Cape Fear

Cape Fear



In 2009 prepare to experience the Fear factor as four riff-heavy heroes unveil their brazen blueprint for modern rock. Fusing Foos kicks with QOTSA licks, Kings Of Leon-style cool with Lostprophets’ fury, few bands will collide with your consciousness like this killer London quartet.

This is real rock for real people. Rock played by men, not boys.

By kidnapping producer Greg Haver and sound engineer Clint ‘Eastwood’ Murphy (Manic Street Preachers, Bullet For My Valentine, Lostprophets) to produce debut album History the battle lines were drawn. Now victory is in sight.

•Close to one million MySpace profile views/500,000-plus music hits
•Worldwide experience with Queen Adreena and Violent Delight
•Self-financed debut album recorded, produced and ready for release

Catch Cape Fear live and feel the vibe. This is one band you can’t afford to miss.


Your Kingdom - Album

Set List

1) You Think She Needs You - 3:26
2) Not the Same - 3:34
3) History - 3:34
4) Wish Bone - 3:09
5) Beating Still - 3:40
6) Safe from Harm - 3:22
7) Simple - 5:29
8) Need it Again - 4:54
9) Where Have Good Things Gone - 3:50
10) Get Me Home - 4:02
11) Your Kingdom - 3:48