Winder, Georgia, USA
BandCountryClassic Rock

Cantuswise and Freedom -- reflective sounds from the past.
All Original High Energy Classic Rock And Roll With A 21st Century Message. Of Blues, Rock, And Country


Cantuswise has become one of the characters for The Freedom Band. "Cantus" means messenger in the gift of music. "Wise" is the truths within the Freedom Band's message. The Patriots and the members play a strong role in our performances.
The bands root core is about freedom and how it plays a part to express in every way. Simply getting behind an idea and running with it. The genre of classic rock, Rythem and blues, and country. It really lets us be free. Combining real life stories of everyday life, just getting people to relate to something they have experienced is what it’s all about. "Cantuswise and Freedom" is an extension of a combination of all great performers and entertainers from times past, the tradition moves on. So we are trying to keep the dream of freedom alive through the gift of music.



Written By: BRENT LEE

Somewhere back in old liver pool
There were four geting ready to rock
They had no idea when they played those smokey rooms
That the world was in for a shock
And the beatles made the bus
Mercey beat echoed off the cave walls
They were having a hard days night
Then love me do went straight to number one
It was time for the over seas flight
When they landed
They landed it for sure
Bringing music back home
And the beatles made the bus
Mistery tour down penny lane
Across the strawberry feilds
The apple fell off the apple tree
And they just "Let It Be"
And the beatles made the bus


Currenty Brent Lee Is A Unsigned Artist, With Past Recordings From Local Studios In the Atlanta Area.
Songs Composed By Brent Lee For Demos Are as Follows.
* Get On The Train And Stay
* Georgia Moon
* Aunt Pearl
* Moon Shine
* I Got The Blues Babe
* Sweet America
* Fight Song
* Alligator-Alligator
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