CANVAS is a high energy band with a unique mixture of soul, rock, and pop. With Trey's strong vocals and acoustic guitar work, David's amazing guitar leads, Russ's thumping but smooth bass lines, and Justin's beats that come at you with passion making you wanting more, makes this band a must see!


In the summer of 2001, Trey, David and Russ met through a mutual friend to discuss forming a band and sharing their love of God with others. Their desire to follow God’s will in their lives combined with their love of music began a journey neither one could have imagined. With no name, no drummer and no real practice space they continued playing and honing their sound while trusting in God to help them find their drummer and direct their paths where He wanted them.

July 2003 during practice, Trey’s wife came across the name Canvas while reading in a book, and the guys, with their 2nd drummer, knew they had their name. As 2003 was coming to a close Canvas found Justin, who joined as the new drummer to complete the sound and complete what God had started two years earlier.

With their new name, new drummer and a new practice space, Canvas was perfecting their sound and writing their own songs. As their sound matured, they began gigging more giving them an opportunity to share what God was doing in their lives. With their first demo cut, and through God’s prompting, Canvas was given the opportunity to perform and win Saturday’s Atlanta Fest Talent Search in 2004 allowing Canvas to play on the main stage that afternoon before Third Day took to the stage that night. Encouraged by this victory, the guys decided it was time to pursue recording their first project. By the end of 2004 Canvas had raised enough money to start the recording process. Seven months and after many hours spent in the studio, Canvas had finished recording, and on October 10, 2005 their debut album, Here Is Your Time, was released.

While Canvas was recording their CD, Trey was brought on as worship leader for Liberty Hill Church in Canton, GA – a suburb of Atlanta, GA. You can now find Trey, David, Justin and Russ helping lead worship each Sunday at Liberty Hill.

With the birth of their debut album, “Here Is Your Time,” Canvas is ready and hungry to share their creation with you. This album has something for everybody. It shows that they love to dig deep into the heart of music and attach it to the human soul. God’s glorification is the foundation on which the band was originated. This four-piece group’s mission is to bring worship and glory to Jesus Christ through a powerful medium with music and song. The style is a melodic blend of a vast array of influences culminating in a myriad of sound varying from rock to soul to pop. For the band, any size and type venue is an opportunity to bring a positive message in an amiable manner from festivals to youth retreats; Canvas can help you deliver a great event.


Here Is Your Time - 2005