BandHip Hop

A depiction of what goes on in the life and mind of the everyday Urban youth from adolescence into adulthood infused with very vital aspects of Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B that are so stapled in raising todays and yesterdays youth Urban society and culture.


CaP D (LaDarian D. Crosby) is a stand out member of his elite longtime partners and friends the F.IM.P FaMiLY (Failures Into Major Prevailers). CaP D (derived from me always making certain my name was spelled correctly if others were writing it. L-A- "capital D"-A-R-I-A-N)was born and raised in Chicago, IL in a housing project called Cabrini Green. Infamous for its waves of drug trafficking, distribution and murder. Given all the mayhem of the surroundings, I felt the best way to put it to good use would be to give my perspective on what I saw, what I've been through and what I thought about it. After that, let the listener decide what kind of person I had become because of it. My sound and style of Rap isn't what i feel is everyday. Its a progression of years of mixed feelings about my past, the present as well as the future. The old fight of needs verses wants, right verses wrong because we often confuse the two. Its what an everyday person in the hood deals with because not everybody that comes outta the projects is a drugdealer, killer or gangster. Although I have plenty conscious points to much of my music, I have fun and I make sure the lyrics are me whether the point of view is right or wrong in the eye of the listener. The listener is aware and believes this is how I feel or what I do. Thats important to me.


U Can't Be Serious, Flex (Theres No Way), Near Northside, When It Comes To You, The New Regiem, Youngladi, and Pop It Up (Throw It Back) are all just the beginning of what I like to call the flood approaching.