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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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This was a live radio performance by CANNONEERS on GARY GARVER SHOW on at Smoke City Market in Sherman Oaks, CA. Gary was a long time member of the Howard Stern Show. -

"Cannoneers play, "Failed to Fail," acoustic on Reg B Show on"

Cannoneers play, "Failed to Fail," acoustic on Reg B Show on -

"Cannoneers play "These Lies," acoustic on Reg B Show on"

Cannoneers play, "These Lies," acoustic on Reg B Show on -

"Cannoneers play "All it Takes," acoustic on Reg B show on"

CANNONEERS play song, "All it Takes," from upcoming LP on Reg B show on -

"CANNONEERS announced Finalists for LA Kings (NHL) and 98.7FM Live Music Contest"

Cannoneers were named one of four finalists by the LA KINGS/ROCCO's/98.7 FM/GUITAR CENTER/SCHECTER GUITARS and played STAPLES CENTER during halftime of LA KINGS' NHL Hockey to video attached - LA Kings, Rocco's, 98.7FM, Schecter Guitars, Guitar Center

"Photos from Swinghouse - Cannoneers, Tender Box, She Wants Revenge"


"The Deli Magazine, Cannoneers #26 Band in LA"

*Scroll down to page 10*

Forming in the spring of 2009, the Cannoneers have taken the fast track with their energetic and raunchy garage rock (ala The White Stripes or The Hives). We got down to discussing their year, their residency at The Echo, and their plans for a new album.
Your work ethic as a band is great, Can you describe what got you through 2010 so well and some of the highlights? We play rock and roll. We have a lot of fun and we work very hard writing and recording and performing live. It’s really that simple for us. We have been writing a lot and have been recording songs for the better part of
a year. In 2010 we cut a 7” vinyl single and put it out under the earlier incarnation of the band name “Cannoneers of the New Command,” which we’ve now shortened to “Cannoneers.” We released it at Spaceland in May of last year and had a huge party of it with The Meek and Spectrum. We started to hear the songs from the single online quite a bit and some really great LA Club DJ’s were spinning, “Sadie Was a Girl,” which was pretty awesome for us to hear. - The Deli Magazine

"CANNONEER play for the LA KINGS (NHL)"

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We played at STAPLES CENTER on 3/24 for the LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks Game and now WE NEED YOUR VOTES TO WIN THE WHOLE THING!

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CANNONEERS were selected as one of 4 finalists for the
Live Music Contest

We very much appreciate everyone of you who have voted and we will have a huge show and party when we win this thing for you all!!


x's and o's,
Robert, Tim, Joe and Mike
- The LA Kings

"Live Interview with Mike of Cannoneers of the New Command at"

Live interview with Mike Monosky of Cannoneers of the New Command -

"Cannoneers of the New Command - January Residency at the ECHO"

There's nothing like a band that is brand spankin' new. Cannoneers of The New Command, or Cannoneers for short, formed in Spring of 2009, making them relatively fresh on the scene. The quartet resonates pure, solid rock with a bit of a pop twist (think The White Stripes or The Hives), with a garage rock sound clearly influenced by rock 'n' roll bands from the U.K.

Cannoneers have some new music on the way, and you can get a few licks by going to their upcoming shows at The Echo. They have booked a January residency for Monday nights, playing with some familiar local bands each week. They are finishing up their debut album, so stay tuned for some amazing music!

-Jenna Putnam

- The Deli Magazine

"LA Times Mention of Cannoneers of the New Command ECHO Residency"

While listening to Cannoneers of the New Command, there is no sign to be heard of synthesizers or electronic trickery -- only authentic British rock channeling the grunge of the early 90s and the grit of the 70s. Donning leather jackets, this four member pop band keeps to its musical roots and adds a few modern twists along the way.
- LA Times

" Premeires New Cannoneer's Track, "You Don't Know""

heir name might be a mouthful — Cannoneers of the New Command — but the music of the new L.A. quartet is easy to swallow: It’s garage rock ’n’ soul that harks back to the swaggering British bands of the early ’90s and to grittier ’70s before. Absent the current scene’s fetish for synths and electro trickery, Cannoneers keep things so straight-ahead you’d think black leather jackets never went out of style. It’s not far from the sonic crunch singer-guitarist Mike Monosky achieved with his last project, the Pacific, who put out albums in 2005 and ’08, respectively. “We’re just trying to keep things authentic,” says Monosky, who’s now joined up with Robert Pierret and Tim Galvin (formerly of the Beautiful and Damned), along with Joey Taylor. Having released the “Sadie Was a Girl” 7-inch last year, the quartet is finishing up an album they are targeting for a spring release.

||| Download: “You Don’t Know”

||| Live: Cannoneers of the New Command play the Monday residency this month at the Echo, kicking off tonight with support from Lemon Sun, Duniven and Astra Heights’ Timothy Morales.


"The Deli Magazine - Nomination for LA Band of the Month December 2010"

Cannoneers were nominated by The Deli Magazine for LA Band of the Month. Voting at the following link. - The Deli Magazine


DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Mike Monosky's love of rock music brought him from the backwoods of Pennsylvania to the beaches of L.A. After making the commute on a regular basis from mid-city to Downtown Rehearsal on 7th near Santa Fe, he decided that living near his studio space wouldn't be such a bad thing. It didn't take long before he began to find his niche in the downtown music scene and he eventually relocated to the Historic Core.

After getting all emotional about this being the last musician I would profile (see below), I asked Mike a couple questions about him and his band.

MONK TURNER: You play in a band, huh?


MT: Well tell us about your band.

MM: The band is called Cannoneers of the New Command. It started as a project after my last band just to keep writing and recording and turned into something more eventful and meaningful.

MT: How long have you guys been playing for?

MM: Since March of last year...

MT: Do your band mates live downtown?

MM: [laughter] Depends if there is a lot of alcohol involved. They'll end of living on the floor of my loft. [laughter] None of them live downtown...

MT: But you guys rehearse at Downtown Rehearsal, correct?

MM: Yeah.. I'm been rehearsing there for 7 years.

MT: How would you describe the band's sound?

MM: Rock n' roll. It isn't too straight forward and we try to throw in a few kinks here and there. We always try to make things interesting while not overcomplicating things.

MT: Has your band been able to plug into the downtown scene?

MM: The first show we played was at Caseys. We're looking at playing at The Blue Star at 15th and Santa Fe. I just did an acoustic show in Chinatown at The Mountain Bar.

MT: Keep it local.

MM: That's one thing about downtown is the number of venues available to artists is growing.

And it just keeps growing! Mike's band is on myspace at:

That's all folks! From here on out I'll be covering music events taking place in the Downtown area. Thanks so much to all the people who were willing to sit down for an interview. I hope this has helped to bring together our growing community of downtown artists. Rock on.


"SONIC BIDS indie pick of the week"

Rock with a darker edge, the Cannoneers of the New Command capture fans with big drums, thick bass lines, stacked guitars and layered vocals combined to form their quintessential sound. Formed in 2009, Joe Taylor (guitar), Robert Pierret (bass), Tim Galvin (drums) and Michael Monosky (vocals, guitar) started their journey as a band at SXSW and have continued to expand. Currently holed up in Los Angeles recording, I was able to ask the band some questions about their musical history, best gigs, and the social media market.

When/How did you first start playing music?
Mike: I first started playing music when I was six years old. My grandmother used to have an old Kimball Organ and I used to get on it and hit all the preset drum beat buttons and mess with the different sounds. I had no idea what I was doing. Then my dad took me to an Ozzy Osbourne concert when I was in the third grade, and the next day I took all my paper route money and bought the vinyls and it all went from there. My dad had a massive vinyl collection and those first two vinyls got me into digging through his collection and pretty much consuming everything in those records.

Robo: I picked up a guitar when I was fourteen and living at a boys ranch in northeast Washington state. Me and a few other kids would play “Wild Thing” for the pep rallies at this redneck high school I went to up there. Right off the bat I was writing love songs for my guitar teacher’s daughter. It wasn’t until much later I became a bass player in the first band I was in. It was 2004 and felt like destiny.

Tim: I started playing trumpet in the 5th grade school band. After failing at trumpet, I picked up playing drums, starting on snare drum.

Joe: I started taking piano lessons when I was 4, and picked up any other instruments that I could get my paws on since. I picked up the saxophone around 10, guitar and drums shortly after and finally started my first band when I was about 13.

What’s the best gig you ever played?

Mike: To date, I have to say the gig at SXSW we played at Drink. My prior band shared the bill with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, who is a huge influence on me. We put on a great show and got to watch one of my guitar hero’s bands fall apart on stage. Let’s just say that the promoter was funneling free well whiskey to all of the bands throughout the day and 10 hours of cheap and free whiskey and drumming on time doesn’t mix. Their band broke into a full on melee onstage so Adam went solo for the rest of the show. Absolutely classic.

As far as Cannoneers shows go, our debut at The Echo for Club Underground ranks up there for the pure energy and fan support. Releasing our 7” vinyl on the bill with Sonic Boom’s (Peter Kember – Spacemen 3) new band, Spectrum, at Spaceland this year was a definite highlight. Then there was the shear insanity and alcohol-fueled madness when we played Viper Room on the same night as Kelly Maglia’s pole-dance theater…and certain people waking up in bathtubs sans memory.

Robo: Probably the first show at Echo…the excitement, the brand newness of it. Then the show at Caseys when we played with The Mo-odds…that night was pretty much straight raw and debaucherous chaos. My last band we played in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop and that was a pretty memorable show for me. The crowd was so much fun, and danced their asses off! Going absolutely mental.

Joe: The Viper Room pole dancing show was amazing!!

Tim: The Wheatland music festival in Remus MI. We had the best spot of the entire festival, 2am at the hippie music tent. We had about 300 people dancing under the tent. One of the best shows ever and the most receptive crowd. Then there was the Viper room! Haha! Blame it on the alcohol!

How has social media affected the way you market/promote your music?

Mike: There’s six trillion ways today to distribute your music, be it Facebook, Myspace, Broadjam, Reverbnation, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming. Truthfully, we’re getting a bit more away from social media because the site du jour, Facebook, is starting to become like MySpace was 5 years ago. It has become so saturated with bands and the music business has a way of overwhelming people with oceans of underwhelming content to the point that it’s all white noise. But we still create our events and all and send out invites. We are VERY excited about a breakthrough…a brand new and exciting way of getting the word out about what we do…we’re using this particular technology that you can do straight from your cell…we’re dialing numbers and talking to people! It’s amazing!

Robo: Social media has made it so simple and easy to get your music out there and to publicize and market your releases and shows. It doesn’t necessarily replace good old-fashioned methods like hitting the street and word of mouth though. A balance is ideal.

Tim: Myspace had a huge effect on getting the music out initially, and still serves a purpose, but the industry seems to be swinging back towards a website/YouTube dual approach.

Joe: The difference is crazy. People are so used to the availability of music online that they really don’t go out to venues unless they’ve heard the bands first. So the game has changed. Instead of handing out flyers at venues, you need to push your wares online.

What’s your prediction for the next big advancement in how we find/listen to/share music?

Mike: I personally think that things are going to be to a point technologically where you can take your cell phone like a remote control and get what you want or share what you want with someone with a click of a button. I mean, it pretty much is like that now. Everything seems to be going to the subscriber service model these days; a monthly charge and you pretty much have access to all music ever made with a click on the phone. I think cell phones are truly going to be the control center to life, probably to a great degree they already are. We’ll probably be able to buy songs in your car by hitting a single button and sending the tune straight to your personal library while you’re listening to Sirius or some other car radio if you like the song.

Robo: Vending machines in public places with jump drives you just plug into the USB port on whatever device you have. That or disposable iPod Nano type devices that you can just plug headphones into and then put on your computer later.

Tim: Laser imprinted pancakes at IHOP! Your stomach reads the sound format during digestion straight into your bloodstream allowing you to truly “absorb the music.”

Joe: I expect bands are going to move even further in the direction of independent recording and distribution using services such as iTunes and their individual websites.

What’s your next big gig coming up? When/Where?

Mike: We are actually doing a lot of work finishing the LP and taking a little reprieve from live shows…but we are playing a show at Hollywood Standard for Working Class Mondays on Monday, November 22, 2010.

Check out more on Cannoneers of the New Command here.


Its always a pleasant surprise when a band that have only been together a short
period of time sound as accomplished as seasoned rockers. Cannoneers of the New
Command who formed only last year are one such group. With the individual
members having played in their own bands previously they have earned their
stripes as musicians, but does it show?

Their uncoming 7 inch single Sadie was a Girl / Shake the Law is good old
fashioned garage band rock n' roll, the like of which is all to rare these
days. Sadie introduces herself in style with a guitar riff straight off a lost
Primal Scream song. It is simple, joyous and authentic rock music. These four
boys don't stretch themselves much but no one expects (or really wants) them
to. The classic drum beat and vocal mid section is ensured to be a live
highlight, I can almost hear the synchronized handclaps now.

Shake the Law takes a similar stance. Although the vocal hook bears too much of
a resemblance to the The White Stripes Fell in Love with a Girl's this track
has a lot going for it. Like the previous track it keeps to standard timing,
balls out rocking and has feel-good-hit-of-the-summer written all over it.

Without sounding like throwbacks to a forgotten era of music Cannoneers of the
New Command take rock n' roll and revitalize it for the 2010s. Maybe they won't
be the Strokes or the Hives of the new decade but they are proudly and bravely
waving the flag for classic, fun and infectious rock, and for that if for
nothing else they should be credited. Oh and for great songs too!
Review by Kevin MaCabe



-Debut self-title LP: Due in Winter 2011
-7" Single: "Sadie Was a Girl" & "Shake the Law" (2010)
- Digital Release: Going Home, Coming Down (2010)

*Songs are all receiving online and terrestrial radio airplay



Cannoneers formed in early 2010 in Los Angeles, CA and released their debut 7-inch vinyl of, "Sadie Was a Girl/Shake the Law," in May 2010 at Spaceland in Silver Lake.

In early 2011, Cannoneers were named the residency band and played five capacity shows at the prestigious Echo Monday night residency in Echo Park, CA.

The band's sound has been likened as Kevin Bronson ( put it..."the music of the new L.A. quartet is easy to swallow: It’s garage rock ’n’ soul that harks back to the swaggering British bands of the early ’90s and to grittier ’70s before. Absent the current scene’s fetish for synths and electro trickery, Cannoneers keep things so straight-ahead you’d think black leather jackets never went out of style."

After hearing CANNONEERS song "Say It To Me", the band was selected play at the LA KINGS (NHL)/ROCCO's/98.7FM/GUITAR CENTER/SCHECTER GUITAR Live Music series. The band was filmed playing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the video broadcast on Fox Sports, The LA Kings website, and several media outlets.

The band has been named Sonic Bids Indie Band of the Week, and The Deli Magazine December 2010 Band of the Month.

CANNONEERS is now receiving multiple song placements during popular programming on MTV.

The band is set to release their debut LP January 13, 2012 in Los Angeles.