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Westport, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Westport, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter





There are a handful of voices that you can always remember where you were the first time you heard them, especially in person. It was in the most unlikely of venues, complete with a door that kept swinging open to allow noise to drown out what we were all trying to listen to, when that husky, deep-spirited voice of singer/songwriter, Canyon came careening down the mountain of sound to permanently imprint itself upon that part of the brain which enjoys music the most. And after her long-awaited debut album was finally unleashed, after what has seemed like a hundred enjoyable listens, it remains that this voice and the songs that it sings are still leaving tiny spiritual imprints.

Anyone who has seen Canyon live has probably seen just that – a solitary woman in the stylish hat and her acoustic guitar telling stories and slinging advice to anyone smart enough to pay attention. But on her debut, Half, released at the tail end of 2014, Canyon fills her sound with an exceptional backing band, even adding accompaniments as varied as cello , vibraphone, and Wurlitzer. For songs that can be downright mesmerizing when played solo, it’s a refreshing experience to be able to hear them with maximum backing and not be put off by everything else going on. Where Canyon has succeeded is not just being a songwriter, albeit a damn good one, but also as a band leader.

Half is the type of album that even after a myriad of listens doesn’t lose a single ounce of excitement or energy. From the first sensual notes of album opener, “One Way Road” to the very last whispers of album closer, “Inch”, Canyon is a downright combustible blend of seductive mysticism and spiritual awareness. She weaves through each tune like someone with way more experiences than her relatively young age has let on, that sort of ‘old soul’ ethos that the best folk singers possess. She is a troubadour secure in her own skin and her own craft and she picks and croons her way through eleven tracks of elegant, pop-infused, indie folk.

Canyon has truly constructed the full package on this album – gorgeous poetry and tremendous songwriting, delivered with aplomb, and given a treatment of lush production. But make no mistake, whether delivered with the full package of bells and whistles or standing on stage to face the crowd alone, Canyon, her voice and her words and her ability to construct a truly memorable song are the flower-filled centerpiece at this dinner table. She’s a songwriter with a potent arsenal of music and the hope here is that we continue to hear more of it in the future. - Chip McCabe

"Canyon is MZ’s Indie Music Artist of the Month – December 2014"

Often people can’t really understand what something is until they are presented a comparison or a fusion of concepts. To help pique your interest and actually listen to the songs and voice of Canyon, I will promise you an intriguing raspy voice on clever understated tracks that sound like a mix of Nora Jones and Lykke Li with themes comparable to Jewel and Tracy Chapman. I wanted to get a better sense of the voice behind these airy, but powerful recordings. Here is the interview with the artist known as Canyon. Please tell us a bit about the person behind the music
Canyon: I turned 30 in September and wouldn’t go back to living in my 20’s for anything. I consider myself a songwriter before being a singer or guitarist. My favorite color is blue (slate-blue to be exact). Personality tests say that I’m an extrovert but I would swear that I’m not. I have a dog, cat and husband and they are the joys of my life. I live in Westport, CT and am currently a NE regional artist playing in NY, CT, MA, RI but mostly PA.

MZ: What drives the music that you make?
Canyon: I’m inspired by the common experiences we all share as humans. From the tragedies to the victories and everything in between- that’s what I write about. I consider myself a storyteller of the human experience, since everything about life inspires me.

MZ: When did you begin performing?
Canyon: I wrote my first song in 2nd grade called “The Pineapple Express” (this was WAY before the movie) inspired by a tropical storm that hit my small hometown in Northern California at the time. I’ve been writing on and off since then but officially quit my job to do it full time two years ago.

MZ: What’s next for Canyon?
Canyon: I was just approached to start songwriting for other artists on a small label based out of NYC. I’m working on my first one now. Other than that, I’m keeping my eyes/ears and heart open to the universe trying to find people/situations that will work in harmony with my artistic vision. In the meantime, I continue to work on my craft, hone my skills and play as many shows as I can. I figure, if I build it- they will come. - Music Zeitgeist


Debut album from part time CT resident and an amazing singer/songwriter, this is the type of album you digest slowly over multiple listens. It’s not because it’s hard to digest, on the contrary, it’s so entirely filled with memorable moments that one listen simply will not suffice. Lush and emotional vocals combined with sensual lyrics and some mesmerizing compositions make this album one of the better ones released from the CT borders (at least partly) this year. - Chip McCabe

"Local acts head to New Jersey for Bamboozle, Hoodwinked fests"

Three Connecticut acts that competed in a recent battle of the bands have earned spots on the side stages this weekend at festivals in New Jersey.

Sleeping Lessons (above), a pop-punk quartet (with three high-school students) from Old Saybrook, performs Friday at the Hoodwink Festival in East Rutherford New Jersey.

That festival is a warm-up of sorts for the Bamboozle, which takes place Saturday and Sunday. Naugautuck power-pop quintet To Write a Riot plays Saturday, and Westport acoustic duo Canyon. plays Sunday.

They were the top three finishers in a field of 29 bands that slugged it out at the Wilton Teen Center in a competition sponsored by the Break Contest.

By Eric R. Danton - Hartford Courant

"For Swan Day, women and their art take center stage" - The Bristol Observer

"For Swan Day, women and their art take center stage" - The Bristol Observer

"Women Get Stage To Themselves at Arts Festival"

One of the largest arts festivals in the area is coming to the East Hartford Community Cultural Center on March 26.

SWAN (Supporting Women Artists Now) Day is celebrating its fourth year in Connecticut. This year will bring a new mix of musicans, crafters, painter, sculptors, dancers, and artists of other media.

Coordinator Jennifer Hill said the Cultural Center suits the festival rather well, and she hopes East Hartford becomes SWAN's permanent home.

The centerpiece of the festival is the main music stage. Performing artists are scheduled to include She Eats Planets, The Grimm Generation, Sarah LeMieux, SisterFunk, Canyon, Addie Brownlee, The And Band, Laura Ganci,Waking Elliot and Hill's own band, Jennifer Hill and Co. All of them, except for Canyon and Brownlee are from Connecticut.

"We have always taken the grassroot philosophy when it comes to life, especially music," said Denise Troy of Sister Funk. "We believe that a fortress is nothing without a strong foundation, so [we]encourge and empower. Being an all-female band we couldn't be more proud and thrilled to be participating in an event dedicated to the acknowledgement and support of women artists."

Part of that community-minded inclusion, locally-supplied refreshments will also be available.

East Hartford brewery Ten Penny Ale, concessions from the EHCCC, and caterer Pin-Up Girl Catering will each have food and/or beverage stations at the event.

The event runs from 6 -11:30 p.m. on March 26 at 50 Chapman Place, East Hartford. Admission is $12.

For more information, visit or - ReminderNews


HALF - 2014



Hailing from Westport, Connecticut, Canyon stands out as a singer/songwriter with powerful vocals and honest lyrics, earning her recognition for Song of the Year at the 2015 CT Music Awards. While consistently writing and infrequently recording, her musical journey has unfolded over the years through various projects, amassing an extensive unreleased song catalog. A skilled live performer, Canyon masterfully keeps audiences engaged, injecting humor between thoughtful and passionately sung ballads that cover the vast array of human experiences.

Named by her mother after lyrics from Neil Young's "Thrasher," Canyon grew up in Northern California, drawing inspiration from artists like Cat Stevens, Tracy Chapman, Sarah McLachlan, and the Indigo Girls. Her musical influences shaped her adventurous spirit, leading her to move to New York City on her 18th birthday.

After years of touring and releasing her full-length album, "Half," in 2014, Canyon took a hiatus dedicated to motherhood. Now, she returns with a renewed artistic vision, currently immersed in recording her upcoming album, "Home," slated for a summer 2024 release. She promises another chapter of soul-stirring melodies and compelling storytelling about life, time, and the perspective of parenting.

Not only a songwriter but also a seasoned performer, Canyon's live shows are an engaging blend of humor and heartfelt exploration of universal human experiences that will leave you feeling inspired, moved, and validated in your own experience.

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