Cannon Houck

Cannon Houck

 Mullens, West Virginia, USA

My goal when I write a song, is to pluck emotional strings inside of people, that they aren't even aware they have. If I write a song that triggers sadness, joy, or even anger, then I feel that I've accomplished my goal. My unique southern voice has a good marriage with my country picking style.


1997 was the year. I was a senior in High School. I was a basketball player, but rode the pine. I had a lot of friends, especially girlfriends in school. Mostly, because I threw the best parties, and always had weed for the ladies. Looking back, I suppose I was pretty well liked and respected. Sounds pretty good huh? Well, it was, but it got a lot better when I picked up the guitar and learned every Nirvana, Doors, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Grateful Dead, CCR, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, AC/DC, ZZ Top, STP, and Clapton songs that I could fit into my brain. I would play at all the parties, and everyone thought it was so cool. It was at that moment that I decided that I would play music for the rest of my years!
I started a three piece band my senior year, but it was short lived due to everyone going off to college so they could go to school....again! I decided that that would not be the path that I would take.
After graduation, I took a year off from everything but music. In September of 1999 I moved to Nashville TN, but the strange thing was that I had no intention of trying to "make it" in the music business. I got a job as a Party/Wedding rental delivery guy in Brentwood TN, right outside of Nashville. This was no ordinary rental establishment. We only did events for the rich and famous.
I worked my way up the corporate ladder, and found myself setting up parties and weddings for Nashville's "elite" members of society.
For example, we did many events for the Tennessee Titans (GO TITANS), the Annual Governor's Ball, the CMA's, an event that Vice President, Al Gore gave a speach, to just name a few.....then I get an order to go to the town of Franklin TN, right outside Nashville. I was to deliver 3 tables and 30 chairs. It wasn't until I got into the truck and looked at the address and name of the client that I was to deliver to that I realized I was going to Alan Jackson's house!!! Yea, Alan freakin Jackson!
As I pulled up alongside his huge estate, admiring the massive fountain in the front yard, I punched in the code to open the grand gate. This place looked like the "White House"! The mansion was spectacular! I pulled around to the back of the house, where I was supposed to deliver the tables and chairs, and to my amazement, in his back yard, was a GUITAR SHAPED POOL!!!! Also, a massive 14 door car garage that I'm sure held way more than 14 vehicles. Being a big fan of Mr.Jackson, I was aware that he was an avid car collector. There were 2 garage doors connected to the house, and one started to slowly I got out of the truck to unload the tables and chairs, I look to my left. Mr. Alan Jackson himself was walking toward me!!! He said "Hey, I'm Alan, nice to meet ya", and reached out his hand. I must have shook his hand for at least 20 seconds before I was able to introduce myself! He was the nicest guy you could meet, and didn't act like he was better than the average Joe. We talked for a few minutes, and he offered me some lemonade. Of course I accepted! I quickly drank it, so not to waste his time talking with a super fan, asking stupid questions that he's surely heard a million times. I thanked him, for his hospitality, and told him I would get out of his hair. To my amazement, he totally ignored what I had just said, and was showing me around his back yard!!! As we were walking by his sweet guitar shaped pool something happened that surprises me to this day. He started asking me questions about my life! Totally taken back by this, I got really nervous. I just told him where I was from, and how I ended up in Nashville. When I told him that I was just here for the experience, and to work, he jokingly said that "most West Virginians come to Nashville with a guitar, a dream, and goat to keep em warm at night". Immediately saying he was just messin' with me. It was pretty funny though. I said, "I got a guitar, but no dream really". His natural response was, "oh you play?" As soon as he said that he told me to hold tight for one sec. He went through the garage and into the house. After a minute or two, he emerged with a Taylor 6 string acoustic in one hand, and a Martin 6 string acoustic in the other. I nearly soiled my shorts! He said, "show me what ya got." I was scared to death, and shaking like leaf. There was no way I was gonna just jam some lame cover, because at the time, that's all I knew. I had never written a song at this point. Luckily I could play his song, "Don't Rock the Jukebox." The good Lord was looking down on me that day, because I remembered the chords, and only messed up once. We traded off on verses, and sang the chorus together. At that point, I could say that was the greatest day of my life! I couldn't believe it, but Mr. Jackson told me that I sounded "pretty darn good!" I was on cloud 9, but I had to get back to work. The whole time I was there, which was in all, only about 45 minutes, I had been working up the nerve to ask him for an autograph. After what had


You Are Everything To Me

Written By: Cannon Houck and Roger Alan Wade

Children are just angels without halos
money is the devil dressed in gold
love is the purest form of passion
and trust is a secret left untold

water is just ice that is melted
and tears are just pain thats been set free
turquoise is just Arizona diamonds
and you are just everything to me

a rainbows' just Jesus teachin' Van go to paint the heavens
a fiddles' just some poor boy's violin
luckys is just seven come eleven
and livins' when I hold you again
echoes are reflections you can hear
and reflections are just echoes you can see
honky tonks are just Tennessee diamonds
and you are just everything to me

and water is just ice that is melted
tears are just pain thats been set free
coal is just West Virginia diamonds
and you are just everything to me
you are just everything to me


"You Are Everything to Me"
"Hell of Man"
both on my myspace page

Set List

I have about an hour worth of originals, but typically, I'll feel out the crowd. Then go from there as far as taking requests for covers