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Cantor Joel Fox is an internationally known performer and entertainer. His repertoire includes English, Hebrew, Ladino & Yiddish songs in a variety of styles. Cantor Joel Fox is available for all types of performances and celebrations - festivals, fundraisers, concerts, corporate events and parties.


Cantor Joel Fox grew up in Dallas, Texas in an enthusiastic home filled with a love of Judaism and music. As a young boy, he demonstrated a great deal of interest in music and singing. His early activities included performing in theater groups, playing the piano, and participating in synagogue choir.

At age fourteen, Joel and his family moved to Israel. After completing his studies at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, Joel Fox attended the Israel Institute of Cantorial Art where he learned with internationally known cantors such as Naftali Hershtik, Eli Jaffe and Moshe Stern. From 1989 until 1992 Fox served in the Israel Defense Force as a member of their acclaimed Rabbinical Army Choir.

In 1992 Joel Fox moved back to the United States and became the Cantor at the Jacksonville Jewish Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Five years later, Fox moved to California, where he worked and performed in both San Diego and Los Angeles. Throughout his career, Joel Fox has traveled and given concerts across the globe for a variety of audiences. As an accomplished pianist and entertainer, Fox's repertoire includes traditional and contemporary music in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. With his father Rabbi Edward Fox, Joel Fox recorded "Cantors Fox Together." Fox's most recent recordings are "Oh Say Shalom" and "Ahava". Fox is currently recording another cd to accompany his 2007 tour "Bagels and Apple Pie - Jewish Music in Hometown America."

Today, Cantor Joel Fox is a proud member of the Cantors Assembly, the largest body of Hazzanim in the world. He is the head Cantor at Ahavath Achim Synagogue in Atlanta, Georgia.



"Cantors Fox Together" (1995)

Cantor Joel Fox and his father Rabbi/Cantor Edward Fox recorded this memorable album in Jacksonville, Florida early in Cantor Fox's career. Some of the songs have been more recently re-recorded with a female vocalist, Kathy Baum, on Cantor Fox's recent album "Ahavah". The Cantors display a variety of styles on the album, singing in Hebrew, English and Yiddish.

- Medley (Folk/Various)
- Va'ani (Cantor Joel Fox)
- Tallit (S. Noiman)
- Jerusalem is Mine (Kenny Karen)
- Lechi lach (Debbie Friedman)
- Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Avrom Goldfaden)
- Wedding (Folk/Various)
- Sheheceyanu (Tzvika Pick)
- Selichot

"Oh Say Shalom" (1999) (re-release 2007)

Oh Say Shalom is a collection of traditional and contemporary Jewish songs and medleys. The theme of the album is Shalom, but included as well are songs about love and heartfelt prayer. Cantor Fox performs in a variety of styles on the album, singing in Hebrew, English and Ladino.

- Abanibi (Ehud Manor/Nurit Hirsch)
- Shalom Medley: Shalom Al Yisraeil / Sim Shalom / Ani Nolad'ti L'shalom / Shalom Aleichem / Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem / Oseh Shalom (Folk/Various)
- Sim Shalom (Michael Isaacson)
- Shabchi (Avihu Medina )
- Los Bilbilicos (Folk)
- Say Shalom (Larry Kaplan)
- Avinu Malkeinu (Max Janowski )
- Al Kol Eileh (Naomi Shemer)
- Shabbat Medley: Uv'yom HaShabbat / Yism'chu / V'taheir Libeinu (Folk)

"Ahavah" (2007)

Ahavah is part compilation cd, and part live recording and part re-release. Cantor Joel Fox sings together with exceptional vocalist Kathy Baum in two of the pieces originally recorded with Fox's father. Two of the songs are from the original "Cantors Fox Together" recording, two are from the "Oh Say Shalom" recording. Hello Again and Va'ani T'filati were both recorded live in concert in Atlanta, GA in February of 2007. Ahavah, which means love, includes songs about love, lullaby and prayer. The album brings together a variety of languages and styles including Hebrew, Ladino, English and Yiddish.

- Wedding Medley (Folk/Various)
- Hello Again (Neil Diamond)
- Va'ani T'filati (Cantor Joel Fox)
- Al Kol Eileh (Naomi Shemer)
- Jerusalem is Mine (Kenny Karen)
- Los Bilbilicos (Folk)
- Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Abraham Goldfaden)
- Sheheceyanu (Tzvika Pick)


Cantor Joel Fox's music can be heard on various television and radio programs, including WMLB AM1690 - The Voice of the Arts in Atlanta, JewishRoots Radio on, and Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.
His music is broadcast internationally on the Internet and newly emerging radio stations such ZFM (Zion Radio FM) in New Zealand. He has recorded music for the AIBTV Network and has been featured as a live performer on and Good Day Atlanta on the FOX Network. Cantor Joel Fox continues to appear on and pursue radio and television appearances regularly.


BAGELS AND APPLE PIE - Jewish Music in Hometown America

Jewish Music has been woven into the tapestry of America since it's inception, and it continues to have a solid influence across our nation. Areas with large Jewish populations often have the opportunity to experience the Ruach (Spirit) that a live performance can bring to any community.

Cantor Joel Fox is now booking concert locations for his "Bagels & Apple Pie - Jewish Music in Hometown America Tour" in the Spring and Summer of 2007.

Cantor Fox wants to bring his music to every community in America and will come to your hometown and put on a once-in-a-lifetime performance. In order to make it possible for every community to participate, his booking fee will be adjusted to appropriately accommodate the size of your venue.

If you would like your community to participate in this unique and special opportunity, please contact Natalie about booking at 404-849-4356 or email her at

Set List

A custom tailored set list will be made available for any variety of venue.

Cantor Fox's various styles include but are not limited to:

World Music

Folk Rock




Jewish and Israeli




Adult Contemporary

and Much More...