Straight out of the Wrigleyville area of Chicago, IL, Capehart is a melodic fusion of rock and pop with infectious lyrics and smooth vocals. With members having over 10 years experience in bands and in the National music scene, Capehart is on a mission to take over the midwest and rock the masses.


Formerly known as Haven21, four albums, national touring, and eight strong years on stage has inspired a mature reformation into the modern rock/post-punk sound now known as Capehart.

Now based out of Wrigleyville, Chicago, the band strives to make it's mark on the Chicago music scene. With many shows played, and thosands of fans gained recently, the band is sure to continue it's plans of spreading it's wings and broadening it's horizon.

Their debut second-effort, the "Bird With No Wings EP," mixes infectious crunch-guitar riffs, melodic piano leads, and pop filled vocals to form an original rock/post-punk sound. With some members being military dependents, this finely-tuned group has influences that span the globe defining their diverse writing style. This also explains their ability to be able to reach so many people with their music and meaning.

Be on the look-out for Capehart to quickly become a powerhouse in the Chicago/Midwest community.


Bird With No Wings

Written By: Jason Struebing

I've got a missing piece
to the life i've come to know
like the earth without the ocean
or belief without a soul
now I'm just wasting time
trying to find a rhyme
trying to find the right rhythm
when i try to fly all i do is flutter

without you I'm starting to fall
like a bird with no wings
without you like nothing at all
i'm a bird with no wings
i can feel it in the air tonight
i've got this feeling that just ain't right
i won't let it come over me
and try to find the strength to believe

everything i see
becomes a blur around me now
everything seems hopeless
i'll try to forget this
try to figure out how i got so far down
wasting time, trying to find the right rythm
when i try to speak all i do is stutter


maybe someday i'll shake this off
for now i'm on the ground
i can't take off
so close to the dirt
the storms are rolling in
and i'm left with a lack of cover


The Breeze

Written By: Jason Struebing

let's getaway, it's what i've been thinkin
let's getaway, it's what i've been thinkin

if i could paint the perfect picture of
the one thing i've been thinking of
colors in bloom
and they surround me and you
and with everything that's thrown at me
i'll take a break from this routine
it's up to you
could i get you to come to?

so in a world where no one cares
would you come with me, ride with me tonight?


in an everlasting color scheme
two silohettes are all i see
escaping the haze that's been around them for days
we've got so much to live for
in such limited time
but the only thing i wanna do
is give you some of mine

so in a world where no one cares
would you come with me, fly with me tonight?

from a san diego ocean
to a bright chicago night sky
where the breeze keeps us in motion
i know everything, i feel it, is gonna be allright

(post chorus)

Diamond In The Rough

Written By: Jason Struebing

with the weight on my shoulders
i'll stand up high
something i need to share
something i can't deny
it's all about to happen
all the windows locked tight
no air for breathing
just a dream in sight

i've been underwater in the weeds
trying to break out
where the only thing that's left in me
is the air i'm breathing out
i finally found the surface
finally found that shine
another light
that puts a compliment towards mine

cause i've got it all when i've got you
and if my world should fall
i've got something to hold on to
i've got time
time to feel
like a diamond in the rough
let's turn coal to something real

in this room, the lights down
ever so low
with the volume so loud
close to intolerable
in this world we may never know
but i can learn to love this loss of control


so what better time than now
to see how far we can go
to see how much we can show
i've had to navigate through
the fog till it cleared
getting me closer to you

(chorus) x2


Bird With No Wings EP (released Dec. 2008)
Track 1 - Bird With No Wings
Track 2 - The Breeze
Track 3 - Diamond in the Rough

The Primer EP (released Nov. 2007)
Track 1 - For You
Track 2 - All The Words
Track 3 - Step It Up
Track 4 - Going Nowhere

The Breeze EP (released Jan 2009)
Track 1 - Bird With No Wings
Track 2 - The Breeze
Track 3 - Diamond in the Rough

Set List

Our typical set-list consists of a 30 minute performance. The most recent set-list contained the following songs in the following order:

1) Diamond In The Rough
2) For You
3) Going Nowhere
4) One Chance
5) The Breeze
6) So Far From Falling
7) Bird With No Wings