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CAPITAL @ Otto's shrunken head

new york, New York, USA

new york, New York, USA

CAPITAL @ Buttermilk bar

brooklyn, New York, USA

brooklyn, New York, USA

CAPITAL @ Shields skatepark

Flemington, New Jersey, USA

Flemington, New Jersey, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Featured Artist 2/05 -

Capital's song "In Line For Defection" featured in the All The Wrong Faces Trailer. - Indie Film Trailer

Promising musical talent springs
from New Jersey more often than
White House scandals nowadays.
Area do-it-yourselfers Capital, with
their straight-up in a dirty glass
aesthetic, are next in line.
With a tendency towards pop rock
and upbeat punk while never
recalling the stymieing “pop-punk”
(or “punk-pop”) label, Capital’s self-
titled, independent debut is dirty,
raw energy that avoids pretension
and seeks to rock.Their quest has
made stops at Bad Religion’s temple
as well as Black Flag’s (“Live Wire”)
and a host of others.There’s plenty
to take in.
Admittedly, there’s a bit of work
to do before they find what they seek,
but for an independent release, the
trio vault beyond the expectations
of the casual listener.With a marked,
mature songwriting style free of
excess fat and musicianship to
match, Capital are worth looking
into for not only this album, but
especially future endeavors.
In A Word:Capable
—by Patrick Slevin
- The Aquarian 1.4.06


Capital - Moment of Silence E.P. (spring 2007)

Capital - Capital (Self-titled) - Full Length (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


CAPITAL is a fast paced melodic rock band with a punk/pop sound and technical proficiency. The three members bring power in force through their influences that bring the band into the world of rock music, and put them three steps ahead of most bands currently performing in their genre. The drummer sets a powerful base with breakneck speed drum fills and locks down their sound with kick drum beats that make the floors jump. The bass player trained under Victor Wooten but fell in love with punk rock music in high school. He brings a powerful groove to the sound of the trio while also bringing punch that drives the rhythms of their music and cuts loose on stage with flying bass solos and wild stage presence. The guitar player was raised with one ear on the radio with Van Halen I blasting through him. Consumed by rock he traveled to the crossroads to sell his soul for guitar chops and to join the likes of Robert Johnson and Jimmy Page as kings of their instruments. It is unclear if he succeeded in selling his soul, but I have yet to see a better guitar player in a rock band in the last 20 years. The two lead vocals allow the band to have a solid sound that avoids pretension and never falls stale. The guitar player sings like Ozzy with the throat of Kurt Cobain and the bass player has a melodic growl often compared to Greg Graffin of Bad Religion. CAPITAL produces a solid mix of rock and punk that fits with the melodic rock/punk out there today but with the skills to stand out above the other bands trying to fit into the niche of popular music today.