We are four teenagers with a passion for complex and catchy music. With diverse backgrounds and musical upbringings, we each bring something unique to the songwriting process. We are ambitious and hope to give our music to as many people as possible. We are always looking for new places to play.


Music runs in our veins! We're young, but we've always gone about things as if we are not. We've been brought up on music like pop, punk, ska, metal, folk, prog, jazz and hip hop and these influences produce unique music in a basement in the suburbs. We simply want to rise above where we are and who we are as musicians, constantly invoke progress without letting go of our true selves. We are always inspired by experimentation. We have been playing together for over 3 years. In the process we have become our own entity and we constantly strive musical individuality. We do not want to be a part of a genre, a scene, an image, or a movement. It is our music that is first and foremost to us and we hope it is this way to our listeners.


Cantrev Caffidor EP (2005)
-The Fork at the Path
-A Dream at Rest
-Tanto Morta

Break the Sound EP (2006)
-Holding Radios
-My Mind's Art
-Exercising Timetables

Lady Starpower Ep (2007)
-Writing To Hear
-Taran Wanderer

Move Like Time Single (2007)

and our Upcoming Full Length Album (which is being recorded right now)..."Encompass"

Set List

Our typical set list varies because we have so many songs. we try to mix old songs with new, so it can vary between all of the songs listed under our discography. and our sets depend on how much time we are given, but if we played all of our songs, we could play for maybe an hour and a half or more.