Cap City Action Sports Team
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Cap City Action Sports Team

West Sacramento, California, United States

West Sacramento, California, United States
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"Cap City BMX Stunt Team to Perform at Nevada County Fair"

August 11, 2009 - The Cap City BMX Stunt Team and two of its world-renowned riders, Mike Saavedra and Pete Brandt, will be performing at this year's Nevada County Fair. Both riders are known world-wide for their high-energy biking skills and their ability to perform amazing feats and tricks on a bicycle.

Saavedra, a ramp rider, recently placed fifth in the world for his riding skills at the Barcelona, Spain Extreme Games. He's been riding and competing for eight years, and has received numerous awards for his aerial feats. Saavedra was recently a featured BMX ramp rider in the Miley Cyrus video "Start All Over," and also appeared in an AT&T commercial. As a ramp rider, Saavedra performs aerial tricks that include back flips and front flips.

Brandt has received 38 first place wins in his riding career as a "flatlander," and most recently received first place for his skills in the Voodoo Jam games. Brandt, who performs his bike tricks on the ground, has completed commercials for Panasonic, AT&T, and Sega.

Both riders travel nationally and internationally performing their riding tricks, and their shows also feature messages about staying drug free, practicing bike safety and about the different disciplines of riding.

The Cap City BMX Stunt Team will perform in the Extreme Zone, located at Gate 5, at 1:00 and 2:00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the Nevada County Fair. An autograph session will follow each show.
- Yuba Net

"BMX in the news"

Cap City Stunt Team member Shawn White, 40 of Fountain Valley, jumps over teachers Jessie Shin, left, and Cathy Scott, right, during performance at Keppel Elementary School in Glendale on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. The performance was part of Red Ribbon Week. (Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)
- Glendale Press

"Chasing a Dream"

Chase Macaluso is a very focused person. He is also 15 years old.

Normally those two sentences aren't found together but then Macaluso isn't your normal 15-year-old.

In less than two years he has managed to go from not even knowing what flatland BMX is to becoming one of the fastest rising stars in a sport that enjoys widespread attention all over the world. Currently it is most popular in Japan and Germany.

Here in America, the sport is rapidly gaining popularity as riders like Macaluso wow their audiences with feats of balance and gymnastics that would be nearly impossible for someone to do on a balance beam, let alone while riding a bicycle.

Flatland BMX is very different from the sport of Extreme BMX which uses the same halfpipes and rails as skateboarding.

Flatland BMX is done on an open flat surface and consists of the rider performing various stunts while on a moving bicycle. Because the sport does not require the large structures used in extreme BMX, it is an ideal choice for exhibitions at parades, fairs and even on the set of TV shows.

Macaluso spends four to five hours a day practicing his moves and working on new tricks to use during exhibitions. Since being introduced to the sport by his older brother, Macaluso has pursued Flatland BMX relentlessly, gaining proficiency with astonishing rapidity.

"Chase seems to really excel at just about any sport he tries," says Macaluso's father Mike. "For the last few years, he has been interested in football and managed to do very well in the sport. But now, Flatland BMX has really captured his attention and it looks like it's going to take him somewhere very exciting."

"I think if I keep at it, one day I could be one of the best in the sport," adds Macaluso. "But that's a long way off."

Macaluso's moves and precision, however, indicate his name will be known worldwide sooner rather than later.

The BMX bicycle stunt team he is on, Wheels of Balance, has an anti-drug message, which Macaluso says he really believes in.

"You can't achieve anything worthwhile if you're on drugs," says the 15-year-old. "I think that's a message that kids need to hear from people who do things that are extreme like Flatland BMX."

Macaluso found Wheels of Balance through a flyer in a bike shop that advertised auditions to join a local Flatland BMX stunt team. After meeting with team manager Rick DeLaney and trying out, he was accepted into the team.

"I am having a great time and keep trying to come up with new tricks that will make what we do more exciting," says Macaluso, whos nickname is "The Machine."

Macaluso says he thinks the sport needs those who want to make a difference in the world - and Wheels of Balance provides that.

"I want kids out there to want to believe that they can achieve something great and make a difference too," he says.

Wheels of Balance have appeared at county fairs, parades, schools and even on television.

In addition to performing, Macaluso wants to design bikes and develop a line of clothing too.

"In Flatland BMX, our bikes and equipment can be pretty unique and I have ideas of my own I would like try out," he says. "I started with a regular bike, but as I learned more difficult tricks, I needed a bike that could handle the stresses that our sport puts on a bike."

Last Christmas, Macaluso says his parents gave him a bike made especially for the sport and that has made a huge difference.

In fact, in the last year, Macaluso has become semi-professional, a feat that usually takes years to accomplish. He was even invited recently to perform in Japan, where the sport is huge.

Though for now he declined the offer to head overseas, Macaluso will continue to hone his sport locally and will spread his message through Wheels of Balance performances across the Sacramento area, especially during Red Ribbon Week in October.

"I want to make a difference in the sport and help to raise awareness that a person can achieve great things if they are focused and have a clear head," says Chase Macaluso.

And he is leading by example.
- Granite Bay View





The Cap City Action Sports Team was founded in April 2007 by Rick De Laney to fulfill a need for an action sports performance team in the Northern California area. In the entertainment and performance field, there were no extreme sports performers to convey important messages, motivate people, and at the same time, provide a high energy, entertaining show that would connect with people of all ages.
The Cap City Action Sports Team started off by performing BMX flatland stunts, a form of freestyle riding where all the tricks are done on the ground without the use of ramps or other props, then progressed in the span of less than a year to include BMX ramp stunts and skateboarding. Our company has a totally portable ramp system and several PA systems to be able to do several venues at the same time. In addition, we have satellite teams in Southern California, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Spain, and England.
The majority of venues are schools and children’s extra-curricular groups in which the Cap City Action Sports Team performs and promotes a positive lifestyle with a variety of messages such as, “say no to drugs”, anti- bullying, motivation and personal achievement .
In addition to that, we do top notch entertainment for fairs, festivals and other community events including corporate events, ribbon cutting ceremonies, half-time shows for pro sports events, scouting events, bike rodeos, bicycle/skateboarding safety awareness, safety awareness for major metropolitan areas, etc.. Our performances have also been used as rewards and incentives for a variety of organizations.
The reason for our success is our attraction, appeal and bonding with children. Our main purpose is to reach out to them and to empower them into being what they should strive to be, yet leave a lasting impression with them so they are “wowed” by our performance and they remember us and our message. Many parents have approached us and complimented our team on how we have left such a lasting image and impacted their children.
We are the only company to offer budget shows with such high quality talent. Other companies offer higher priced programs but do not use as high quality and well known performers as we do. Some of the accomplishments that our team members have done include the following:
• Competed in International X-Games and other international/national competitions
• Earned a Life-time Achievement Award from ESPN
• Performed at half-time shows for major sporting events such as NBA games, etc.
• Done stunt work for actor Jackie Chan in a major motion picture
• Performed at theme parks such as Universal Studios, Florida; Great America; Disneyland
• Have been interviewed, written about and review by various media outlets
We appeal to children of all ages. They ask for us to return for repeat performances and even come to see us numerous times.