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capitalFRESH! is World Tribal Funk Reggae HipHop deeply rooted in the ancient sound healing traditions of worldwide indigenous cultures. Unstoppably Booty-Shaking grooves that penetrate directly to the spirit...always awakening LOVE! Maximum WorldWide LOVE Funk Awakening! loaded with Uhhhhhhhhhhh!

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Maximum Worldwide LOVE Funk Awakening
Capital Fresh Music

Set List

capitalFRESH! sets can range from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the context. capitalFRESH! is all about dancing and bringing the positive vibe and the sets are designed for that.

Here's an example show:

Set 1
Psychedelic Beatbox Intro
International HipHop (hip hop)
Greasy Funkdown (nasty funk)
Live In LOVE (pop reggae)
Hermit Song (world beat)
War (reggae by Bob Marley)
Soukou (world beat)
Rhythmic Possession (hip hop)
Drum Breakdown
FireHands (world beat)
Truth and Lies (reggae rock)

Set 2:
Tribal Drums
AfroClave (world beat)
Girl I bet you (nasty Funk)
N.E.S.T.A. (afrobeat by Antibalas)
Bitches Brew Groove (jazz fusion by Miles Davis)
Seeds of LOVE Grow (dub reggae)
Hot Coconut Oil (nasty funk hip hop)