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Can't Hang

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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"Quotes About "Blood Sweat and Beers""

"Simply stated - Blood, Sweat & Beers is as addictive a record as you're gonna hear. This is the final piece to the puzzle that will launch Can't Hang beyond local success - PLAY this record!"
–Mike Matthews, Program Director 89.7 WTMD

"The new cd is killer!"
–Neci, On Air Personality 105.7 WHFS

"Thoroughly enjoyable, fun and totally danceable, Blood, Sweat and Beers
is the perfect soundtrack to a summer full of ups, downs, and good times."
– Gabby Lefort, Down The Road Webzine

- Various Sources

""The hook is so snazzy it’ll end up as a Facebook status update if you listen to it a few times!""

Don’t let the Metallica-esque title cover confuse you, Can’t Hang is not a tribute band .

Amalgamating elements of punk, thrash, ska, rock and reggae, Can’t Hang feels like the best parts of bands like Sum 41, Sublime and Green Day and as a result, they find a style all their own. On this 12-track effort, there is not a throw-away track, as each song has its own flavor, making it not only a great album, but one you’ll want to listen to over and over.

This band, consisting of Luke Mysko [vocals], Steve Lynch, [guitars] Rob Eisenhut [bass] and Alex Crowley [drums] have been together for a decade, but make no mistake about it, if you haven’t heard of them yet, this album is a great introduction to their talent and ability.

Rock Tease: This instrumental song is exactly that, as it’s just a little over a minute and shows off the musicianship of Lynch, Eisenhut and Crowley and gets you geared up for the rest of the album. A great guitar riff powers this track, but the bass and drums rocks pretty damn hard as well.

Just For You: A track about a woman at a club, dancing to the music of the band, this song screams old school reggae meets Sublime. Catchy from start to finish, thanks to solid and free-flowing lyrics, Mysko’s singing and again, great musicianship from the rest of the band, this is easily the best song on the album. A track that will both cheer you up and get you ready for a night out on the town, it’s best played with someone by your side to groove with.

Wait a Minute: With a Blink-182-esque feeling in the beginning, once Mysko begins singing, the song has a ska/punk feel to it that you’ll fall in love with. Infectious lyrics, hypnotizing drums and great supporting guitar and bass make this another fun track that you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

95: Lynch’s favorite song on the album, this track has almost a Rascal Flatts feel to it. Mysko absolutely makes this piece a winner, as he flows through the lyrics like water. Add in horns that slow things down a bit and you have a ska staple that begs for you to listen.

Smile: It starts off rough, but with the addition of the keyboard and the Jamaican-styled changes Lysko makes to his voice, this piece feels like a tribute to Bob Marley and the Wailers. Again, the musicianship is solid as everything flows into each other and Lysko and Lynch steal the show with great singing and a nifty as hell guitar solo.

Don’t Exist: This song feels like “I Shot the Sheriff,” but with more fire. The hook is so snazzy it’ll end up as a Facebook status update if you listen to it a few times. Showing off their hard rock/alternative roots through the first thirty seconds, the song morphs into a ska/punk classic that ends up being the most eclectic song on the album.

They Don’t Sell Beer in Victorville: Punk personified, this song deviates from the formula many of the other songs follow, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Written after a bad gig, it’s an anthem for any upcoming band that has had their share of rotten experiences on the road. Showing the band can play any type of style, Can’t Hang shows they can do punk just as good as ska. No easy task at all.

Tour: The hardest song on the album, this track proves the band can thrash and that Crowley is one heck of a drummer and Eisenhut’s fingers must have been stolen from the Flash. Lysko’s vocals are at their weakest here, as the song doesn’t exactly suit his style, but he still pulls it off and with another molten-hot solo from Lynch, this song ends up working.

Strangers at Your Funeral: A great track that is powered by an excellent hook, Lysko’s singing and cool guitar effects by Lynch. Simply put, the lyrics here are smooth, but also thought-provoking-“Why would I die, if I could fly?” With stellar drumming as well, this piece is another reggae/ska staple that gives the album even more depth.

Fish Eye: Sweet-sounding guitar and the type of drumming that would want you to go learn the instrument power this tune that Lysko again shows his ability, going from a reggae singer to rap/rocker.

Victim Song: The weakest song on the album, it’s still solid thanks to fantastic drumming and a guitar line that by itself is super cool. Good lyrics help the cause as well, even though Lysko’s voice sounds a bit different on this one, wanting you to listen to one of his better tracks on the CD.

Ride the Lightrail:There’s a ton of energy on this track, but despite that, it also, is not one of the best songs on the album. All the components are there musically, but lyrically it doesn’t resonate the same passion as tracks like “95,” “Just for You,” and “Wait a Minute.” -


After delivering two excellent EPs (Coast to Coast & Sound in Time) and one of the better sounding live albums I have ever heard (Live in Charm City), I was pretty excited when I was finally unwrapping the first full-length Can’t Hang album, Blood Sweat & Beers.

While the album may only feature 10 tracks, most rollercoaster through reggae, punk and rock all within the one song resulting in the album sounding truly epic. It’s certainly going to take me a few listens to really absorb all the intricate playing Can’t Hang has delivered here. Just listen to the opening track Close My Eyes for all the different styles and moods the band attacks. Not to let up, the following Trouble and Destruction Train are probably the most rocking songs the band has recorded to date. The punk elements are as tight and aggressive as hell, none of this Fall Out Boy pussy crap here.

It’s really only when you get to the last two tracks in Escape and Better By Tomorrow where the band lets things wind down a little and allow the proceedings take on a more gentler closer.

While long time Can’t Hang members Luke Mysko (vocals), Steve Lynch (guitars) and Rob Eisenhut (bass) continue to improve on past performances, it would be amiss of me not to give a specific mention on how creative the drumming is on this album. The duties are shared by producer Jerome Maffeo and Alex Crowley and the work alone on the intro to One Drop needs to be heard to be believed.

It is indeed satisfying when you follow a band for many years like I have with Can’t Hang, to see them grow and improve on each release. Blood Sweat & Beers is easily the band’s best work to date.

Reviewed by Pilipo

"Down The Road Webzine"

Turn off your computer, stop listening to depressing, angsty music: summer is here. And what says summer better than a warm blend of rock and reggae? A smooth, steady beat, jittery guitars and a crooning voice- hey look, you’ve already tanned a little. With their third album in tow, fourth if you count the live recordings, and sold out shows in their native Maryland, the boys of Can’t Hang have taken their sweet time but definitely gained momentum.

Close My Eyes, the first track, shows off the band’s reggae roots and impressive skills. Despite a painfully long solo outro, it’s a great way to kick off the CD. And when Trouble comes around, there’s no escaping it. Don’t be mistaken, the fast-as-you-can introduction tells nothing about what’s to come, and the catchy chorus is enough to make listeners wonder if it still is the same song. "I gotta know, is this thing on?" Asks Luke Mysko in Destruction Train. After two rounds of reggae, we are served with a quick-paced, hard-hitting mix of ska and old school punk. Ironically enough, Rock and Roll is, well, not rock at all, taking us back to the good ‘ole reggae formula, topped with some hard-hitting guitars towards the end. Fast forward to one of the record’s best songs, One Drop, and its dramatic tales of alcohol and dependence, the quiet choruses of Peace, the wanna-be French romance of L’Amour, the consistency of the band becomes impressive. Song after song, Can't Hang delivers catchy hooks and eyebrow-raising riffs.

Thoroughly enjoyable, fun and totally danceable, Blood, Sweat and Beers is the perfect soundtrack to a summer full of ups, downs, and good times. - Down The Road Webzine


Ride the Lightrail - 2009
Blood Sweat & Beers - 2007
Live In Charm City - 2004
Sound In Time - 2001
Coast To Coast - 2000



Over the past 10 years, Can't Hang have played all over the USA, leaving behind them a trail of broken beer bottles, broken hearts, hangovers and a solid fan-base in their wake. With a DIY attitude and no major label support, this Baltimore based quartet has toured the country numerous times, selling over 25,000 CD's on their own and over 100,000 songs online to date.

Their latest album release, "Ride The Lightrail," has charted as high as number 12 on the iTunes reggae chart. From the reggae hit "95" to the ska/punk influenced "Wait A Minute", "Ride The Lightrail" is a must have party album guaranteed to become your soundtrack for the Summer.

So how does an unsigned act continue to gain notoriety and fame with no label support? The answer is simple: Can't Hang is just plain awesome.

With a wide inspiration ranging from Dennis Brown to NOFX, Can't Hang can light up any room and convert even the most stringent naysayers into dancing, partying fiends. This Reggae/Punk hybrid band has made it solely on the merit of their music and their live show, and they refuse to slow down. They are not in it for the fortune and fame. Their mission is to be the greatest party band you have ever seen and all of their success to date is a result of that mantra.

The boys have shared the stage with pretty much every big name reggae artist in the biz, including Toots & the Maytals, Steel Pulse, Ziggy, Stephen and Damien Marley, Barrington Levy, Yellowman, The Wailers, the Original Wailers, and John Brown's Body just to name a few. They've also played with many rock artists including Blondie, Sum 41, Fishbone, State Radio, Long Beach Short Bus, The Expendables, and more.

Can't Hang will be touring throughout the rest of 2010, as well as writing and recording new material for an album due in 2011.

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