emotionally soothing, catchy tunes, mixture of strong vocals, powerfull rock guitar and regueton vocal parts.


Raul and Pipo are two young boys originally from Ecuador. In 2000 they came to America and after six years of hard work they finally got their melody right and put it together on this new and fresh album. Their influences are from their salsa and pop spanish artists like Ruben Blades, Mana or Juanes to the American rock guitar heroes such as slash or lenny Kravitz. They also added a new flavor to the music which is the regueton, with a feature reguetton vocal artist in each song. All this together makes Canvas a very interesting new concept in spanish music with posibilities of expanding internationaly in the future.


Canvas, is our first serious work, consists of 12 songs, completely in spanish, four power ballads and eight up beat very catchy tunes.

Set List

Depending on how much stage time the band has, goes up to 12 songs, we don't do any covers.