capecity ent south

capecity ent south

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Cape City Ent South does all differnt types of hip hop music from down south to club all the way back to up north hip hop. We are also starting to crossover to the reggaeton genre also. But we mainly just put out real music. We have the perfect mixture of talent and charisma.


Cape City Ent South is not just a hip hop group. It's a movement. The chemistry of differnt talent from differnt parts of the counrty is very unique.
Cape City Ent South is the next big thing in hip hop music. The sound we put out is like no other hip hop music. I believe we are the most versatile group in the game right now.


None of our music has been officially released. But we have recorded around 50 tracks. You can find our music on and

Set List

We have a long list of songs to pick from. If you are interested in having us perform we can send you material to pick from.