Cannons and Clouds

Cannons and Clouds

 San Francisco, California, USA

Cannons and Clouds asserts smartly designed, melody-forward indie rock. Their sound, both wistful and dynamic, is accentuated by slow-building acoustics, classical harp, and rich multi-part harmonies portraying unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives.


Cannons and Clouds are an eclectic indie rock band hailing from the old city by the bay, San Francisco, Ca. What had originally started out as a stripped down acoustic collaboration between singer/songwriter Zachary Blizzard and current bassist Joshua Kane has since effloresced into a dynamic, full bodied six-piece ensemble. With their consistent and soaring three to six part harmonies, the almost symphonic permanent inclusion of classical harpist Brittany Gale, and the trademark confessional balladeering of Blizzard, sees Cannons and Clouds truly standing out in San Francisco's esteemed, yet saturated independent rock scene.
The band's coercive and compelling live show has continually broadened and increased an already formidable local fan-base. and has attracted the attention of ITUNES (Currently profiled on the main homepage), The San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, and The San Francisco Chronicle. who have handpicked and featured the band in their publications prior and after the release of their debut LP.
After a long and arduous self-financed recording process, the band has finally released their long awaited full-length debut, "After All" on their own vanity label, "Cute Puppy Records". When “After All” co-producer/engineer Michael Winger (President of the Grammy's San Francisco Chapter) was asked to write about the upcoming release, this is what he provided… "In an age of singles and disposable music, Cannons and Clouds forthcoming debut is a testament to the album as a work of art. All of its songs fit together in a narrative that has been mapped out from start to finish. The arrangements range from sparse and naked to brash, noisy, and chaotic... from delicately crafted pop songs to sprawling epics. But through all this, there is a profound sense of joy and beauty. The songs possess an earnestness and a hint of longing that belongs to another era.”


Helga Takes Flight

Written By: Blizzard/Kane

That I have to leave
Please understand...
That I have to leave
Before the lights go out
Before the sun comes out
Before the candles burn out
Take a breath...
And please just kiss me
You know that a month can pass
In a single heartbeat

Red Sullivan: An Ode to the South

Written By: Blizzard

Walkin' down the street in Gulfport, Mississippi
Picked up a twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk
Smiled, "What's this gonna get me?"
I see everyone’s faces through the rain-coated windshield
And they're all smiling back at me
I give them a wave
Put my hands in my pockets
And my red boots take me down to the sea
I can already see the clouds gathering overhead
They're gettin' ready for the rain to fall again
I can already see the clouds swelling overhead
They're gettin' ready for the rain to fall again
In New Orleans I met a man named Red Sullivan
Who talked about Vietnam, the Thai-Stick, and the women
He said, "Boy, don't you ever go off and fight for this country.
Things ain't the same know more, you don't want to see what I've seen."
I can already hear the planes flying overhead
They're gettin' ready to drop the bombs again
The storms comin' in
The winds are chasing us outta hear
Back to the State of Gold
Where we can all hide or disappear

The Lion and the Goat

Written By: Blizzard

Not to seem melodramatic
But I'm losing my sight
And I just want to have it back
It's been getting progressively worse
For the past few years
Is it over now?...
This declaration of times gone awry
And what we've done to get here
Think of ways to remedy the situation
And your eyes are so comforting
They alleviate the pain of my wrongdoing
I'll try to follow through
Consider my pride swallowed
I never should have judged you
Damn I've done it again
My own self-loathing and fear of distance again
Cast out again
Establishing ideals and changing them over again
And your smile is so comforting
The lips seal the fate of all our wrongdoing
We'll strive to follow through
Let go of all our quarrels
And fight for what we feel is true
And your eyes are so comforting
They alleviate the pain of all my wrongdoing
I'll try to follow through
Consider my pride swallowed
I never should have judged you

Pink and Silver

Written By: Blizzard/Kane

Does anyone remember her?
Dark eyes and sandy blonde curls
I recall both of our talks
In our grade school parking lot
But I never knew what was happening at her home
And it tears me up inside thinking about it
Though she never had a bruise
Not where I could see them anyway
I know her daddy lied when he was questioned
Notes to get out of P.E.
She'd say, "Ballet is enough for me"
"Sports will ruin my posture"
She smiled along with innocent laughter
I never thought she would grow up tormented
When I heard about these things
I knew that she meant them
Didn't surprise me in the least
Knowing that her father was the only one she had
But when I heard he had taken her innocence
I wanted to kill the man
Annie spent her childhood dreamin' of roses
She always knew she'd get away somehow
I found this way to keep her memory sacred
And love her like the angel she should've been
Annie had a silver red-bowed diary
That only she and god were supposed to see
Her daddy snatched the book from her hands
‘Cause he was a perverted cantankerous man
He opened it and read the first page
Tore it out and threw it down in a rage
As rain clouds parted upon her sweet face
Cryin' with a yearning for a new place
Annie grew up and at about thirteen
She was playing flute in the school band with me
I hit that snare and I watched from above
The back of her hair and wondered, "what's she thinking of?
Is she dreamin' of a house with a family and a dog,
With a fountain in the garden and a two car garage,
Or fear of embarrassment, guilt, or lust,
Or is she haunted by the man who should be loving her the most?”
Annie only wanted resolution
A sense of closure to bring fourth piece of mind
She walked out onto the bridge and reflected upon self-worth
And leapt onto highway 113 North
Fly home sweet angel
Angel fly home

Corcoran Hill

Written By: Blizzard/Kane

The emerald green of quilted wheat fields
Bring me back to Corcoran Hill
The clear skyline from the porch
With the wind chimes playin' a tune
Regretfully had to leave
Rows of redwood trees
We all need some country to keep us safe
And now consumed by regret
I brood with drink and cigarettes
Watching the memories swirl in smoke above me
And the bitter reality
Berdoo County's got a hold on me
In the dead dry hills ‘round Redlands, California
Remember stacks of hay bails
Shooting at planes with my BB gun
When we snuck whiskey from the pantry
Before band practice after dark
Meeting her after class
Gazing at sky-divers from the grass
And planning to see her while everyone else was sleeping
And now consumed by regret
I brood with drink and cigarettes
Projected memories swirl in smoke above me
And the cheerless reality
Berdoo County's got a hold on me
In the burning hills ‘round Redlands, California

Chameleons Migrate South

Written By: Blizzard

Time will tell
Lord knows I can't stop him
I first fell from your Roman window
You'll be leavin' soon to this planet’s belt line
Now that I’ve made you scream
Please just say the words I’ll miss you too
That way I'll at least hear some form of goodbye
More than some could say about you
Cause you'll be leavin' soon to this planet’s belt line
We sang and braided our tongues all night
With lips chapped from red wine
Time will tell
Lord knows you can't stop him
Only in dreams I hear
The tap of airline tickets anointed by your tears

Pacific Coast Highway

Written By: Blizzard

Took the long way to this town
It wasn’t practical, I know, I know
You said they were open-minded
When I got here I knew she was right
All we have are memories with fields of grass
From our past lives
Never felt lost in any city
‘Cause I’ve always had my friends, my friends
As my thoughts and mind unwind
Was reminded any wrong could happen
All we see are memories of rows of trees
In our lucid dreams
All we have are memories with fields of grass
From our past lives
All wee see are memories with rows of trees
In our lucid dreams

Steady and Stow

Written By: Blizzard

Just because autumns over
Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore
We’ll spend pouring storming midnights
Swimming slippery streets
Tap and shuffle
Kiss in rainfall
Where Duboce and Sanchez meet
I’ll tell him tomorrow
I’ll tell him when the clouds stop their crying
Soon she’ll go home to his questions
As I assure myself deceits not my intention
Now we stand in the kitchen
My lips pepper freckled skin
Legs dangling from the table
Tongue twirling to her navel
Sea-lion teeth graze her nipple
Cock swells in denim, grab hold
We must restrain ourselves
Slap our wrists and never tell
What about tomorrow
I know he needs to here it soon
If his broken heart should send a swing at me
I’ll take it like a fucking man and know I had coming
Allainn eyes brand my soul
Burnt umber hair, rose lips bold
Ride this boat steady and slow
Cast off past harsh undertow
Told him once I’d take her away
To Emerald Eire, County Galway
We laughed and threw our whiskey back
It was a matter of time
We were counting the days
Now I need to say I’m sorry
For poor timing
Not for my feelings
We’ve packed all our things, pushed off, and set sail
We’ll find it when we’re ready
Love will prevail

Rainstorm Savior

Written By: Blizzard

Just about a couple of miles 'till we get there
To watch and see it all from the field
Silhouettes of couples and families
Stand together for the first time
Will it be the last time?
"Shouldn't we leave this town surrounded by hellfire?
How would we get away if the flames crossed our street?”
Lets cross our fingers and pray for a rainstorm savior
Get ready to pack your bags and hit the road
"I heard that the freeways have all been blocked off"
"We'll find a way if we have to, we have to have to now."
We're going to leave this town
You can't even see the sun
We're going to get away
As Highland burns down
Let's cross our fingers and pray for a rainstorm savior

Dolores Park

Written By: Blizzard

I could sing so many things and yet I stall
My ears ring as I climb hills to see them all in Dolores Park
Watching firework sparks fall and drift away
My phone rings, I fumble for it, then we connect
You tell me time’s of the essence, must be well spanned
What are friends for if not to help through torrents
Music is love
All these songs,
I've know them all along
Oh my God,
I've known this all along


Cannons and Clouds
"After All"
Produced: Michael Winger, Joshua Kane, and Zachary Blizzard
Engineered: Michael Winger

1. After All
2. Where Reality Has Me
3. Red Sullivan: An Ode to the South
4. The Lion and the Goat
5. Helga Takes Flight
6. Pink and Silver
7. Chameleons Migrate South
8. Pacific Coast Highway
9. Steady and Slow
10. Rainstorm Savior
11. Dolores Park

Select songs from this album can be listened to at and soon at

Select songs from this album are featured in live video form at: (Search using band name)

Cannons and Clouds
"The Slow EP"
Produced: Michael Winger, Joshua Kane, Zach Blizzard, and David Gale
Engineered: Michael Winger and David Gale

1. The Owls are Not What They Seem (Acoustic)
2. Chameleons Migrate South
3. Pacific Coast Highway (Alt. Version)
4. Helga Takes Flight
5. Rainstorm Savior

Build Us Airplanes/Cannons and Clouds
"Cassette Split S/T EP"
Side A: Produced & Engineered by Build Us Airplanes
Side B: Produced & Engineered by Michael Winger
Co-produced by Zachary Blizzard and Joshua Kane

Side A: Build us Airplanes
1. Counterweight
2. Home
3. Unravel
Side B:
1. Where Reality Has Me
2. Chameleons Migrate South
3. Pacific Coast Highway

Side A: Select songs from this side of the album can be heard at .
Side B: Select songs from this side of the album can be heard at and soon at .

Set List

Typical Set List:

1. LeVar Burton
2. Chameleons Migrate South
3. Gung-Fu
4. International Orange
5. Red Sullivan: An Ode to the South
6. Our Flags at Half Mast
7. Helga Takes Flight
8. Rainstorm Savior
9. Rinse
10. A Classic Tale of the Bearded Musician

Our set runs a maximum of ninety minutes and can be easily cut down to meet any determinable length.