Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Canopies make post-modern pop songs and all sorts of psychedelic wildness. Drop in and feel the dancey mind-lubing landscapes of their analogue synthesizers and echoey vocals. It’s music to play in a dark room by one’s self with only the light of a bubbling lava lamp but also powers all-night parties like a 10-story Tesla Coil.


Canopies are John Marston, Nolan Treolo, and Craig Leren. John and Nolan met two years ago after John’s previous band fell apart before a gig at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee. John used a street shout-out and found Nolan through accidental (or intended?) cosmic destiny. The plan to reassemble John’s original group was quickly abandoned and the two embarked on a new project that would become Canopies. Their search for a drummer lead them to fellow ethereal surfer Craig Leren. Finding Craig’s wave vibrations to be in sync with their own, he was asked to join Canopies in 2010.

Canopies sound comes from electronic oscillators quivering in all sorts of directions (especially Nolan’s Univox, that thing is insane!). It comes from untreated ADD and the fight to finish a song before the urge to play ping-pong grabs hold. It comes from the Berlin trilogy and The Beatles. It comes from (unpretentious) knob twiddling and staring at mini LCD screens for hours. It comes from taking vitamins and looking up to the spirit in the sky.


Canopies: [EP] -released May 21, 2011

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