Brandon Scott and Kimberly Ann joined forces when they realized they shared the same hallucinatory vision - A vision of lush, purple fields of fancy, upon which laughter echoes with boundless joy. Escape the banal on a journey of kaleidoscopic transcendence with music that delights and mystifies.


Having just begun playing on the Chicago scene in December 2005, Canteen has been generating a lot of intrigue with their huge sound and unorthodox set-up of guitar, keyboard and drum machine. Frequently drawing comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins and even The Free Design, Canteen has been playing a steady stream of gigs to a growing audience at some of Chicago's top venues, including Subterranean and the Double Door, as well as being featured on WLUW Radio. They are currently in the process of recording a new album and shopping their self-titled EP to indie labels.


We have created and produced a self-titled EP.

Set List

(Set runs approximately 40 minutes)
1. Beware of You
2. Down in the Gutter
3. Dream Breather
4. Flashback from Tomorrow
5. Julio's Morning Ensemble
6. Spirit in a Shell
7. Dark Night
8. Thunderfest
9. Somewhere Beyond