Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan

Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan


We play spazz-prog / no-wave / free / experimental / avant-garde / twenty-first-century / pre-post-fake jazz ...but in a punk-rock way.


Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan is made up of veterans of the Chapel Hill/Durham, NC music scene, dating back to before its alleged heyday of the early 1990's.

We have played in bands like Analogue, Polycarp, Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix, Cold Sides, BeatlesS, and Blue-green Gods. But, we've played together as CGJ longer than we were in any of these groups.

CGJ sounds like a (possibly imbalanced) combination of all our previous projects: kind of a spastic, complex, fast, dynamic, occasionally free punk rock: sort of a synthesis of The Minutemen, US Maple, X-Ray Spex, and Raymond Scott.

Over the years, we've been lucky enough to play over 150 shows around the south and east coast (mostly in North Carolina), and with almost every important noise/postpunk/avant garde band of the last several years: US Maple, Arab on Radar, Xiu Xiu, Wolf Eyes, Deerhoof, Battles, Sightings, Les George Leningrad, Parts & Labor, The USAISAMONSTER, Nautical Almanac, Erase Errata, Des Ark, Need New Body, Ex-Girl, Eugene Chadbourne, Cerberus Shoal, Cheer-Accident, White Mice, Pit Er Pat, Orthrelm, Mike Watt, Ahleuchatistas, Numbers, Tyondai Braxton, Kingsbury Manx, Coughs, Extreme Animals, and tons more.

We love to play shows; that's where we shine. Please contact us if you'd like us to come to your club/bar/house/record store/radio station/whatever.



1) Self-titled long-playing CD on Chapel Hill, NC's Hypno-Vista Records. (2003)

2) Split 7" with The Nein on Chapel Hill, NC's Sit-n-spin Records (2005)

3) "We Are Not at the Opera" CDEP on Durham, NC's 307 Knox Records (2006)

4) "Hot Licks and Rhetoric" CDEP on 307 Knox Records

...and several compilation appearances, including WXYC's "Bandwidth" and Pox World Empire's "Compulation Vol. 1."

Set List

We typically play for about 25-35 minutes. Sometimes we'll play a cover, but it's mostly original music.