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Tallahassee, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Tallahassee, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop Progressive




"Cap 6 shows potential in opening act"

Opening up the night’s event was the first task on CAP 6 members’ mind in this year’s Last Call Before Fall event, a showcase which also featured Pell and Earl Sweatshirt.

“It’s a whole different ball game because we set the tempo for the rest of the night,” said CAP 6’s Hakeem Furious on the responsibility of premiering the concert—a feat the group had not done for some while now.

However long it may have been since CAP 6 opened an event, performing on stage was clearly something they were adept to and showed in their hour long set which with little time, had the campus crowd swaying and bumping to their music’s rhythm. Also featured in last year’s LCBF with Vince Staples, CAP 6 certainly had the right credentials and poise to service the night. When reminiscing of performing in FSU, member, Intricate, describes the atmosphere as “one of my favorite places to perform in Tally,” adding that, “FSU always shows mad love, consistently.”

Like a newly perched plaque to their trophy case, CAP 6 adds the name Earl Sweatshirt to an already impressive résumé, earning again a significant mark to their growing careers. Following this great step, CAP 6’s next move will be the Gaines Street Festival where they will be curating their own set up, performances and featured artists. And so, if their future is as bright as the aura they create on stage, CAP 6 is certainly one act not to sleep on. - Milan Ben-Yair

"The Fruit of Capital6’s Labor"

Florida A&M University has more talent walking on its campus then the student body knows about. Capital 6 has been hiding under our noses. It is about time that they receive some well-deserved attention as a hip-hop collective of five independent artists.
Capital 6, also known as “Cap6” is more than a hip-hop group from Florida; they are seen as a group of conscious lyricists. The group members are five young men: Crimson (Josh Brown), Intricate (Ephraim Riggins), Brasco (Donovan Blot), Rob Ohtis (Robert Drake Young), and Hakeem Furious (Andre Marteen).
The Hip-Hop collective showcases their talents in their second collaborative project, “Summer Jelly Vol. 2: Harvest Season”. The collaborative project was released just in time to have their dynamic tracks part of the Homecoming pre-gaming playlist.
Each member approached each track differently, creating 14 cohesive tracks of expressive hip-hop, as conscious artists. It was only natural for the project focus to be current and relatable issues such as: like politics, race and just partying on Perry Street.
Cap6 is crafting music into their own version of futuristic hip-hop with influences from the old school hip-hop.
Intricate stated, “This was a soundtrack to receiving blessings.”
The remixed J.R Swinga’ "Chocolate City,” has a sense of solidarity and self-love that gives the track a funkadelic rhythm. Other tracks such as “Party on Perry St, “Heads Up”, and “Social Commentary” showcase the collective’s range of style and natural flow ability that Cap6 can deliver.
Intricate compares the rap group to icons in the hip-hop world and reflects on the final project. “My crew lane is like the Pharcyde meets Wu-Tang."
“The motive behind this was enjoying the fruits of our labor thus Harvest Season,” added Intricate.
The mixtape highlights their college experience of parties and distractions, but still expresses their independent artist desire for success in their family, school, and work life.
“We’ve sown so many seeds of growth and the project was the display of that growth,” stated Intricate.
Cap6 have opened for hot new artist like ILoveMakonnen, Vince Staples also Hip-Hop legend, KRS one.
The group of independent artists see themselves as organic lyricists with a new flavor to feed to their fans ears.
Cap6 responded to their fans via twitter, “Every artist has a small group of supporters that goes hard for them until their seeds bore fruit. We appreciate you all.” - Chaddrica Burr

"iLoveMakonnen takes us to The Moon, on a Thursday"

Headlining at The Moon this past Thursday was hip-hop artist iLoveMakonnen. Promoted on campus weeks prior by FSU organization and event curator, Union Productions gave interested students strong anticipation for the forthcoming event. Rightfully so, as Union Productions is the organization responsible for many of the past star-studded local performances and events, notably Com Truise, Kendrick Lamar and most recently, Vince Staples. iLoveMakonnen, arguably their most prominent recent get, gave incentive to Union Productions to shift their venue from the usual Club Downunder to The Moon, a setting more befitting the concert.

Second out on stage and last before the main ticket, was hip-hop group proclaimed as Capital6, or Cap6. Self described as a “lyricist collective,” Cap6 is made up of six members: Crimson, Intricate, Donny Brasco, A.P, Rob Ohtis and Hakeem Furious. Their music along with performances create demanding content, worthy of investment. In their opportunity to introduce iLoveMakonnen, Cap6 made a strong impression as a group worth looking more into. - Milan Ben-Yair


C R I M S O N- The Gawd (2013) 
Intricate- Elements of Hip-Hop (2014)
Hakeem Furious- Leaky Nostrils Monogamous Swans (2014)
Capital 6- Cap 6 Summer Jelly (2014)
Intricate- OG Totes (2014)
Brasco- ill-Mannered (2015)
Rob Ohtis- OHTIS is ENERGY (2015)
Cap 6 Summer Jelly Vol 2. (2015)



Who is CAP 6? Consisting of Rob Ohtis, Hakeem Furious, joshua, Intricate, and Donny Blot, this dynamic collective group of lyricists come together to provide an experience like none other. With a blend of Golden Age Hip-Hop and new school styles, this group gives a lyrical showcase through their music while encompassing an array of moods and topics for all audiences. CAP 6 was formed in Tallahassee, but they represent multiple cities in Florida which contributes to their unique sound. They have opened up for renown artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, KYLE, SABA, ILoveMakonnen, and even Hip-Hop legend KRS ONE. CAP 6 hopes to ignite and progress Hip-Hop with introspective, relatable and authentic music.

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