Positive and original reggae music with influences of jazz, rock, hip-hop and dancehall. High energy live performances that always fire-up the people.


Based in Santa Barbara since 1997, Cannons has built a massive local following resulting in being voted Santa Barbara's number one unsigned band in 2002. Cannons have performed most of the prime reggae festivals on the west coast in 2003 including the 2003 Bob Marley Day Festival in the Long Beach Arena. Cannons have produced two independent cds in their studio in Santa Barbara: "Thanks and Praise" 1998 and "Life-Elements-Vision" in 2002. Cannons have headlined in the finest clubs in Los Angeles such as the House of Blues and the KeyCLub. Cannons have received critical acclaim in respected magazines such as The Music Connection and The Beat. Cannons also have been on top rotation on the Creation-Steppin 24-7 web radio, Cannons continue to be asked to perform with reggae stars such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, Burning Spear and Jimmy Cliff.


Thanks and Praise- 10 song LP from 1998
Life-Elements-Vision- 12 song LP from 2002
Run Come receives the most radio play.

Set List

Get them out
Hills & Valleys
Sound the Trumpet
Nyabinghi Service
Loving Energy
Never Stop
Fly Free
Run Come

Cannons perform anywhere from 45-120 minute sets, and at clubs they can perform for 180 minutes. Cannons have hours of originals and an endless repetoire of reggae cover songs, should they be requested.