CapGun Criminals

CapGun Criminals

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Action packed, high energy thrill ride of a show that's meshed with nonstop rock with catchy hooks and rhymes that could rival anybody in the game.


(Waffles) debuting his uncanny ability to make the guitar sing! This self-taught guitarist, with his relentless drive and dedication, is an inspiration to all who cross his path.

(House Arrest) He kills the drums! His formal training in Jazz and funk, allow him to coast over the drums like a jet ski over waves. With the honor of being apart of one of the best drumlines in the United States, he's learned precision and has acquired the leadership skills that have taken CGC to completely different level of Hip Hop and Funk.

(South Paw) is the patriarch of the group. He reaches any age group. With his raw grittiness and politically charged vocals, he's breaking down the walls of the simple minded, making every word he speaks, count.

Shooting Blanks is the debut album to drop from this highly anticipated, hop rock group. The album is composed of raw hip-hop with hints of classic, southern rock, funk, and gut shacking humor.

With such an eclectic sound and high-energy stage presence, they have created a loyal fan base across the globe. They keep the respect of their fans by staying humble and keeping true to themselves. "We strive to capture one friend at a time and make something that everyone can dig." CapGun Criminals are taking over your eardrums and flooding your mind, body and toes with their funktastically compelling, eargasmic sound...


"Better Dayz" "Front Porch" "Step Up"- radio play through out the southeast and northeast collage radio circuit. and on select clear channel stations in georgia and tennessee.
Debut album set to drop in 2007"SHOOTIN'BLANKS"

Set List

Shootin' Blanks
Front Porch
Step Up
I Know
BonFire Party
One Chord
King of the jungle
Waffle House

we can play any where between 30 minutes to a 90 minute set. with no covers.