Anthemic Indie Rock you can dance to.


the origins of canoe canoe are muddied with the elaborations best left to campfire stories.
because of this, here are the things i know to be true.

canoe canoe started during the one chicago snow storm in an otherwise surprisingly temperate winter, otto stuparitz and tony jones decided to record some simple pop songs in a rustic cabin once occupied by the legendary john dillinger. after summoning a spirit with candles made from the melted wax of a box of crayola crayons tony stole from the westboro baptist church and a ouija board found in the ashes of h.h. holmes lincoln park apartment, the spirit announced the band should be called canoe canoe.
otto and tony recorded the black sheep demos over the course of that week, trading with the locals of the town meat and produce they had garnered from nights of hunting and gathering in the dense forests in exchange for use of the town's few instruments. once the album was recorded it became abruptly apparent that they would need other musicians to play these songs live, in a matter of days they met a bible salesman by the name of john mahoney and convinced him that his lifes purpose was to play the bass in their band, and he did, he dropped the heavy sack of bibles on the steps of the local church and rode back to chicago with tony and otto. it was then that the search for a drummer became their single minded goal, weeks passed and no redeemable characters had surfaced. it wasn't until a traveling carnival came through the town of highwood which tony just happened to have been in due to a somewhat serendipitous flat tire, that tony met jordy who, at the time, was working the ring toss a the carnival to pay his way through internet night school to become a neurosurgeon in guatemala. but once again fate had intervened and after a number of beers and shots of whiskey the two became fierce friends and jordy quit the carnival and used his weeks pay to purchase a glowing drumset off of an elderly man who we later found out was billy corgan's father.

the band now seemed complete and they began working and writing new material and playing shows around the state, the music is best described and anthemic rock, chant, clap, you can't help but dance to it. they will be releasing a new ep on the last full moon before the great planetary alignment and pseudo-apocalypse.


The Black Sheep (EP)
Just Swim (demo)

Set List

standard depending on time + one new song every show.