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Canteca de Macao

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | MAJOR

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | MAJOR
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"Concert Review: Canteca de Macao in New York"

An eclectic choice for this year’s New York Flamenco Festival, popular Spanish rockers Canteca de Macao played a deceptively sophisticated, dizzyingly multistylistic show that was impossible to resist. America doesn’t have anything like these guys: their closest relative, and obvious precursor is the theatrical Mexican band El Tri. Ana, their frontwoman shifted effortlessly between a powerful, dramatic, slightly smoky contralto and a more lighthearted delivery that she used when the intensity level dipped a little. With a rhythm section that included two percussionists (on timbales, congas or cajon) it was obvious from the git-go that Canteca de Macao are first and foremost a party band – within a minute from the time they took the stage, the front rows were bouncing. Most of the upbeat numbers had a gypsy rock feel, spiced with a lot of playful tug-of-war between flute and lead guitar. Chiki, their acoustic guitarist – who also took lead vocals on several cuts – got to take all of one solo all night long, on one of the more overtly flamencoish numbers, and it turned out to be the best one of the evening.

It was a carnival ride of shifting tempos, slowing down into reggae or speeding up into ska, as they did on a number that lept from merengue into a brisk one-drop rhythm, sung by Juancho, their conguero. He may be a small guy, but as it turns out he’s also a babe magnet – and he knows it, as he told the crowd. Another gypsy rock tune bounced along on a bachata basssline that took a crescendoing swoop to the upper registers on the turnaround out of the verse. They worked brief rap interludes into a few songs, including a rapidfire kazoo-fueled anthem for fashion misfits everywhere. As good and diverse as their musicianship is, they don’t take themselves particularly seriously in the lyric department: “It doesn’t matter,” Ana and the rest of the band hollered defiantly on one of the best-received dance numbers. The first of the encores featured a smartly terse, flamenco-flavored bass solo; as they wound up the show, they broke songs down into halftime, sped them up again and threw out a handful of false endings until that device had been used to death. The crowd – a pleasantly surprising mix of nationalities and demographics, kids and others old enough to be their parents – didn’t want to let them go. It was something like a Gogol Bordello show in Spanish – a lot of the same tonalities, a brighter, more carefree vibe but the same kind of energy.

And while we’re at it, let’s big up the sound guys: the Highline is a great-sounding room to begin with, but you had a tough mix to deal with, all those mics onstage, and you delivered.
- Lucid Culture

"Flamenco Mestizo Band Canteca de Macao at New York Flamenco Festival 2010"

Canteca de Macao, one of the leading Spanish mestizo bands will perform at New York Flamenco Festival 2010 on Wednesday, February 17 at 8:00 PM. The Madrid-based Canteca de Macao has caused a stir in international music circles in recent years with its wild blend of flamenco, Gypsy rumba, rock, punk, reggae, salsa and jazz.

One of Spain's most popular live acts, the group makes each performance into an exciting and joyful party. For this program, the nine-member group, which includes a juggler, features selections from its new CD Agua pa' la tierra (Warner Music), which fervidly deals with life, the planet, water and wine. Video of Canteca de Macao - World Music Central


Cachai?- Warner Music 2005
Camino de la vida entera - Warner Music 2007
Agua pa la tierra - Warner Music 2009
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Canteca de Macao: the street on the stage
New Album "Agua pa la tierra" Warner Music (2010)
After one year away from the scene, and with two albums behind, Canteca de Macao presents their third album Agua pa la tierra with twelve songs regarding music, life, planet, water and wine. Away from predetermine styles Canteca de macao doesn´t do anything pure, no Flamenco, no rock, no ska, no punk, no heavy, no reggae, no salsa, no jazz, becoming this lack of pureness the most atractive virtue of this band and the key of succes among all kind of publics.
Heard in this album is all of the energy one experiences at one of their more than 90 live concerts all over the world each year. "Musica" makes a fitting opening track with latin sounds, flamenco tones and an unforgettable chorus. It invites you to the party. Then it is the lyrics of some tracks, such as "Madriz" and "Seva no y novuelve" that make the most impact. "Agatea" transports us as in a scene from a film soundtrack. "La lumbre" is an emotional and elegant lullaby.
Canteca de macao gets us moving again as it talks to us of love in "Jazzmin" with its mixture of african and latin rythms with a dash of rock & roll.
Canteca de Macao proves in this album a positive evolution that accompanied with the fervor of their live shows, wont leave anybody with indifference.