heads to her palette of jungle and hip-hop beats, juxtaposed with her surprisingly smooth, '70s singer-songwriter delivery." Chartattack

- Chart Attack


"CJ is the coolest one woman band I've heard in a long, long time. I love her recordings and can't wait for more!" - Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre/Bikini Kill) - Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre/Bikini Kill)


Future releases will include remixes of "Take it to Fantastic" by Adrock (Beastie Boys) and DJ Downfall (UK)!!!

7" Take it to Fantastic/Slumber Party - Fortuna POP! Records - April 2006

CD Album "Street Vernacular" (Remastered/Bonus Track) - Fortuna POP! Records - February 2006

CD Album "Street Vernacular" - 555 Records 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


By day she's mild-mannered Brooklyn-based elementary-school music teacher Sharon Hagopian… but by night she's smart and sassy electro-pop indie star Cannonball Jane, maker of 2006's first truly great pop album, "Street Vernacular". Sounding more like the work of a group (sleeps-in-his-leather-jacket guitarist, banned-from-the-academy maverick flautist, recently-diagnosed-schizophrenic drummer, typewriter-sampling-avant-garde keyboardist etc) the reality is rather different. It's just hard to believe that there's not more than one of her!

Recorded entirely at home, Sharon's studio set up of beatboxes, samplers, tambourines, guitars, turntables, piano, kids' keyboards and effects shines through on "Street Vernacular", creating a mind-bendingly brilliant mix, elegant and sweetly beguiling but still rough enough to handle something bigger than a moped.

From the Saint Etienne tones and Carole King-esque piano riff of "Slumber Party" onwards, "Street Vernacular" combines such diverse influences as Run DMC, The Go! Team, The Aislers Set, Ladytron, My Bloody Valentine, The Shangri-Las, Solex, The Go-Gos, Luscious Jackson and Devo, while remaining fresh, exciting and innovative at all times. There's even a nod to Mozart and a Pac-man sample in "Brave New World"!

Drum 'n' Bass style drum loops pop up to boost the tension and some of the keyboard sounds come straight from the wildest electronics of Aphex Twin's Rephlex label. On top of this is Sharon's singing, cunningly adapted and presented in different guises for each mini pop masterpiece on the album, from the punky go-go girl of "Hey! Hey! Alright!" to the 4AD balladeer of wistful closer "The Force of Gravity".

"Street Vernacular" has been excitedly received by press and public alike since its release in America. Meanwhile, Sharon has taken the Cannonball Jane sound out on the road with support slots for Gravy Train!!!!, E.S.G., The Go! Team and über-fans Le Tigre. Lookout for her bringing her energetic and fun live show to the UK in early spring. "It's just amazing. Stuff like that I really like." - Kathleen Hanna, Le Tigre.